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MoodyLight is technology to control LED lights wirelessly using Bluetooth. Solution that works right out-of-the-box, so you can build your own light in minutes.
Marek Sebera
Czech Republic
2 Team Members

What can be built using MoodyLight? ^

We'd like to present you few examples, of what can be built using MoodyLight platform. All these examples are there free for use, so don't hesitate to buy our products, just because you want to build it yourself.

It's up to you what you invent, we just created few basic applications, certainly not covering all the possible uses. Also there will be option to publish your projects, as soon as you document them, on our website. We can't wait to see your ideas !

Star Sky ^

This is created with 60 LEDs (one meter of LED strip) and one square meter of fibreboard. Powered by external PSU just for extra stability.

Showed effects are animated GIFs, not realtime projections of effects.




Ceiling and Aluminium profile lights ^

Both types (square ceiling light and aluminium profile) has 60 LEDs within. Ceiling light is IKEA bought case, where controlling board can be placed inside, under matt sky cover. Aluminium profile is 1.6cm (0.6 inches) wide where we just sticked the LED strip to the bottom and covered with opal glass.

Ambilight for computers ^

Ambilight is done using 11 LEDs on bend aluminium pipe (can be made also with 255 LEDs, we just simplified it a lot), powered by battery pack and connected to laptop using Bluetooth. We also have special software, which we will publish for you, as soon as this campaign is funded, which scans current screen contents and reflects it using LEDs.

Floor lamp ^

This is standard IKEA light, where we put a strip of aluminium (40 inches long) twisted into helix, LED strip was sticked on it and was covered with one layer of translucent paper and second layer official paper cover. 

Snowboard helmet ^

Helmet is done using 10 LEDs covered by transparent water resistant glue. Three cables are connected via long jack connector (three sections) to battery pack and MoodyLight board placed in backpack. 

Jägermeister ^

While working on the MoodyLight, we got to get project for Jägermeister company, in cooperation with studio SPOT-ON. We added the MoodyLight platform (using 10 LEDs, 4 for each eye and 2 for snout) and battery pack.

Domotiga / SmartVISU ^

We also created interface for Home automatisation Domotiga (but you are not limited, feel free to use any home automatisation software). Interfaces will be given out open-source as soon as this campaign is funded.

Domotiga is open-source automatisation software without user interface, screenshots are from SmartVISU, one of the user interfaces to home automatisation. This is real application from demonstration setup, no photoshop involved :-)

About Project ^

We are Prague based startup, and for over a year, we worked hard on creating great product. MoodyLight grew in hackerspace Brmlab, and many of our supporters and early testers are members of this society

For many years, we struggled around with thresholds set for many technologies, which prevents creative and smart people effectively create great products and solutions, unless they can invest many hours to learn and try to develop something.

We thought about way, how to simplify this situation for creative and smart people. Solution is the MoodyLight platform, which allows you to create lighting of your dreams, without spending time learning basics of used technology.

Quality above everything ^

We really don't want to create single-purpose products or sell products 5$ each, only to have it cheaper, we couldn't deliver you quality we desire. We spent about a year on development and created more than 10 generations of our product. Now we have final product and we can guarantee you quality of both hardware and software used.

We also cooperated with professionals from graphics and psychology industry, as we spent months tuning effects provided within every variant of MoodyLight. Each effect is carefully designed to give you smooth and natural experience and stimulate your mood. We achieved feeling that candle or fireplace really burn and in storm you can feel the thunder. Shown effect are not just nice names but more like simulations of their meaning.

We also tried integrating lighting in bedroom, kitchen, office, toilet, cars, and we just don't have resources to create all the possible products, so we leave this up to you.

Talking about price, there is important reason for us, why we decided to use crowd-funding. When producing small volume of boards, we would have to raise our price on each board with amount of from 10$ to 40$, so using this large pre-ordering solution, is way for us to provide you with MoodyLight for reasonable price.

About MoodyLight products ^

Important thing to know about MoodyLight is that it works out-of-the-box. You don't need to set anything, you will connect LED strip, power adapter and connect via smartphone or desktop application, and you don't have to set anything else.

However there are wide options to make greater things, such as connecting and controlling multiple boards at once, integrating the board with other systems, making custom products on top of MoodyLight platform.

What am I paying for?

    • Board without firmware - 40$USD
    • Board with MoodyLight firmware - 60$USD
  • 1 meter of LED strip - WS2811/WS2812 - 20$
  • Power source (PSU) - 4 Ampere 5 Volt 20 Watt - 10$
  • Hardware Controls - 10$
    • Sensors DHT11 (Humidity, Temperature)
    • Lightness sensor (photo resistor)
    • 3 hardware buttons (Changing color, effects and switch on/off)
    • Potentiometer (to control light intensity)

MoodyLight platform has these features (available through API):

  • Set color on all LEDs (Fast or with Crossfade)
  • Set each LED independently (color and intensity, so-called "direct-access")
  • Set effects (provided effect see below)
  • Manage zones (3 zones, each has independent intensity, color/effect settings and name)
  • Backlight mode (single analog LED as backlight)
  • Change lamp name (also changes visible bluetooth name)
  • Change Bluetooth PIN (for pairing requests)
  • Factory reset (if you messed up something in settings)

Effects which are contained in MoodyLight

  • Candle
  • Fireplace
  • Lagoon
  • Volcano
  • Universe (also Night Sky)
  • Storm
  • Strobe light (also Zoetrope)
  • Color strobe light
  • Entropy
  • Rainbow
  • Random color

There are also advanced features:

  • Change number of active LEDs (without need to restart)
  • Get informations from sensors (humidity, lightness, temperature)
  • Get informations about battery (current voltage of battery pack)
  • I2C connectivity (possibility to control multiple boards over I2C protocol)
  • Send AT commands to Bluetooth module

Available control software (Android, Windows, Linux, OSX) ^

We also have control software, which will be available for free, once the campaign is funded.

We currently have Android and desktop applications (desktop is Java based software working on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX). Below are screenshots from applications (please excuse desktop application design, it will get pretier)

How to use MoodyLight? ^

We prepared simple instructions on how to use Moodylight after you receive it. See the video below.

What is the BOARD about? ^

MoodyLight BOARD is robust, industrial standard quality, nicely equipped Arduino compatible development board. It comes without MoodyLight firmware, but with full documentation and developers support.

Board contains

  • ATMega328 CPU (20MHz, 32KB flash, 1KB EEPROM, 2KB SRAM)
  • FTDI serial port
  • HC-06 Bluetooth Module
  • MicroUSB and SPI connectors
  • 16 GPIO pins  
  • ESD protections
  • CPU pins protections
  • Power lines fuses

Below you can see detailed description for the board, as soon as the campaign is funded, we will publish all data-sheets for used components, GPIO pinout.

Board will be given out with standard Arduino boot-loader and examples for working with used bluetooth module.

Also EC mark certification is currently work-in-progress, and will be available with campaign reaching the end.

Start your own business ^

We are open to any business opportunity you want to offer. Including customisation of provided functions (both software and hardware), technical support for using MoodyLight platform or anything else your business can think of. We are able to produce high volumes of our platform (tens of thousands of boards a month).

If you feel like your business could exploit features of MoodyLight platform, feel free to contact us on marek.sebera@gmail.com

Partners ^

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  • $2USD

    Internet high five, we will take our sombreros off for you :-)

    1 claimed
  • $5USD
    Buy us Coffee

    If you like the project, but don't want to buy anything, you can support our team by buying us a coffee. Thank you very much !

    1 claimed
  • $10USD
    Hardware Controls (additional)

    Can be bought only as addition to BOARD, SMALL, STANDARD or LARGE. Contains: + DHT11 sensors (humidity, temperature) + Lightness sensor (photoresistor) + 3 buttons (hardware) + Potentiometer

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $20USD
    1 meter LED strip (additional)

    Can be bought only as addition to other packages (BOARD, SMALL, STANDARD or LARGE) Equals 60 RGB LEDs + cable and connector

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $60USD
    MoodyLight BOARD

    Only Arduino compatible board MoodyLight firmware (API and effects) not included Board is industrial quality with EC mark, contains ESD and GPIO protections. With complete data-sheet. - Serial port FTDI - Bluetooth HC-06 - CPU ATMega328 - USB cable - SPI connector - Lots of GPIO pins - Power fuses MoodyLight board - 40$ + USB cable International shipping - 20$

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $100USD
    MoodyLight SMALL

    Single MoodyLight board (50$) Minimum package of MoodyLight, contains everything necessary to build your own light in few minutes. + 1 meter of LED strip (60 LEDs) - 20$ + Power source - 10$ + USB cable + International shipping - 20$

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $140USD
    MoodyLight STANDARD

    Single MoodyLight board (60$) Standard package of MoodyLight, contains everything necessary to build your own light in few minutes. You will also receive buttons, potentiometer, temperature/lightness/humidity sensors. + 2 meter of LED strip (60 LEDs) - 40$ + Power Source - 10$ + Hardware controls - 10$ + USB cable + International shipping - 20$

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $250USD
    MoodyLight LARGE

    Large package, which contains twice as much as MoodyLight STANDARD and cheaper because of postal charges. Two MoodyLight boards - 110$ + 4 meters of LED - 80$ + 2 Power sources - 20$ + 2 Hardware controls packages - 20$ + 2 USB cables + International shipping - 20$

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
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