The biggest "Chip In" ever for a birthday gift is happening right now for a very deserving guy!

Something truly magical is happening right now. I'm glad that you have found this site and I'm glad that you will be a part of a very memorable birthday.

If you are reading this right now then that means that you know and love Morton Bergue. It goes without saying that you are not alone and that is what makes this project so incredibly exciting.

For 50 years Morton has had a way of making us all feel that we are his best friend. He has counseled us. He has laughed and cried with us. He has gone out of his way to help us succeed. He has been the true definition of friend. All of us have benefited from his unconditional love and optimistic view on life. He is that truly unique individual that makes YOU better for knowing him. 

Morton is turning 50 this year and we would like to do something simply incredible. Maybe something that has never been done before.

For Morton's 50th Birthday we want to literally pay him back. Pay him back for the priceless ways he has touched all of our lives. How incredible would this be? Thousands and thousands of individuals have been touched by Morton. What if they all came together to pay him back at the same time?

It would be like winning the lottery!

In addition to contributing to Morton's Lottery win, please take a moment to leave Morton a Voicemail Birthday greeting. It's simple.

Call 1-877-OurQuilt (1-877-687-7845)
(see http://voicequilt.com/overseas if calling from outside the US)

When asked for your invitation number, enter 191076Voice Quilt Logo

Record your message, just as if you were leaving a voicemail
Press # to review your message – or just hang up to save it.

For message ideas, see the Thought Starters at http://voicequilt.com/inspireme




Team on This Campaign: