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Caleb Faith
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What The Hell Is This Guy On About???

Hey wait up! Let me introduce myself. I'm Caleb Faith and I'm the owner and sole composer of C.R.Faith I have worked on many game projects before and at the moment I am leading a team in the development of a new game. You may think 'if you're leading a team you don't have time for this!!' but I have at least 4 hrs free everyday which I will contribute to this project.

The project is to develop 5 audio packs  for which I can sell on the web for quite a low ammount ($5-$20) to benefit everyone in the gaming community. The purpose of these audio packs is to become the soundtrack of Indie or larger games, at the lowest possible price but with extreme quality. 

The plan is to have these packs for sale on my website and the payments will be through Paypal. There will be genre styled packs such as Sci-Fi, RPG, Action and many more. However there will also be packs from which you can pick individual pieces of music for sale on my website and create your own custom pack suited just for your game!

Below are some previous examples of some of my work. The music in the video above is also solely composed by me.

Music Samples by CRFaith Music

Basically, this campaign is to raise money to fund the production of the audio packs as well as to upgrade my computer hardware and software to a greater level to allow the development of these audio packs. 


Where Is My Money Going?

The last 8 months have been spent planning for this specific project -The types of audio packs to create, the upgrades the computers will need and any necessary software.

1. Upgrading The Computer!

What the upgrades will consist of is the complete replacement of the:

  1. Motherboard (to an ASRock 970 Extreme4) 
  2. CPU (to an AMD FX 8350 4.0GHz)
  3. RAM (to 32 GB)
  4. The addition of a Solid-State Drive
  5. Upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit. 

ASRock 970 Extreme4?

This motherboard suits the workflow which I follow to compose. The main things are:

  • The ammount of USB Ports (I use at least 6).
  • The CPU support.
  • The ammount of RAM supported.
  • Affordability.

Why aren't you using an Intel CPU?

The reason I am using an AMD FX 8350 is because it has 8 physical cores which Intel does not currently have. The software I use functions best with the largest ammount of physical cores, so therefore I naturally chose the largest physical core CPU. 

32GB is a lot of RAM. Why do you need so much?

The software I use once again is hardware intensive and uses an incredible ammount of RAM. One instrument can be anywhere up to 1GB worth of RAM. A whole orchestra is an average of 15-20 different instruments 20 x 1GB = 20GB. This does not include percussion, choirs or effects which will further increase the RAM usage. As you can see the RAM is quickly swallowed up.


SSDs are some of the most powerful new storage devices available lately and can improve PC performance greatly. The recommended system for the software I use specifically lists an SSD as a recommendation, I researched further and reached the conclusion that it is definitely worth using.

Why not Windows 8?

The software is only tested up to Windows 7 so using Windows 7 instead of 8 ensures functionality of the software.

2. Creation Of The Audio Packs!

I plant to create 5 audio packs (50 pieces) from this campaign project and I expect it should take about 3-4 hours for one piece of polished music and there will be 10 pieces in an Audio Pack which = 30-40 hrs. Therefore I will be able to create 1 audio pack every 2 weeks at the most.

I will create the audio packs using software from EWQL. The products at the moment I use are EWQL HS, EWQL SO, EWQL SC and QL SD2. I plan to acquire EWQL Hollywood Woodwinds and EWQL Hollywood Brass however both only at silver levels.

UPDATE: The structure of the audio packs and the pricing.

There will be two different types of packs, a pre-packed pack and a customizable, choose any piece you want pack.

The Pre-packed Pack

Every piece in this pack will be worth $1 in the pre-packed packs and there will be 2 different sizes of audio packs:

  1. The first will be just a five piece pack. Price: 1 x 5 = $5
  2. The second will be a ten piece pack. Price: 1 x 10 = $10

The Customizable Pack

With this pack you will be a able to choose a set amount of pieces for a set  price. With these custom packs you will be able to choose any piece for sale on the site from any genre or style. These packs will be priced at $2 per piece and there will also be two different sizes:

  1. The first will be a five piece pack. Price: 2 x 5 = $10
  2. The second will be a ten piece pack. Price: 2 x 10 = $20

Individual Pieces

Individual piece will also be for sale but these will be for sale for $3 each. You will be able to pick any piece from any pack!

The Impact

I know that one day with the funding of these audio packs that it will make it easier for game developers to create their games with less money out of their own pockets. The impact will effect many lives and will hopefully continue to make game developing an enjoyable and less-expensive experience with a greater quality of games!


How Is This Different To Audiojungle and Soundrangers?

Someone recently asked me this question on Facebook so here is the answer! This will be different to Audiojungle and Soundrangers because:

  1. It is incredibly better value for money
  2. The pieces will be suited to a variety of games 
  3. The pre-packed packs will be genre styled and will suit that genre perfectly
  4. There are customizable packs!
  5. Licensing will be: One purchase unlimited uses!
  6. All proceeds will go directly to the composer

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute money to the campaign that doesn't mean you can't help! One of the most important aspects of a campaign such as this is publicity. If you could share and make some noise for this campaign it would more than help bring us home!

If you want to share don't forget about the tools at the top!


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    1 free audio pack as well as a listing on C.R.Faith as being a supporter!

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    3 free audio packs, a listing on C.R.Faith Music and you get to name a piece!

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    1 free original exclusive piece for your next upcoming game or any other project, 3 free audio packs and a listing on C.R.Faith Music

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    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $200USD
    Audio Pack Producer

    You get to pick the genre of 1 audio pack, a listing on the packs credits as a producer, 1 original exclusive piece of music and 5 free audio packs!

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  • $500USD
    The Producer

    You get everything in the "Audio Pack Producer" except instead of 5 free audio packs you get 3 years of free audio packs from C.R.Faith Music!!

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  • $1,000USD
    For The Truly Amazing!

    A lifetimes worth of free audio packs as they are released on C.R.Faith Music and everything previously listed.

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