Ms.Fit Mag Launch

Help launch Ms.Fit, a Real World Feminist Health and Fitness Magazine.

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”
-Audre Lorde

Ms.Fit mag will be an unapologetically feminist, queer-friendly, body-positive web 'zine about health, fitness, and wellness, existing in a world where real women (a.k.a less than perfect) and LGBTQ folks often feel erased by mainstream health and fitness culture. We want all women and their queer allies to feel healthy, strong, and good about themselves and to live long lives of action and empowerment. And we want to have a blast doing it. Because Ms.Fit thinks that one of the most important political statement we can make is to be strong, healthy, and happy in all of our fierce, beautiful manifestations.

Ms. Fit is being put together by a team of women from various backgrounds and life and fitness experiences. In addition to their shared commitment to health, fitness, and wellness through a real-life lens, Ms.Fits editorial team and contributors are comprised of professional writers and editors, fitness trainers, parents, experts, amateurs, who are all committed to empowering women and community building around wellness, health, and social responsibility.

Here is how your funding will help:

-We will pay our contributors, because writers deserve to be paid ($1000 for first two issues).

-We will pay for our website hosting, and professional web consultation ($200/web hosting annual, $1000 web management consultation, retainer).

-We can continue to work with a kick-ass designer (fee per job).

-We will be able to subscribe to an image database ($1250/6 months).

-We can register our trademark and incorporate. (trademark clearance, $700).

Issue number one, the RE: issue will feature the following content:

RE/learning to Sleep Novelist Stephanie Kuehnert on overcoming insomnia.

RE/writing History Activist Gaylon Alcaraz outruns genetic obesity with the help of the group Black Girls Run.

RE/covery and Reclaiming Recovering from an eating disorder, essayist Chelsey Clammer makes peace with ultra-running.

RE/claiming Your Body After Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Queer mom Chai Wolfman chronicles her journey back to herself.

RE/discovering Your Active Self by RE/connecting with Childhood Joy by Novelist and Spin instructor Sarah Terez Rosenblum.

RE/genrating Muscle To ache or not to ache? Pilates instructor Marcia Brenner examines the physiology of soreness.

PLUS: trainer tips, recipes, sex advice, D.I.Y. health and fitness, self-defense, reviews, and more.

But it cannot happen without your support. Please donate what you can. Any additonal money earned will go towards producing subsequent issues.

Ms. Fit on Twitter: @MsFitMag.com

Provisional Blog Site: www.msfitmag.com



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