Music video of Danso Key's song Polyamorous God

Support the making of Danso Key's music video "Polyamorous God" by Laura Bispuri
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One thing is for sure, Danso Key doesn’t like to follow patterns or norms. In many different ways: Very often a solist’s carrier starts from a band, on the contrary Danso Key started with Eli's acoustic solo project which turned step by step in the noisy band they are today.  The collision between Stella’s cello, Elisa’s drums and Eli’s voice and lyrics created a rock pop noise project of spellbinding charm. And we were the first to fall for  it.


Laura Bispuri is a friend and incredibly talented film director (David di Donatello 2010, Nastro d'Argento 2011). She pays much attention to gender and queer issues that she tackles with humanity and not intellectual presumption. The Full-length film she'll be shooting in 2014 is inspired by the story of Albanian sworn virgins, women who swear to live and behave like men in order to obtain the privilege of not having men deciding of their lives for them.

For our music video she chose a story that could somehow speak of  “queer” way of life. The script of the video-clip is that of a love triangle between 3 elderly women.

Finding actresses of that age (between 75 and 90!) willing to perform this story was no easy task. And this made us think that it would be even more important for this work to be produced.

What We Need

We are now half way through the making of the video-clip. Set expenses need to be covered and final editing and colour correction need to be done.

Except for a few technicians, everyone has worked and is working on this project out of sheer passion.

We need your help to reach the finish line and get this video-clip out there!

From now on we need to thank YOU!

How to help 

On the righthand toolbar you’ll find the perks you can obtain with different kind of donations, pins, stickers and especially our album Golpe, in digital version, hardcopy version AND Deluxe hardcopy version with a special packaging (not only is Elisa Abela a great drummer but also an amazing visual artist, if you choose the Deluxe version you'll find out) !   

Other ways you can help

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