Moondance - Short Film

A young woman imprisoned by a lifetime allergy to sunlight, comes close to fulfilling a lifelong dream but an imprudent choice intertwines her plan.
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    Supporter Pack

    Anything can make a difference. Donate for a good cause and get a virtual thank you hug by the “Moondance” team.

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    Passionate Supporter Pack

    Your name will be mentioned on all web platforms including XP organisation website.

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    Film Enthusiast

    Personalised film e-poster, special thanks in film credits, & the production pack sent to you by email.

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    Fan Pack

    Special thanks in the credits of the film, the production pack sent to you by email and special access to exclusive features on the official website; Exclusive interviews, behind the scenes, cast & crew interviews, on set stills etc. Also you will get a Thank You text sent from the Director and a HD Download of the film.

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    Passionate Fan pack

    Special thanks in credits of the film, exclusive access on the official website, a signed copy of the final DVD and a signed cast photograph.

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    Waxing Crescent Moon Pack

    A signed copy of the final DVD, exclusive access on the official website, a signed “Moondance” t-shirt & a Q&A skype session with either the Director, Producer, or Script Writer.

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    Waning Crescent Moon Pack

    A day on set and a chance to be in the final scene & an autographed picture of you + cast & crew. Copy of the DVD & a signed “Moondance” t-shirt. Also you will be included in our email database to receive production updates.

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  • $198USD
    1st Quarter Moon Pack

    An invite with Director & Producer on a TV Show during promotion of the film, a day on set & an autographed picture of you + cast & crew. Copy of the Special edition DVD or Blu-Ray with exclusive content which includes the film’s soundtrack.

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  • $330USD
    3rd Quarter Moon Pack

    A day out with the director / producer [subject to location] or Send your story / script idea to our script writer for a 1 on 1 consultation session. Also you will be invited to the screening of the film, receive either a special edition Blu-Ray or DVD of the film together with a copy of the film’s Concept artwork + storyboard pack of a particular scene in the film, signed by the Production Designer –chosen by you after receiving and watching the film!

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  • $658USD
    Waxing Gibbous Moon Pack

    Special invitation to premiere screening, Memorabilia from the film, special edition Blu-Ray, a 1 day crash course on film-making provided by several members of the crew – lunch included or A sit down discussion with the director or producer over a film of your choice.

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  • $1,312USD
    Waning Gibbous Moon Pack

    You are an Executive Producer. You will get a special invitation to premiere screening. The Director, Producer and co. will organise a private screening at your house just for you (subject to location), a special edition Blu-Ray together with the whole pack of Artwork signed by the Production Designer, a copy of the sound track & a production pack with all set stills. Also a personalised cake will be delivered to your door by the director (subject to location).

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  • $3,935USD
    Full Moon Pack

    You will receive the Waning Gibbous Moon Pack and you will be invited to one of the festival screenings. You will also receive the contact details of all crew members to be involved in any of the production stages of your choice.

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