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See your brain in action. See how it performs. Improve it over time. In the future, use your thoughts to play games, operate appliances and so much more.
Trevor Coleman
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Toronto, Ontario
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Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband 

Changing the Way the World Thinks


For most up to date info: ChooseMuse.com

Thank you to all our supporters, we reached our goal! 

Muse: the brain sensing headband has started shipping to contributors of our Indiegogo campaign

[last updated April 24th 2014]

Please note:

This campaign reached its goal December 7th 2012. InteraXon is no longer offering pledge perks shown on this page. This page will no longer be updated or maintained by the InteraXon team.

Contact our Customer Care Team


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Twitter: @choosemuse

Facebook: /choosemuse


  "The slim, fashion-forward device, which even Anna Wintour would conceivably wear"
   - Huffington Post
"Finally: a brainwave-sensing gadget disguised as a stylish wearable headband that would fit right in with Google Glass."
   - KurzweilAI.net
"The world just got a little better."
   - Trendhunter.com
"The uses for a device like the Muse in the future are even more intriguing"
   - CNET.com

Everyone deserves a Muse.

Introducing Muse: the brain sensing headband.

Muse is a brain fitness tool that helps you do more with your mind by helping you calm and settle your mind.

Muse is a comfortable, lightweight headband with 7 sensors designed to detect and measure your brain activity, just as a heart monitor measures your pulse.

Muse uses 7 sensors to detect and measure your brain activity. This activity is converted into information you can track on your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth.

Our guided sessions can be used in as little as 3 minutes a day, with audio and visual feedback of your brain’s response in real time. This helps you improve your mind, your concentration and your focus each time you use Muse.

Everyone who has contributed at the Earliest Bird level or higher will receive one of our holiday bonus perks,  This includes all new contributors too! 

  • Bonus brain training:  Earliest Bird, Early Bird, Standard Pledge, My Brain on a Shirt and Beer on Your Mind contributors will receive bonus content with our brain training application so you can do even more with your mind.
  • Source code:  Developer’s Muse, Developer’s Deluxe and Muse Quad Pack contributors will receive source code from one of our games to get you immersed in the world of Muse even faster.

How does it work?

Your brain creates brainwave activity every moment of your life, day and night, awake or asleep.

Each state is accompanied by specific brain wave patterns. For example, brains of people in relaxed states create gentle, slow-moving alpha waves, while those engaged in intense concentration generate quick, jagged beta waves.

Muse’s brain sensors detect the spontaneous activity of neurons in your brain.  Your brain generates electrical frequencies that are detected using electroencephalography (EEG) sensors along the surface of the scalp.

As you shift between states like concentration and relaxation, Muse’s algorithms detect the subtle changes in your brain and show you those changes in real time, just like a heart rate monitor can provide information about your physical activity. 

The medical community has used EEG technologysince the early 1920s. However, recent advances in sensor technology now make it possible to offer EEG in an easy-to-use and mobile form.

Muse sits across your forehead like a headband, and rests behind your ears like a pair of glasses. When properly worn, the EEG (electroencephalography) sensors on the front of the band make contact on your forehead, and the reference sensors on the arms rest on the backs of your ears. Muse connects wirelessly to your devices via Bluetooth. Once Muse is on, you’ll hardly notice it at all.

What else comes with Muse?

We’re including our first application with every Muse.

Built using custom algorithms designed by our in-house team of experts, the first Muse app is called Calm.  The name says it all as this app helps you calm and settle your mind and is the foundation for improving the power and capabilities of your mind with future apps.  Calm helps build skills like maintaining composure, improving concentration and enhancing productivity. 

It is virtually impossible to function at your intellectual best if you are dealing with negative emotions. We recognize how the emotional and intellectual are interconnected, which is why we've designed an integrated system to help people calm their minds. Our first app, Calm, provides sessions based on scientifically proven techniques and practices shown to reduce anxiety and stress, to focus the mind, and to foster positive rather than negative responses. These practices improve composure, mental clarity, concentration, productivity, and your EQ.

We decided to introduce this application with Muse because of discussions we had with people about their attempts to improve their mood and build a more positive outlook and the growing number of stress-related illnesses.   The problem most people had was a lack of helpful, moment-to-moment feedback to know whether what they were doing was working. People simply didn’t know whether they were doing the exercises right. Lacking direction and helpful guidance, it’s no wonder most gave up. 

This was the “A-ha!” moment for our first application.

With our background in brain-computer interfaces, we saw how EEG could provide meaningful and timely feedback to help people get past the usual stumbling blocks.  So we’ve been working with experts who teach mental practices, fusing their methods and our technology into gorgeous, compelling digital experiences to engage in with your compatible smartphone or tablet.

Who’s behind it?

InteraXon is an interdisciplinary team of artists & engineers, neuroscientists & designers. Our founders have been working with this technology for almost a decade. The team started to come together in 2007, and since then we’ve been working to make brain-computer interfaces an accessible, affordable reality.

We’re best known for the installation we created for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. It allowed people in Vancouver to control the lights on Niagara Falls, the CN Tower, and the Canadian Parliament buildings from more than 3000k (over 2000 miles!) away, using only their brainwaves!

Since then, we’ve been building the coolest things we can think of for ourselves and for others. For Wrigley’s we created a chewing game competition.  Every chew pumped up the size of one of their fruit flavors until it exploded with juice. The first to get the fruit-flavored explosion was the winner.  We also built a game where TEDxToronto after partygoers raced to fill virtual martini glasses using their brainwaves; the winners got drink tickets to make their martinis a reality. Of course, we should also give mention to our brain-sensing beer tap. Concentrate hard and the tap unleashed a frothy cold one right into your glass.

From brain sensing slot cars to responsive toasters. From levitating chairs to remote-controlled blimps. We’ve been playing and experimenting, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with this technology. It’s given us a profound understanding of what makes this technology work, what makes it fun, and what makes it meaningful. And all of that knowledge is built into Muse. 

Other people working on EEG spend most of their time thinking about the technology. At InteraXon, we’re constantly thinking about ground breaking solutions that make sense in everyday life for people just like you. It’s this focus that we think is going to make all the difference to you.

This is just the beginning.

We want Muse to be a part of your daily life so we crafted it to be as attractive, comfortable, light and intuitive as possible. We develop applications that address real-life scenarios, providing real-life benefits, while also developing applications that inspire, educate and entertain.

Muse is here to be the guide to the wonders of brain sensing technology for people all over the world. Beyond the initial app included with Muse will be apps created by ourselves and others – maybe including you!

We’re including an SDK (Software Development Kit) with your Muse as well. You’ll get the same set of tools for analyzing and visualizing brain waves, that we use in our lab. 

And please, please, keep us in the loop about what you’re up to with your Muse on Facebook and Twitter. We can’t wait to see the sort of things people do with Muse.

We need your help.

We’ve spent the last four years designing Muse and developing the algorithms that make brainwaves meaningful, and we’re ready to take the next step. But taking Muse from a prototype to a finished product means we need to purchase tooling (the parts that make the parts), order components, and build test equipment to make sure everything runs smoothly. And that stuff ain’t cheap.

That’s why we’re asking you to help us fund our first production run. Muse can’t start changing the world until it’s in your hands, and that’s what this project is about. We’ve been playing, experimenting and building with this technology for years now, and we want to give the rest of the world access to amazing experiences and interactions as soon as we can. Your contributions will make that possible.

Thanks for your support!



What's in the Box?

With Every Muse

Every pledge that includes our Muse headband as a reward (earliest bird, early bird, standard, developer's, developer's deluxe and brainwaves on a t-shirt Muse) includes our first application - geared towards any and everyone interested in improving aspects such as attention, working memory, and emotional intelligence and fun, simple games that you can play with your mind.

Paired with every Muse, in addition to our first application, is the Software Development Kit (SDK). If developing is your thing, this is for you! If it's not your thing, not to worry - though it will come with your Muse, you do not have to use it. 

With every Muse, you have your choice of black or white.

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total funds raised
Original campaign was 192% funded on December 7, 2012
on November 24, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    Our eternal gratitude

    To show our appreciation, everyone who pledges at this level or above will have their name featured in the credits of our first application.

    39 claimed
  • $45USD
    InteraXon Shirt ($30 +s/h)

    Who doesn’t love a good t-shirt? This pledge gets you our brainy InteraXon logo with our philosophy: “Thoughts. Matter.” (Shipping costs included for US and Canada. International orders please add additional $15)

    18 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2013

    The Earliest Bird ($120 +s/h)

    If you help us get started, you’ll get Muse in your choice of black or white, along with our brain fitness app and SDK for the super discount price of a third off of retail. Price will go up when these run out. (Shipping costs included for US and Canada. International orders please add additional $15)

    200 out of 200 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013

    The Early Bird ($130 +s/h)

    If you missed our Earliest Bird Special, you can still get in now with a discount on Muse in either black or white, bundled with our brain fitness app. (Includes $15 shipping costs for US and Canada. Add $15 for International orders.)

    325 out of 325 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $165USD
    Standard Pledge ($150 +s/h)

    Get Muse in your choice of black or white, plus our brain fitness app and SDK, at $50 off retail. We’ve designed Muse to help people perform more effectively, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve cognitive skills like memory and focus. We’re thrilled you’ve decided to join us on the journey of making brainwave-enabled technology a part of everyday life. (Shipping costs included for US and Canada. International orders please add additional $15)

    283 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $190USD
    Developer's Muse ($175 +s/h)

    Get Muse bundles with our first application and SDK, PLUS the set of brainwave visualization and analytic tools we use to develop brainwave applications so you can start building your own applications (Analytics tools will be Mac and PC compatible, and interface with processing and Max/MSP). Be the first to join our developer community, and have your feedback shape future releases. (Shipping costs included for US and Canada. International orders please add additional $15)

    541 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $275USD
    My Brain on a Shirt ($260+s/h)

    Send us your brainwave data from our app and we’ll turn it into an awesome custom t-shirt for you. Proudly display your brain’s signature rhythm across your chest. How’s that for a conversation starter? Plus, you’ll get the headset in black or white. (Shipping costs included for US and Canada. International orders please add additional $15.)

    5 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $335USD
    Holiday Gift Pair

    Get one Developer’s Muse and one Standard Pledge. Show off your developer skills with someone else or just give them the gift of Muse so they can do more with their minds too (like your Mom!). (US and Candian shipping included, International orders please add additional $15)

    9 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013

    Developer's Deluxe ($350 +s/h)

    You’ll get two Muses: one of our standard offerings when the final batch ships, plus one of our limited supply of hand-numbered prototypes, available months in advance! You also get early access to our SDK and brainwave visualization and analytic tools that our team uses to develop brainwave applications. (Shipping costs included for US and Canada. International orders please add additional $15)

    75 out of 75 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $530USD
    Muse Quad Pack (save 40%)

    Save 40% off FOUR Muse headbands in black or white, which includes our brain fitness app and SDK, plus our brainwave visualization and analytic tools so you can start building your own apps right away. It’s the perfect pack for research labs, distributors, hackers and corporations. (Shipping costs are included for US & Canada. International orders please include an additional $30 for shipping.)

    32 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $8,500USD
    Beer on Your Mind

    Want your next event to really blow people’s minds? If you pledge at this tier, we’ll show up at your door with our thought-controlled beer tap. Yes, you read that right. Beer tap. Thought-controlled. Think you can pour a perfect pint using your brainwaves? We KNOW you wanna try. Here’s your chance. The beer is on you, though! Also included is a 'quad pack' of four Muse headbands bundled with our application and SDK! (Flight included in US and Canada. International orders, let's talk!)

    0 out of 3 claimed
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