Moxivo, a Multiroom Audio System

Transform your home's unused phone line wiring into a multiroom audio system controllable via mobile device.
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Take Back Your Phone Line

Moxivo uses your home's phone line wiring to give you multiroom sound you can control with a mobile device. After completing a successful Kickstarter Campaign, we've had a lot of people asking where they can buy Moxivo. That's why we're here on Indiegogo giving everyone a second chance to take back their phone line!

Please note that Moxivo cannot be used in conjunction with a land-line telephone, fax system, or phone-line internet like DSL.

Music in Every Room

Play music from a single audio source throughout your home. Listen to internet radio without moving the computer, or entertain a house full of guests with a single mp3 player.

Remote Control

Play music from a computer and control your music from anywhere using free mobile apps like "Retune" or "Remote".

Keep What You Have

Purchasing a wireless audio system is an expensive option, and the selection is narrow compared to wired speakers. With Moxivo, use the stereos and speakers you already have to create a multiroom audio system instead of buying a wireless set.

Choose Your Cables

Cables A, B, and C are for analog systems used by most DVD players, MP3 players, headphones, and stereos and can be used in any combination. Order one cable for each stereo you have and one for your audio source.

Cable D is for digital systems (i.e. Dolby Digital) over phone lines. Analog systems cannot be used in conjunction with digital systems.

Moxivo Around the World

Moxivo is designed for homes that use an RJ11 (or RJ12) type phone jack. Use the map below to give you an idea of what the standard is for your country.

Moxivo Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines that will help you know whether Moxivo is right for you.

  • Moxivo is for you if your home is wired for a land line and you're not already using it for anything (Phone, Fax, DSL, etc.).
  • Moxivo is for you if you want to play music on self powered speakers like computer speakers or stereo systems.  The speakers need to have their own volume control so that volume can be balanced independently in each room.
  • Moxivo is for you if your land line wiring has at least two connections (most have four). If you're using an analog audio system and you only have two connections, you'll only be getting the left or right speaker input.  Put both the audio source and receivers in "mono" mode in order to get sound out of both speakers, or switch to a digital audio system.

Using Moxivo

Disconnect Your Phone Service

Find the box where the main phone line comes to your house from the street or alley, disconnect you phone line from the utility, and say goodbye to the 90's.

Install Moxivo Cables

Connect an audio source to a phone jack using a Moxivo cable. Use more Moxivo cables to connect each stereo to other phone jacks.

Use Audio Source at Max Volume

Set your audio source to maximum volume. This minimizes the amount of amplification your receivers have to perform and reduces interference or “white noise” on the line. This step can be critical in some homes.


Listen to as many stereos as you’d like throughout your home. If you’d like to control Moxivo via a mobile device, download an app like “Retune” for iTunes or “Remote” for Spotify.

Our Story

My family and I are here on Indiegogo because we love music.  We listen to music as we cook in the kitchen, as we eat in the dining room, as we work in the office and the garage, even in our bedrooms.  We use internet radio services like Pandora and Spotify to keep our music fresh.  We needed a way to use a single computer, laptop, or MP3 player to play music throughout the house.  This would allow us to listen to internet radio as we move throughout the house without the need for a computer in every room.

A few weeks later, Moxivo was born. Moxivo is a set audio cables that connect an audio source to stereo receivers using your existing phone land line.  It’s simple, effective, cheap, and easy to use.  Alternatives like built in speaker wiring and wireless transmission networks can cost thousands of dollars and can be complicated to use.

Please note that to use Moxivo, your home must be wired with a phone line that you are not using for a telephone, fax, internet, or anything else.  For the growing percentage of the population that uses cell phones instead of a land line, this won’t be problem.

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    Two or More Cables

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