Muncie's First Food Truck - Slop on Top

Muncie deserves to have a little of the fun that all those other big cities get. Muncie needs its own food truck.


The (brief) Vision

I've been a proud resident of Muncie for nearly 16 years. I've been working in Indy for 5 of those, and in that time I've gotten to experience some things that Muncie just doesn't have.  One of those things is the beauty of food trucks.  By now, most of you have heard of them, and hopefully you've gotten to enjoy them.  I would like to get the ball rolling with Muncie's first food truck, Slop on Top.

What Slop on Top Needs 

Very simply, we need some money and interest to get things started.  I'd like to prove that there is enough interest in order to make this happen as well.  The more supporters I have, regardless of size, the more proof I have that this is something Muncie wants and deserves.  All but the smallest pledges will get you a fairly-priced return from the truck.  This isn't a handout, this is the equivalent of a pre-order, so pledge generously, and I'll be able to this thing running in time for the first months of BSU.

I already have the truck, so the money will be going to make the modifications to turn it into a Slop-slingin' Supertruck. The goal amount of $8000 is based on the various things that need to happen to the truck before its ready for prime time.

  • Cooking/restaurant equipment ( majority of expenses )
  • 3 bay sink & wash sink installed
  • Ventilation 
  • Plumbing, both water and gas
  • Generators & electrical work to accomodate 
  • Installation of serving window 
  • Fresh water storage and waste water collection
  • Vinyl graphic wrap for the truck

The Bigger Vision

I want to give back to Muncie.  I want to see it be able to revel in some of the fun and deliciousness that is experienced elsewhere.  I think we can start something big with this first foray into food trucks in Muncie.

"So wait, what will Slop on Top serve?"

I love delicious food, but equally, I love affordable.  I want to offer something that hits both of those marks.  Slop on Top, as the name suggests, will be serving you a delicious ( though admittedly "sloppy" ) concoction atop a bed of rice ( or potentially some other "substrate" ).  So many cultures have found the beauty of rice, and made it a staple in their dishes. Take some time and imagine how many different cultures do this: Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Cajun/Creole, African, Spanish, and surely many more. Many times this is in the form of some colorful, tasty goodness, heaped on top of a bed of rice.  That is approximately the vision of Slop on Top: a heap of rice, covered with a tasty concoction, served to you at a price that will make you feel happy.  

"I don't have much money, but I love the idea... "

Ok, there are going to be some people that I will hear say this.  Don't worry about it, but please consider giving a small pledge, and give us a whole bunch of social support.  Tell your "wealthier" friends, and encourage them to be a part of this movement!  You know how this stuff works.  Twitter and Facebook have changed the world, and I'm expecting your help in doing so here in Muncie. :)



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