MPD Pants Party 3

Miller Park Drunk wants to hold another Pants Party in 2013, but we need your help.

Miller Park Drunk's Pants Party 3

Miller Park Drunk (aka The Best Brewers Blog in the World) has been a part of the Brewers blogosphere for over five years now and continues going (somewhat) strong to this day. In the summer of 2010 MPD introduced the world to the Pants Party and tailgating parties haven't been the same since.

Okay, they've been mostly the same, but the Pants Party was really cool and everyone had a great time. MPD took the year off from Pants Parties in 2011, but returned in 2012 bigger and better than before. The 2012 party was a massive success and the demand for a 2013 version was bigger and louder than ever before.

But throwing a Pants Party is a large investment that takes a lot of work from a lot of people to be pulled off successfully. We always thought there had to be a better way to make it happen without all of the financial burden falling on our shoulders.


Enter IndieGoGo...

We've been following crowdfunding sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter for quite some time and even funded a few (Veronica Mars movie, what up) and what we figured out is that IndieGoGo is perfect for what we want to do. You give us money, we give you stuff and then we all party together. It's perfect.
Each Pants Party has ended up costing about $1500 which we have either barely covered or fell a little short on. For this year's event we wanted to make things bigger and better than ever before. We don't want to run out of beer, we want cooler t-shirts and we want to give out some big, awesome prizes. What better way to do that than through crowdfunding?

Save the Date

June 23, 2013

Yeah, yeah. What do I get?

Just like every other Pants Party we've done, every dollar that goes into this thing will come out of it. If we go over our goal, that money will go back into the party. Every dollar goes into the party.

We've set up the account so that your donations will pay for the tickets, beer, food and everything else. In return, every donation level will be compensated accordingly. What do you get?

  • $1 - @millerparkdrunk follows you on twitter and gives you a personal thank you.
  • $5 - Two stickers.
  • $15 - Official Pants Party 3 T-Shirt and a sticker.
  • $25 - Ticket to the game, a sticker and entry into our tailgate party.
  • $35 - Official Pants Party 3 T-shirt, a sticker, game ticket and entry to the party.
  • $40 - Personalized Pants Party shirt (name on back), a sticker, game ticket and entry to the party.
  • $60 - 2 Pants Party shirts, 2 game tickets, 2 stickers and entry into the party.
  • $70 - 2 Personalized shirts, 2 tickets, 2 stickers and entry to the party.
  • $80 - 2 shirts, 2 tickets, 2 stickers, entry to the party and a case of beer or bottle of your (reasonable) choice.
  • $100 - 2 shirts, 2 tickets, 2 stickers, party entry and you get to write a guest post on MPD.
  • $125 - 2 tickets to Saturday AND Sunday's games, 2 shirts and 2 stickers.
  • $150 - 2 shirts, 2 tickets, 2 stickers, entry into the game and you take a bags set home with you.


Pants Party 3 FAQ

If we don't get enough, is the party canceled?

No. The party is happening either way, but this campaign is the difference between Vince, Tyler and two homeless guys drinking Schlitz on the train tracks, and an epic party that you will tell your kids about when they turn 21.

When is the game?

Sunday June 23rd against the Braves is the game we are shooting for. It's Polish Heritage Day and everyone gets a Polish sausage bobblehead. So if you're Polish there you go.

Can I get tickets after the campaign is over?

Unlikely. Get them now.

Where are we sitting?

Terrace Reserved. Unless we go over our finance goal and then we'll look to upgrade.

What is on the menu this year?

Watch this video

What are we drinking this year?

BEER! We will have two kegs as well as some backup depending on the amount of people who come. Lots of people means the backup is another keg, less than that means a cooler full.

We will also have a "jungle juice" type drink

Do we get a sticker this year?

Yes. There will be two actually.

This one:

And this one:

Those are awesome.

Thank you.

What does the t-shirt look like this year?

Kind of like this:

That is awesome.

Thank you.

I want to come, but I live too far away. How do I support the party?

Buy some stickers OR a t-shirt. We'll drink in your honor!

Why are you doing it this way?

I want to be like Veronica Mars.

Does that mean you want to make out with Logan?

No comment.



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