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To change my music website's URL from .co.uk to .com


Help me swat a cybersquatter and benefit musicians everywhere

For two years now, I've been running a not-for-profit website called MuzoBlog. It's all about modern music and the cool tools used in its creation. I'm an independent writer with a unique voice and bring helpful perspective to those equipping music studios with the latest tech by which to realise their musical ambitions. Take a look for yourself: http://www.muzoblog.co.uk

My background? I'm a former editor of UK print magazines Future Music, Total Guitar and Digital Music Maker. I've also contributed numerous articles to AudioMedia, MacWorld, Computer Music and more, so I know my music-tech onions.

Interleaved with my own musical exploits, I thought it would be useful to pass on the knowledge I've gained over the years by maintaining a blog-based website. MuzoBlog exists to help other muzos make buying decisions about gear and keeps me, and my readers, abreast of the very latest in affordable equipment.

Dot-com bubble burst

I set up as MuzoBlog.co.uk back in 2010 and have been keeping an eye on the .com domain, which was pointing to a do-nothing holding page. But then, a couple of weeks ago, disaster! I found HugeDomains.com squatting on MuzoBlog.com and demanding $1,195 for a domain that could only be of interest to me, or to someone who might wish to usurp the MuzoBlog name for their own nefarious ends.

As mentioned, MuzoBlog is independent and not for profit, hence I don't have an editorial budget. I'd really appreciate your help in accumulating what is, to some, a piffling amount in order to secure my project, which has already proved highly popular among musicians and in the music-technology industry.

What MuzoBlog Needs & What You Get

Here's how you can help and what I can offer...

Contribute any or all of the $1,195 (plus admin fees) and I'll get buying. I can cover the annual renewal fee, so this is very much a one-off.

MuzoBlog doesn't carry advertising at present, but I can place a thank-you note on the homepage so that people know you're supporting a thoroughly worthwhile cause. Just so long as there's no conflict with editorial independence, all will be well.

I'll be making much mention, via my various social-media presences (Facebook, Twitter and the like) of those who chip in, so you'll be seen to be supporting independent music-tech journalism. A warm glow is still worth much, even in a free-market economy.

The Impact

I repeat, swing by http://www.muzoblog.co.uk and see what I've done already. Becoming a dot-com, while inexpensive, adds global gravitas to the site and gives me a fine excuse to mount a summer-long promotional campaign.
I'll be trumpeting the new TLD and showering praise on those who help (so long as I'm not asked to pour praise on poor product - we journos do have principles (well, those not in red-top publishing, at least)).
If you're a music industry player, an association with an independent, authoritative musicians' resource can only add kudos to your brand.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you're a bit strapped, how about just spreading the word? A few well-placed hints here and there may encourage an enlightened individual or organisation to back this campaign. And don't forget indiegogo's own promotional tools - use at will and with gusto.
Thank you for your time and I hope you wish me luck.
Karl Foster @MuzoBlog

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