A young woman imprisoned in darkness comes to close grasp of fulfilling a lifelong dream, but an imprudent choice intertwines her plan to the nightmarish.
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A young woman imprisoned in darkness, comes to close grasp of fulfilling a lifelong dream but an imprudent choice intertwines her plan with the nightmarish.

Inspired by a true story, "Moondance" is a short film about desire and aspiration. A film that will make a difference.

Xeroderma pigmentosum, or XP, is a very rare inherited disease that forbids any exposure to sunlight or any form of UV light, no matter how small. XP patients are trapped in darkness for life.

XP has been identified in people of every ethnic group all over the world. 
One in 40,000 people are born with this disease worldwide. 

Story Synopsis

Malta 2011. ALPHA, mid-twenties finally stands in close grasp of fulfilling her lifelong dream after long years of waiting for her only chance to escape. At a very young age she was diagnosed with XP; a rare condition which forbids her to be exposed to any form of intense sources of light; and virtually imprisoned in the darkness of her overzealous grandmother's house who exerts a suffocating control over her. ALPHA is made to believe that she was brought to this world as an abomination.

She desires to be given the opportunity to show off her talent and achieve social acceptance by the people who despise her. She follows the music and floats in harmony, while the moon spectates through her large bedroom window. As a naturally talented girl she struggles hard to get her steps right as she rehearses in the benign light that shines from the moon. The Moon had assured her that one day he will make her dream a reality. The stakes are high and ALPHA cannot afford to miss her only chance.

On the eve of the big day ALPHA's excitement runs before her and the situation becomes dicey. An imprudent choice corners her and intertwines the girl's plan with the nightmarish. Grandma locks ALPHA up. Now that her chances are doomed, the confusion in her mind intensifies. The moon hovers in the dull skies. Time is running out, but her obstinate need to escape fires her determination. ALPHA breaks out into a silent house but her escape comes for a price. 

How can I contribute and be part of this unique and eye opening experience?

Yes, it already sounds intriguing. On the right hand side in a green column, are PERKS (gifts) we have prepared for you to be part of this film. By clicking on the CONTRIBUTE button and giving a small donation you can get your first film credit, Moondance T-Shirt, memorabilia, signed official film poster and more. Together we get to make the film and you will also get your tokens. 

Apart from the fun stuff you will be part of an international campaign to raise awareness for the dreadful disease of XP and put a smile on thousands of children who are forced to live in the dark. 


Director's Statement

In the beginning of 2011, Paul de Leonardo, the writer behind the marvellous �Europia 2050� which placed first at the Beverly Hills Film Festival, 2009, approached me with an intriguing and inspiring idea for a story about a character entrapped in darkness and in love with the moon.

This was a great opportunity to set such an intelligent narrative in the depths of Malta, a country driven by strong religious and political values and beliefs that influence our culture in a great way even in the 21st century. I have always been impressed by the few hundred square kilometers infused with a life that spans thousands of years, sceneries and cultures.

In recent times, I learnt of a rare life threatening disease called Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP). During my research I found myself reading an article about a 7-year old girl from US who suffers XP. Riley Elizabeth must stay indoors with the curtains closed and lacks the chance to experience some of the everyday things that we take for granted. I was touched by her story.


Driving home from school the other day, Riley asked, �Mom, how old will I be when we find a cure for XP?� Riley's mom told her that it was in God's hands and asked why she was asking that question. Riley said, �Because I want to go outside and play in the daytime like all of my friends do. When you take me to the park at night, none of my friends are there to play with me.�


This child longs to experience what many of us take for granted, but doesn't give up. Despite the many conflicts one is forced to face in life, there is always an opportunity to achieve the lifelong dream. It was then when I thought that XP would create the perfect dilemma and scenario for the main character. My idea is to amalgamate the illness with the taboos derived from Maltese culture.


This project is close to my heart for many reasons, but mostly since it will open eyes and inspire people of every age to leave their hard shell and realize that impossible or difficult is not the answer but �Yes it�s possible� is the way forward. I am on board to make this breathtaking screenplay come to life, but this cannot be done alone. Amongst the many other talented artists I will collaborate with to bring this piece to the screen, I WANT YOU.


This is YOUR chance to hop on and get a taste of the ginormous industry we work hard for; to bring to YOU entertaining stories. We do not make films for us to enjoy, but we make them for the audience, YOU. So unite with us in this unique adventure so that through the medium of film we will give the world an inspiring story and learn from these brave people who live in the dark.

What We Are Doing

1. Simply put, we are raising funds to make a film.

2. Portraying society's lack of evolution to modern times.

3. Raising awareness of the XP disease and support our neighbours.

4. Creating an experience to be part of a film set on an island with a population of 460,000.

5. Exhibiting the innovative film making in small states with limited resources.

What You Get

We have created a perks section for those willing to invest. It will be broken down as follows and for investing your money with us you will be treated highly and become part of the movie experience with us.

When the film is funded, when will it release?

Still to be determined but our aim is to start production early next year 2012 and post production immediately after filming is wrapped. Our goal is to make it in time for most of the big international film festivals taking place in 2012. Rest assured all of us involved will keep you updated and make sure YOU know when it's due to release.

How will we get our incentives?

For each contribution we get an email with details but no contact details of the contributor. Our producer will be sending you a message from Indiegogo, asking you for your details but I would suggest that you send an email to with your name, surname, name of perk purchased and we will reply to you. 

Once the project is funded and ready for distribution we will immediately begin manufacturing and completing incentives for all contributors. You will get a message from us requesting information from you like your T-Shirt size, address, etc. 

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  • $1USD

    Everything helps!!! The sky is the limit! By contributing a dollar your name will be mentioned on our website as a supporter of the film and in the supporters list in the credits of the film.

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  • $5USD

    This section will include the above and a password to unlock special features in our website including Director's interviews, behind-the scenes footage and out-takes featuring cast and crew at work.

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  • $15USD

    This will include all the above + an HD Digital Download of the Film.

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  • $25USD
    FAN pack

    Including all of the above, you will receive a copy of signed DVD by the Director, with a special thanks note in the footage and a moon-dance t-shirt.

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  • $50USD
    Passionate Fan pack

    Including the FAN pack, you will get a digital download of film soundtrack with a special commentary track from the composer and director.

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  • $60USD

    Cast yourself to have a minor speaking part as a featured extra. 4 x boys *AGES between 10-14 years* 1 x girl *AGE 15 years* 2 x girls *AGE between 18/19 years* Terms and conditions apply Casting through an online video. The applicant will be provided with text and they can submit it via email. If you do not reside in Malta the part shall exclude costs to travel to Malta during filming. Filming - 1 x day FILM ENTHUSIAST PACK INCL.

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  • $70USD

    The bronze producer is credited in this section in the credits and will also receive an A4 poster signed by the Director and Leading role + all the above.

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  • $85USD

    Here you will automically qualify to become a trainee and learn hands on filmmaking for 2 x days on the project. Limited spaces are available incl. the FAN PACK Freebies Terms and conditions apply If you do not reside in Malta the role shall exclude costs to travel to Malta during filming and is unpaid so we would suggest that you would come on a filming holiday. The trainees will gain tonnes of experience with the professionals so for all you aspiring filmmakers, HOP ON BOARD!

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  • $100USD

    Including all the above packages but you will get to choose between DVD or BLU-RAY. The recipient will also receive an invite to the Premier in Malta which will exclude costs.

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  • $500USD

    BECOME AN ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Now we are talking business. You have no doubt that now you qualify for an 'associate producer' credit. Get your name in the lights.As an Associate's producer you will get access to the producer directly and involved in key correspondence on key decisions during the production. Of course all the fun stuff of the above packages are included. Also you will get a hard copy of the shooting script signed by the director, writer and cast.

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  • $5,000USD

    During production we will host you on set in Malta and take you on a tour of the locations being shot, take you out to dinner and introduce you to actors, musicians and film-makers and then pay for a 5 star hotel for one night. We will also organise a leisure tour of the Capital city and give you insight on how the film is progressing, that you will be excited to hear, of course including the 'associate producer' package.

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  • $10,000USD

    EXECUTIVE PRODUCER We will invite you to a private screening of our film in one of the festivals for 2 x nights. (Anywhere in the world). We will provide a single edition book dedicated to you, featuring photographs from the film, signed autographs and testimonials from the actors. You will also be credited with the title of EXECUTIVE PRODUCER with your name appearing before the title of the film + Associate's producer package.

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