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           Hello, my name is Mandi Steele, and I am having this campaign in hopes of getting your help to get away from my abusive husband and on my feet. I am a mother of two beautiful girls which you're able to see for yourself from the pictures I have provided above. The first picture you come across was taken about two months ago. It's been awhile since both of my daughters have had their pictures done professionally, so someone actually had those made for me as a gift. My oldest daughter (Jamie) is the brown headed little girl and she is turning ten this month, and my youngest daughter (Alyana),the blond,  just turned 7 December 19th. The second set of imagines you come across is Jamie, Alyana, and of course,  there is a photo of myself. I am the only parent they have, their father passed away in August of 2012 . I shared a good deal of my life with Dammien, and believe me, it hurt when he passed away. When I was 15, I moved out of my childhood home and in with him. I quit school after completing the ninth grade to get a full time job, and I had Jamie right after I turned 18. Soon as I found out I was pregnant I had started thinking about life and how I wanted to give her the best life I could.  So, I took the GED test and went to college. After Jamie was born, I was not only attending school but I also got a job to help Dammien with the bills and to make sure Jamie had everything she needed. On the days I had a real tight schedule Dammien would tend to her baths, feeding her, changing her diapers, doing every single thing a baby needs. He was an amazing father. On those hectic days where i had to work late, he would even have dinner cooked and my bath ran when I walked through the door. In 2006, I found out we were having our second girl, and even though, she wasn't a planned pregnancy and I wanted to be done with college before having another child, we couldn't had been more happy. 


                                Photos of Jamie, Alyana, Dammien, and myself  

           more family photos. At the top, that's. my grandparents who raised me.


      February of 2008, the day before Jamie's birthday,  I received a phone call saying my brother who was 2 years younger then me had been shoot and killed. I am the oldest out of my two brothers and three sisters. I was devastated, and when i graduated from school in May of that year I wished so badly he could had been there. After only completing the ninth grade and getting a GED I graduated at the top of my class with an Accounting degree. I had worked hard, and I was happy that I made my grandparents, who raised me proud for the first time. I had always been real close to my family. We were all close. Every sunday the entire family would get together for the entire day. With all of my grandparents children, grandchildren,  and great-grandchildren there was 30+ of us. June of 2008, was a day that ended up changing mine and my entire familys life forever.  Mid-afternoon we got a phone call saying my other brother whom was five years younger than me had been in a horrible swimming accident and we all rushed to the hosiptal to see how bad it was. After being placed in a small waiting room while waiting for the rest of the family to get there, the doctor came in and pronounced him dead. From there my family started tearing apart. we slowly stopped talking, hardly got together on the holidays anymore... much less on the weekends. Then, at the beginning of 2012 my grandparents (dads parents) had passed away. My grandmother passed away April first, and my grandfather not far behind, passed away April 7. A month later two of my cousins ended committing suicide only weeks apart. Then, just a few months after that Dammien passed away. I know without a doubt, having to sit my children down and look them in the eye to tell them their daddy was dead has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life, hands down. I had never felt something so sharp and jagged ripping through my heart. I know heartache, I know lose and death, and I know what it feels like when your heart is shattering in a million pieces... all of which I didn't want my girls to have to face especially at such a young age. They both show so much strength. 

                                             Dammien- the girls daddy 

                                                Dammien's headstone 

These are photos of my loved ones who passed away (i have had morw then the in the photos The boy in the tux was my brother who was 5 years younger then me. The top photo of the elderly couple are my grandparents (dads mom) along with my cousins. Then, the photo of my mom, dad, brother Anthony (2 years younger) and myself was the most recent one I could find. Then, I added more photos of Dammien.


     From that moment, I knew I was on my own and in order for me to be able to take care of the girls, I had to get a job. I began putting applications in online and ended up getting a managers job at a bowling center which is where I met my recent husband(Daniel). I thought I had finally found a silver lining in all the heartache and pain, but sometimes our judgment becomes clouded especially in a time of grief.  When I met Daniel, he seemed very strong, passionate, a little sensitive but not too much, all soft and caring like a big teddy bear. He handled problems with such ease, he could take something so big and turn it into something so small. There were a lot of problems he handled where I would had blown up yet he didnt. He would sit down to talk to you in a cool, calming manner. Plus on top of all of those things, he loved kids and my girls loved him, so what more could I ask for? It didn't take long before I was under his spell and we were married. The first 8-9 months of our marriage was wonderful. He would cook  dinner, even after working all day. He made sure my every need was met, left me money on the night stand, help me clean house, left sweet text for me to find when I woke up in the mornings, done homework with the girls, took all of us out for family night, and made sure he was always there when I needed him most. He tried keeping me protected, he tried to keep people from hurting me and if they even tried he would go after them. No one liked making him angry. Everyone would actually try their best not to make him angry. When Daniel gets angry he reminds me of the Hulk and I'm being serious. He starts turning colors, a vein in the center of his forehead pops out and starts pulsing so hard it is as if you're watching his heart beat, and he looks like his head will explode in any second. 


     After being married around 9 months everything started slowly changing. He would want to argue about me being on the phone, who i talked to, if I left the house, and /or if someone stopped by to see me. A couple of months into our marriage he talked me into quitting my job and closing my checking account and getting on his, although,  I had a bad feeling about it i still did it because i wanted more time with the kids because of losing so much time during school plus having a job at the same time. Then, I ended up in a car accident and totalling my car due to someone running a stop sign and hitting me in the driver door. The accident put me in the hospital and him out of work for a week. It only gave him more control and left me unable to get a job even if i wanted one because we only have one other vehicle which he uses for work. Daniel works in the shipyards, and from the moment we met and even now he has always worked 12-19 hour shifts six days, sometimes seven days a week. Once he started changing it didn't take long and he had my name taken off his bank account and any other account he had added my name to. He got the ATM card out of my purse and cut it up. The longer we were together the more problems he had about what i did, who i seen and/or talked to, where i went, and so on. The only time he didn't have a problem was when I was right up under him. The few little times my friends and family came to our house to visit me Daniel was rude and disrespectful towards them, so they stopped coming around. He made me stop seeing and communicating with them as well. He came between me and my family, what little family there was left anyway. He began saying horrible and hurtful things to me especially hurtful. He would say things like "I hope you get raped and killed," and "No one will want you, your family doesn't even talk to you so you'll never get anyone better then me." At first the things he said didn't bother me. I knew they weren't true, but somehow, over time he ended up getting to me, breaking me down, destroying my confidence,  and making me feel as if everything he said was true. I never understood how people believed everything their abuser said to them. I always thought they were stupid to believe them, but i learned never to think you know what you would do or how you would handle a situation until you have lived it yourself. Anyhow, once the mental abuse began he also started monitoring my calls and checking phone records. From there things seemed to only get worse,  first it was small such as him throwing stuff and breaking it. He loves punching whatever he can break that's. near him. He ended up costing us over 700 dollars in damage in the first six months. Then, he started pushing me against the wall while having his hand around my throat, Not long after,  came the choking, hitting, throwing me under hot scalding water, and once he shoved a pillow over my face and saying "die b****." I have even called the law on him, and once when the paramedics was checking me out they took pictures of burses on my back where he had thown me on the ground and was kicking me, the burses was of his shoe print. The male paramedic was saying how he wished he could help but didn't have the means to do so.  One afternoon, we had gotten into a real bad fight and was on our front porch while all the kids were playing in the front yard. He had ended up grabbing me by the throat after slapping me in the face and threw me off the porch onto the ground. Later on that night my girls asked me if i was ok. I looked at them and said, "yes, baby i am ok. why you ask?" Jamie replied, " because we seen Daniel slap you and throw you off the porch." I hadn't realized they seen what they had, the moment they asked me about it my heart shank. In just the last year I have seen how much they have changed, and I know it isn't only due to their daddy passing away. Yes, their daddys passing hurt deeply, but living a life of abuse has damaged them more. Daniel, has screamed at them to get out of our room while trying to come talk to me, he has went in the living room and shut the tv off on them at 7 on a friday night just to be mean, and he has grounded them to their room with no tv or games for two to three days for just leaving a towel in the bathroom floor. Alyana didn't get a birthday present on her birthday. Here it is almost Jamie's birthday, and Alyana still hasn't gotten a birthday present. So, i doubt Jamie will get one either. You have no idea how bad that is hurting me. I know it's hurting them. I would had went and pawned my cellphone but i couldn't get a way there. when we are going somewhere and the girls start talking to me, he will turn the radio all the way up where they cant be heard. he is always being a ass to them

     This is photos of some of the damage is has done. These were two of my cellphones he busted up just in the last month. The cuts on my arms and bruse to my back is where he threw me into a window. The door was broke completely off the hinges. The white stuff in the floor is from the ceiling after he threw me and other stuff around the room. The dresser drawer got broke when he pulled it out of the dresser and threw it at me. I have a lot worse pics then any you see. My aunt has pics of me with two blwck eyes, a bruse of his entire hand print that had turned black around my throat, busted lips, brused ribs, busted head, and deep cuts along with other small bruses. I can even get her to write a statement for anyone who would like one. 

             This is more photos of damage he has done. there is bruse on the back of my leg but its a little hard to see. Holes in the wall where he punched it. The door frame is busted up from pushing me through the door.  Same with the crack in the shower wall.


   This last photo is one my youngest daughter drew a few weeks back. I wasn't aware I had taken it side ways but its supposed to be me, her, and Daniel. she has me and her crying while Daniel is smiling. She said one reason we were crying and he was smiling was because we wanted to spend time together but it made us sad since we couldnt due to Daniel. She said Daniel is smiling because we were sad and he didn't want us together. 


     I have tried so many things to try to get out of here. I had started making crafts and sold them at the flea market but it did no good since we only have one car and he sat there with me. He ended up taking all the money. I don't know what else to do. I stay stressed out and sick. Over half the time I can't eat or anything else. All I do each and everyday is worry myself sick.   I dont have anywhere I can go. There isn't anyone I know who that can help me because they either don't have room or they're having a lot of money problems. My grandparents that raised me are bothe on medicare, and social security.  They are having a hard time paying for gas to get to the doctor much less trying to help me. My mom is 100% disabled from a car accident she was in 15 years ago and she only gets around 900 a month so there in no way for her to help me either.  I've called abuse centers, and either they dont take in kids and/or they don't have  a way of being able to get me around, so I won't be able to go grocery shopping, shopping, to get the girls school clothes or anything else they need, and i won't be able to get a job and go to work. 

     For me to be able to get us into our own place and on my feet. I need a laptop because I do a good bit of work from home. I will need a way of getting around, deposit on a place to live plus first months rent. I will also have to pay a deposit for getting the power, water, internet, and anything else i will need to get service for.  I will not be able to take much with me when I go to leave,  and I know he will only cause problems if I try to go back to get anything,  so we will have to buy clothes, dishes, blankets, and everything else you need when you are first staring out.  We won't have beds or any other furniture. The day I go to leave, I will be leaving with only the clothes on mine and the girls back. He has our neighbors watching me and they will call him if they think something is going on. They have already called him twice. We will need toothbrushes,  shampoo, conditioner, and any and all other household items as well. Everyone should already know ugetting into a place doesn't come cheap. 

      A computer cost anywhere from $300-2000, a car is 2000 and up (2000 will be the cheapest car you will be able to get and that will only get you from point A to B), getting power and water turned on is a 400 dollar deposit, the deposit on somewhere to live would run anywhere from 700-1500-plus the rent (600-1000), furniture runs a bunch of different prices but with about 2000 or so I could get what I need and make payments, and it will about $2000 or more to be able to get everything I need long enough where i will be able to buy more each week after i start getting my first check. If I combine it all together, taking the lowest amount to each it would cost around 7,000 which isnt adding clothes or anything such as that.. It would take about $15,000 to be at a point where I'm not completely stressed and rushing to make and get my first paycheck within a week or two so i can pay bills. I have my goal set to the least amount ($500) I need because if I am able to raise enough for a computer then I will be able to start finding jobs and completing task over the Internet to get paid. 

        I know it's a good bit I am asking for help with, but I don't want and can't have my children mistreated and brought up around abuse. I don't want them witnessing their step dad laying his hands on me and think it's alright if a man puts his hands on a woman. I don't want them to end up in an abusive relationship later on in life and think they should stay because I didn't leave. I want them to know its not ok and to find a way out of it. I want them happy and to be able to come to me about any and everything without worrying about getting yelled at and treated horribly. I want to have my confidence back and know I'm better then all those horrible things he says. I want to be happy again. I want to have friends once again and have someone to talk to. I don't want to feel as if I'm nothing. I want success and love. I don't want to be worried about sitting down with my daughters to watch a movie and him storming through the house and start cussing me like a dog because I'm spending time with my kids. I want to give my girls a good life, and with your help I could do just that. you are able to make a difference,  you may not be able to make a big change in the world, but you can help make a wonderful change in mine and my daughters life. 

     No matter what you can give, no matter how small, anything will help us to get one step closer to being able to live a happy life without abuse. I have been and still am praying to be able to get my girls away from all of this. I keep hoping everything will change. If I don't get out soon I will end up losing my girls all together,  and if you are a mother you know how it would kill you if your kids are taken away from you. Any loving parent who tries to imagine their child being taken away from them knows how much it would hurt. I can't lose them. They are all I really have in this world. They are everything to me. They are my entire life and without them I would die. I dont have a lot to offer you in perks, but you will know you have done a wonderful deed for not only one person but for three people, two of them being young little girls. You will know how you are the one who helped not only giving us a better life but also saving lives because I know at some point if I don't get us out he will kill me. Its not a matter of if, its a matter of when because there as been some real close calls. You have no idea how much you will truly help us get into a better and safe life. Although I have no access to any funds and can't do a lot, i am still putting something together to offer as perks. So, you donate 1-10 dollars I will send a personal thank you letter via email. Donating 10-20 you will receive a personal thank you letter via email and a key chain made by my two daughters. If you donate 20-30 you will receive a personal thank you letter via email, a key chain made by Jamie and Alyana, and a thank you card with our photo, and if you donate 30 or more you will receive everything listed above plus a drawing done by the girls and a chocolate rose ring or some other chocolate item. 

    If you're unable to help me out financially, that's not a problem either because you can still help, believe me every little thing helps. If you're interested in helping me but don't have the funds to do so, I have provided other ways you'll able to help right below... 

     You can tell others. Post a link to my campaign on your Facebook page alongwith a short summary of what your thoughts about my campaign. Tweet about it on twitter. Earn yourself shopping points to talk about it on If you have a blog, a website, YouTube channel. or any social media you are part of be sure to tell me people there. I have noticed that the site I'm using doesn't allow all cells and/or other devices that isn't a PC to be able to share the campaign due to not having the social media icons where you can share it on Facebook,  Google+,  etc. So,  if you end up running into that problem then go to the very bottom of the page and click full website and you will be able to see the icon linked to the social media networks.

     Please be sure to remember if you or anyone else you know need help raising funds for whatever the need or you simply enjoy helping others in need be sure to use Indiego.

   I wanted to answer some things that may be asked,  so if you are wondering about abuse centers and so on I am going to go ahead and info you of what I tried before creating this campaign.  Here we go...

 Have I tried contacting the abuse hotline?  yes,  I have and I haven't had any luck finding help.  The abuse centers around my area always had something where I wouldn't be able to ever get on my feet if I went.  For instance,  I could go stay at the housing but in order to work, take kids to school, shop...  Well, if I needed to somewhere I would have to have a car or another mean of transportation. That's something I do NOT have. 

 Do you have family who can help?  No, the only real living relatives I have left are my grandparents who raised me which their health is really bad and can't even afford their doctor appointments, meds, or paying their bills and house note.  So, they can't help me.  My grandparents mean everything to me, and I know with their health they won't be here much longer.  What's really bad is how they have bad health and knowing they won't be here much longer and I don't see them and haven't for awhile because my husband won't let me go see them, and I know if something happens to them before getting out of here I will regret not seeing them.  I Miss them so much. 

what about friends? I don't have any because my husband stopped me from talking to them and seeing them? 

 I have been through so much I really do need therapy for it..  I hate what's its done to me..  If you have any other questions then message. 


  Well, this past monday was my oldest daughter turned 10 years old. A few days before Monday I asked my husband what we doing for her birthday, then I said, we still haven't gotten anything for Alyana and her birthday was December 19th. He ended up getting a dad attitude towards me and wanted to aruge. He told me if I wanted to get them any gifts I needed to get a job and pay for it, yet we have only one car and he won't bring me even if I did have a job. He doesn't want me being independent or having a way to end up leaving.  It is tearing me apart because I know it has to hurt them. Any time I have anything to do with them, even only tucking them in bed he wantsto become a complete and total jerk to me. The other day we went to get McDonalds for dinner and he ended of throwing food at me and had nugget sauce all over the wall, dresser, ceiling, bed, and all over me. I am tired of being treated this way, and I want to have my own place with the girls and be able to support three of us amd my girls want the same. Just the other day they asked me when we were going to have our own place, and I told them that soon as I have all of what we needed and Jamie told me she has been saving money to help me get us on our own. With her saying that it broke my heart because she only wants our own place and be able to have stuff to do with me without getting screamed at and being mean to. I hope and pray that this campaign will be my way out and in a better and happier in environment.  I want you to know I truly appreciate any help you give me, you don't know how much I appreciate it.


It's March 6th. I don't work but I want to work badly which is a part of creating this campaign so I am able to get me and my girls out of this environment and be able to stand on my own and not have to depend on someone, I have not even reached half of my goal. I haven't even been able to get anyone to my campaign and share it. I have gotten a few people to share it with and have them share it with everyone they know. So, if you are reading this I am asking you to please help me and telling all people you know that way I have a better chance of reaching my goal.

Anyhow,  today my husband and I got into another huge fight.  He put his hands around my throat and was choking me. he was screaming and cussing because he doesn't want me to saying anything about anything  to him. if I don't like him treating me like a dog and say something it ends up in a big argument and him abusing me. which the big argument was over the fact I asked him about getting the girls a birthday present and how both of their birthday has already came and gone. It's been over 2 months since my youngest childs birthday and 2 weeks since the oldest. He told me if I wanted them to get stuff I needed to get a job and get pay for it because he is not going to, yet he doesn't want me working or doing anything that could help me getting on my feet and being able to do enough to get by without him and no longer needing him at all. plus, he works a good 14 and more hours each week and with only one car which he takes to work I wouldn't be able to have a way to work. the argument went on for a good while and he was being a complete butt hole. With the way the argument had started he ended up saying this and I quote... "get a job and pay for your sorry ass and retarded kids. When we hadn't gotten them a birthday gift, I went and donated plasma to get them a little something.  I only got 30 dollars but at least it wasn't nothing at all. he ended to taking the money and I told him I donated to get them something  and he said no you are using it for bills and when you pay half the bills each month then you can spend money on other stuff which shows me how he doesn't care about me or them.


 Over this past weekend my husband ended up leaving me and the kids at a store because the girls had to go to the restroom and it took us 5 mins in the store so he said it took too long. On friday night I was trying to get a movie to play for the girls and he came into the living room and snatched it out and brought it to the room. If I say anything to him about anything he does it only gets worse, so I have been trying to keep my cool and keep working on getting us out of here but it seems like I am startin to lose hope. I havent even made it to my goal on here and nothin else seems to be going right either. Anyhow,  I went to the doctor today because I have been having horrible stomach pains and over the weekend I had began to bleed.  I wasn't sure if I was bleeding because I was starting my "monthly sickness" as I like to call it or if it was related to the pains I've been having so I decided to go ahead and make an appointment to see what it was from in case it was something to worry over or not. The stomach pains started
a couple weeks back after my husband had grabbed me by the hair and dragged me down the brick stairs leading to our driveway and down our walk way.  After he had slung me into the rock covered driveway, he spit on me and walked back inside. AIl of this happened because I got angry with him causing me to go off for coming into the living room and snatched the bluray player up when I had just cut it on for the girls to watch the movie "Frozen". I told him it was uncalled for especially when he had cable, a vudu account, and a bunch of apps and accounts on his note 3 and galaxy 2 tablet to be able to watch movies on. It was very sorry of him and I told it was too which ended up with the above consequences. Well,  After leaving the doctor office I began to cry, and I ended up breaking down thinking about how I will more then likely lose this baby by being abused. I also thought about if I did end up bringing this baby into the world, I would bring them into a life of abuse unless I am able to get the funds needed in order to get on my feet and into a safe environment.  
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