MR50 - The Mission Ridge Movie

MR50 - A documentary-adventure that uncovers the history, culture and amazing riding that all takes place at Mission Ridge Ski Resort. Produced by North 40


The Mission Ridge Movie

Tweet Pitch

The crew at North 40 wants to make a documentary-adventure film celebrating the amazing history, culture and epic riding at Mission Ridge. We need the Mission Ridge community to help make it happen.

Indiegogo - EARLY ACCESS

Backing the project through Indiegogo is going to be the ONLY way for anyone to see the film in JAN 2016 before its public launch in the fall of 2016.

The Big Picture

Mission Ridge -- One of the most beloved icons of Central Washington. For 50 years she has been a beacon of hope for snow-hungry skiers and riders. When the founding fathers came together in 1962, they knew what was at stake. In the midst of controversy and perseverance “The Little Mountain That Could” was born. With an exciting cast of supporting characters from Gordon West to Prop Man the story of Mission Ridge will have you knee deep in powder!

Several characters from different generations will be featured in the film to give an indication just how special MR is to folks around here. Characters are essential to creating engaging documentary film. In this case we are fortunate because interesting characters have also been in abundance at MR. 

Skiing and Snowboarding - Breathtaking cinematography will be the heart of this movie. Action and beauty shots of Mission Ridge and people riding will be featured throughout the film.

Community - What does MR mean to the neighboring communities? What value does it have to individuals and the regional economy? Why have so many fought so hard to keep the mountain thriving over the last 50 years. This film will explore many of these questions.

The Mountain - We intend to make Mission Ridge a character in this film and to help bring out the mountain’s personality through it’s geology, location, the fluctuations in season, weather, the favorite runs, the favorite snows (years), etc.. We hope to personify the mountain to help the audience understand what Mission Ridge gives to thousands of skiers and snowboarders each year.

The Timeline

Production: '13-'14 Ski Season 

                   '14-'15 Ski Season

Post Production Summer/Fall 2015

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE! JAN 2016 for 50th Anniversary Year Kick-off!


Other Ways You Can Help

No matter what level you want to back the project at, we need help spreading the word about the campaign.

The Fine Print

*** Regarding associate producers and individuals who will be invited to ski with the film crew on Mission Ridge closed days, there are some important guidelines for you to consider:

1. You must stay with the film crew at all times. There will be no skiing on your own for those days. Failure to comply with this will result in forfeiting your ski day.

2. You must sign an accident waiver with Mission Ridge to participate.

3. You must be capable of skiing with the group. If you are deemed unqualified to ski in terrain chosen by the film crew, you may be asked to leave the mountain. If you can safely ski Bowl 5, you'll be able to follow.

4. If conditions are such that the Pro Patrol consider them to be too dangerous, the shoot can be cancelled at any time. Every attempt will be made to reschedule but there are no guarantees.

5. These shoots are weather dependent and we may not have much advanced notice. When conditions are good and a shoot is scheduled, associate producers will be notified and if available, they may participate. For the single day rewards, we will begin at the top of the list and move down based on order of how people signed up. If you are unavailable when we contact you, we will continue down the list until we have 2 skiers. On the next ski day we will begin from where we left off the list last time. You may skip up to 4 times. If unavailable for 4 times, you then forfeit your ski day.

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