MUSE: The Brain-Sensing Headband that lets you control things with your mind.

See your brain in action. See how it performs. Improve it over time. In the future, use your thoughts to play games, operate appliances and so much more.

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Gena Meldazy posted an announcement 16 days ago

Hey Everyone

We are shipping your Indiegogo Muse perks starting this month. Here's an updated schedule:

1. Developer Deluxe early access SDK and hand numbered Muse prototype - starting April 11th

2. All other Muse perks with the commercial-ready Muse - starting April 17th

ABOVE: Staff check out our new packaging. We got it from the production plant on Friday.

BELOW: Behind-the-scenes with Muse at our FCC testing. We totally passed.

They (the FCC) pointed a giant antenna at Muse to check whether it was transmitting within the specified frequency range. They shocked Muse in many different places with a static electricity gun and exposed Muse to heavy electromagnetic interference to validate that it continued to function.

Thank you for your feedback and patience throughout this journey.  We're excited to hear back from you once you receive your Muse.

Gena Meldazy posted an announcement 1 month ago

Hey Everyone,

We are shipping your Indiegogo Muse perk in a few short weeks and we need to verify your shipping address to ensure you receive it.

Our team has sent out address verification requests to all Indiegogo contributors, so make sure to check your email. These were sent on February 11th and today.

If you have verified your address with us, thank you! There is no need to verify twice.

You can also contact our Customer Care with any questions at: community@interaxon.ca

Until next time!

- InteraXon 

Gena Meldazy posted an announcement 2 months ago

Hey Everyone,

As a follow up to last months’ shipping announcement, we wanted to share the excitement of CES 2014 with you.

CES was a major milestone because it proved that we are ready to head to production. The success of the conference lead us to hard shipping dates for your Muses.

Though the 48 hours prior to the show we were hit with a massive snowstorm delaying flights and delivery of materials we all made it safe and sound, Muses in hand. Last year we were the new kids on the block and received a lot of attention, this year it was all about demoing the app and providing people a hands on review of the fully redesigned Muse – something that made us nervous as we promised ourselves CES would see the final prototype.

Almost from the onset our booth was overrun by media and consumers, standing in line upwards of an hour to try our product. In fact, people were even mesmerized by watching others try the Muse units. Perhaps our award in the CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree for ‘Tech For A Better World’ had something to do with it.

It would seem our added efforts paid off in a big way. Muse was a 100% hit with no negative feedback – something that made us very proud and even more excited to share this final device version with you, our supporters.

We also had a lot of great media coverage on the functionality of the app and the overall usability of Muse. Here’s what some of the media said about us:

“The whole thing is more flexible, and rubbery cushions have been added to its ends. These make wearing the headband perfectly comfortable”


“I was extremely impressed with the duo’s effectiveness in calming me down and helping me focus”


“Interaxon’s Muse headband is like a mind-reading meditation coach”


Just a reminder, the Developer Deluxe Muse prototypes and early SDK access will be shipping end of March. The consumer-ready models will be reaching supporters in May.

Until next time!

- InteraXon

Gena Meldazy posted an announcement 3 months ago

Hey everyone

If you did not get our email, sent moments ago, titled 'To our backers: updated Muse shipping timelines', we have attached that message here as a PDF

Until next time

- InteraXon 

To our backers: updated Muse shipping timelines 

Gena Meldazy posted an announcement 4 months ago

Hey everyone

A quick MUSE manufacturing update.

InteraXon’s Chief Technical Officer and Chief Operating Officer are finishing up a trip to the awesome facility where we are manufacturing your Muse.

They have finalized the last details of the production process for your headband after several additional design enhancements.  

We are also going to be showcasing this new design at CES 2014.

Over and out,

- the InteraXon team