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We are going to make three beautiful murals in and around downtown Sudbury this summer. Help us make it happen.
We Live Up Here
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Sudbury, Ontario
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**An Update**

Well, you are all seriously blowing us away. We reached our $5000 goal in under 32 hours. You know what that means? We'll do even more public art!

We are sitting on a half dozen mockup ideas for other walls around downtown that we'd love to prettify. Now that we've reached our goal, we'll make a new mural for every additionnal $2500 raised.

Soon we will release a brand spanking new mural concept that we hope to make real if we reach $7500. Stay tuned.

Hey, good looking!

Sudbury is known for its giant iconic monuments that connect us to home and to each other. Big coins and super stacks line our horizon. We hope to inspire connections, like they do, but on an a way smaller scale. We have no desire to build a bigger nickel.

We will be making three beautiful murals in and around downtown Sudbury this summer.

The three murals are temporary public art installations. Public art brings people together, it stirs our collective minds, it brightens our colorless winters and adds small doses of magic to our lives.

This project is an initative from the wacky folks at We Live Up Here, the collaboration project about life in the Nickel City. Last year, we made a photography book about Sudbury. This year, we want to do more than a book. We want to start conversations, spark community involvement and have a positive impact on this place we call home. That's where the murals come in.

Mural #1 : You Are Beautiful

Sudbury is beautiful. We want to remind people of that. This first mural on Durham street downtown will build community pride, inspire love for our ever-evolving core and add a little color to our award-winning winters.

You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful is part of a global campaign instigated by one man, Matthew Hoffman from the US, and described as a simple, powerful statement aspiring to create moments of positive self realization.

We have been in cahoots with the kind folks from Barrydowne Paints and Paul Zulich from Zulich Enterprises who owns the wall of interest. Everyone is excited about this project. The plan is to complete this mural by the end of the summer.

Mural #2 : Let's Drive There

We have discovered some incredible archive photography from the Sudbury area from the early 1900’s. We thought up a way of showcasing some of them by wheatpasting largescale black and white prints on retaining walls. We're going to test this century old technique for our second mural on the Kingsway.

The first mural we hope to do will showcase some photography from an article in the Sudbury Star dating back to the early 50’s.

Let's drive there

We believe that historical photography merged with smart taglines (inspired by the most popular of the thousands of pins we made last year) is a winning formula in creating beautiful public art that is well grounded in Sudbury’s rich history and that will have a positive impact in the community.

Mural #3 : Sudburians at the Market

A few months ago we launched Sudburians.com, a video portraits gallery of inspiring citizens. The Sudburians at the Market project piggy-backs on that concept, but instead of showcasing inspiring citizens, we'll be putting every Sudburian we can in the spotlight.


We will be at the Market on August 10th and 11th for one weekend only. We will take your photo and print it. We'll then proceed to pasting them around the Market on the retail units. We will cover the Market with the faces of those who attend it; ordinary citizens owning the public space in an extraordinary way.

What happens now that we've reached our goal?

The short answer is this: the more funds we raise, the more public art we will do.

We are sitting on a half dozen mockup ideas for other walls around downtown that we'd love to prettify. After we reach our $5000 goal, we'll release a brand spanking new mural concept that we hope to make real if we reach $7500. How does that sound?

If you know someone who owns a big blank canvas of a wall, in or around downtown Sudbury, that would love for us to beautify it, tell them to get in touch with us at hello@weliveuphere.com. Walls owned by the private sector are the easiest to get access to.

Let's continue making awesome together.

Here's How You Can Help Us Make It Happen

  1. Spread the good word.
  2. Volunteer your time.
  3. Donate to the project.

Making public art on this large of a scale isn't cheap but your donation will go a long way. Funds raised will go towards printing of photography, honorariums for professional artists involved, paying for supplies, paint, paper, equipement, scafolding, ladders, safety harnesses, insurance and permits.

All money raised will go towards these We Live Up Here public arts projects. If we do not reach our entire goal, we will try out darndest to make them happen anyway. If we exceed our goal, we'll do even more murals. We've got a few ideas for some other walls that we'd love to beautify.

We've set up some cool perks and rewards that we'll give you in exchange for your trust in the form of a donation. Get some pins, books, prizes or a twistin' dance party at your place!

You Are Awesome

Thank you Sudbury. You inspire us. You encourage us to stick around and to help transform this city into the place we want it to be. We can't thank you enough for the love and support you've given us. We'll keep making cool things like this happen if you keep giving us high fives.

Special round of high fives for Rob Roy who edited the video, Myths & Mirrors Community Arts for being there, Andrew Blair for his street art expertise, Paul Zulich for his wall and his enthusiasm, and finally Emily Trottier and her team of red tape cutters at the City of Greater Sudbury (sorry for all the grey hairs!)

Thanks for listenning!

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    Pins + Love

    Get a handful of random pins about living in Sudbury.

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  • $100CAD
    New & Old Books + Cool Pins

    Get 2 copies of the next We Live Up Here book launching in November, a copy of last years We Live Up Here photography book, and a handful of fun pins about living in Sudbury.

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  • $1,000CAD
    Dance Party + All Of The Above

    If you give us a $1000 donation, we'll throw a We Live Up Here dance party in your honor. You will be the coolest pal ever. You'll also get 10 copies of the next We Live Up Here book with your name printed in it, 10 copies of last years book, 50 pins about living in Sudbury and high fives every time we run into you in public.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2013
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