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The Monolyth makes your AC unit smart for your comfort and energy savings.
Mark Umberger
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Monolyth is an internet connected device for your window / wall AC unit, optimizing air temperature & quality for your comfort & energy savings.

            The smart solution for urban apartments with window and wall AC units

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The Monolyth makes your AC unit smart by learning your daily schedule and temperature preferences. The result is a lower energy bill and perfectly monitored temperature at all times. The super simple Monolyth app lets you control your AC from anywhere in the world giving you complete control.

The Monolyth

Control your AC from anywhere. Really. Anywhere.

Monolyth is controlled via WiFi on the iOS and Android application. So to adjust or control your air conditioning you just need an internet connection and your phone or tablet. Monolyth controls your air conditioning unit by using IR emitters.

The app, offers you ultimate control over air conditioning temperatures no matter where you are, letting you change settings, scheduling, check weather and setup push notifications.

Control multiple air conditioning units at your home or office

You can use your Monolyth for your home, office or any other additional properties and control as many AC units per property as you want.

Monolyth will learn and adapt to your everyday schedule!

We know that most window and wall air conditioning units offer basic programmability to set the desired schedule and room temperature. But the Monolyth will learn and adapt to your everyday schedule through multiple sensors that gather data from the surrounding environment. It will track what time you usually wake up, what time you leave the house and when you go to bed.

Once Monolyth learns your schedule, it will automatically adjust the temperature. We realize no schedule is set in stone, which is why you can easily reprogram the Monolyth if you’ll be out of the house for extended periods of time for holidays or business. The longer the device is in use, the smarter it becomes.

Energy Savings - Save up to 40%!

Monolyth is designed to help you reduce energy costs. Here’s how:


Adjusting when you leave the house

There’s no need to have your AC on full power while you’re at work. But even if you forget to turn it off, the Monolyth device will sense you’re away and automatically power off. With Monolyth, you can reduce costs effortlessly because your AC will adapt to your lifestyle.

Coming home

If you break your routine, the Monolyth will create your preferable environment prior to your arrival home.

Adjusting to the weather forecast

By monitoring indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity levels and air quality, your air conditioning is automatically adjusted for optimized comfort and lower energy bills. If temperatures are abnormally low, the Monolyth can detect this and stay at a more pleasant level.

Adjusting when you’re away for extended periods of time

This feature is especially handy if you’re leaving town for a business trip or holiday. While you’re away you can turn the AC off and turn it on prior your arrival. It’s as simple as commanding your AC to turn on when you’re at baggage claim so your house is perfectly cool when you arrive home.

Easy scheduling

You can also set or quickly adjust daily or weekly scheduling for heating or cooling, temperature levels, fan speed etc., so if your routine changes you have the freedom to adjust your Monolyth. Users have the option to set up to 6 time periods per day. This allows the Monolyth to learn additional commands as you continue to use it.

Monolyth is packed with multiple sensors!

The device contains multiple environmental sensors that gather data from the surrounding environment. This allows the Monolyth to adjust temperature for your comfort and to save you energy. Here are the different sensors inside.

Presence sensors

Monolyth will optimize temperature levels based on your presence and movement. The presence sensors are what allow the Monolyth to know whether you’re awake or asleep.

Temperature sensor

Optimize temperature levels in your home or office.

Humidity sensor

Packing a humidity sensor, Monolyth will provide tips via push notification  on how to optimize humidity levels in your home.

Barometric Air Pressure sensor

With the barometric air pressure sensor you have the ability to see the exact weather forecast in your local environment.

Air Quality & VOCs

According to US Environmental Protection Agency volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals in your home which may have short and long term health effects. Sources for VOCs are household products such as; paints, cleaning supplies and disinfectants, wood preservatives, air fresheners, dry-cleaned clothing, carpets, wood stoves etc. Concentrations of many VOCs are consistently higher indoors (up to ten times higher) than outdoors. Health effect could be anything from eye, nose, and throat irritation to headaches, loss of coordination, nausea or even damage to liver, kidney, and central nervous system.

One of the steps to reduce exposure to VOCs is to make sure you provide plenty of fresh air in your home. The next most important thing would be the maintenance of your AC filter.  AC units don’t just cool your home, but also filter your air.  However the air quality in your room is only as good as the filter in your AC unit.

Monolyth monitors your air quality with VOCs sensors and will inform you when VOCs exceed acceptable levels. You can also set it up to send you a notification when the windows need to be opened or when the AC filter should be replaced.

For more information on VOCs please follow this link.

Monitor and understand your living environment

Monolyth enables historical tracking of indoor & outdoor temperature, humidity, air pressure, noise and air quality / VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) levels.

Installation / Plug & Play

Monolyth works right out of the box and is compatible with 200 leading AC brands. When setting up your Monolyth device, it should be placed in the line-of-sight with your AC unit. This enables a clear connection via the infrared sensor. The application wizard then leads the way for an easy setup. Follow the link for a list of supported AC units. The list will be constantly updated with new models, so you can keep using your Monolyth with new AC units. If your AC unit is not on the list, you can still manually configure Monolyth through a simple set-up wizard using your mobile phone and AC remote control.

Monolyth is pet friendly

You can keep your pets comfortable when you’re away with the ‘’never below’’ or ‘’never above’’ settings. The temperature is guaranteed to stay within a specific limit ensuring your animals are safe and sound.


We would like to encourage our users to use our open REST API and customize their own solutions and integrate Monolyth into 3rd party systems. We will provide Android and iOS SDKs so you can create your own mobile applications.

Activity is accessed through a smart application or a web browser where users can set preferences and control alerts. Users can also:

• Connect other devices and systems to the Monolyth • Set up custom scenarios, rules, tips & more • Monolyth reads the environment and provides suggestions and reminders such as: are you going to be out of the house on a Friday night? Are you planning a trip this Weekend? • Connect all events and environment changes from Monolyth to all other devices and systems supported by IFTTT/Zapier. Supported Monolyth events: indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, presence, air quality, air pressure, noise level. • Control your Monolyth (turn ON/OFF, set target temperature) device through IFTTT/Zapier systems.

We are closely following the possibilities to integrate the Monolyth with HomeKit. We'll keep you posted on the progress.

We are also planning to inregrate the Monolyth with the SmartThings platform.

Real-time push notifications

To make the device even smarter we added a push notification system for alerts, tips and reminders for your things such as:

  • Air quality notification
  • Below and above warning temperature
  • Air conditioning filter replacement reminders
  • Open window reminder
  • Movement detection when in Holiday mode and more

Cloud Backup / data

Using a cloud-based system, it is monitoring outdoor temperature, humidity levels and air quality so your air conditioning is automatically adjusted for optimized COMFORT and energy savings. Monolyth is always connected to the cloud in order to provide:

·  An up-to-date list of control codes for air conditioning units

·  Control of the Monolyth through any device: smart phone or tablet, MAC and PC.

·  Weather forecast for the location (Temperature,Humidity, Atmospheric pressure, Wind speed, Rainfall, UV index)

·  Notifications and tips about the environment to the user

·  If the internet connection is lost there is no need to worry since all commands still work locally.


Tech Specs

Sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality (CO2 + VOC), Air Pressure, Infrared Presence, Noise, Ambient Light, Infrared Receiver

Communication: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g 2.4 GHz

Processor: ST ARM Cortex M3, 32-bit, 72 MHz, 256 kB Flash + 16 MB External Flash, 64 kB SRAM

Power Consumption: < 100 mAh @ 5V

Size: 150 x 70 x 50 mm

User Interaction: Innovative Touch Gesture Detection, Multi-color LED

Hardware Development

We are team of dedicated makers, engineers and researchers and we are on a mission to build the first connected device to make your AC unit smart. We don’t compromise. We have choose the best sensors available on the market to sense air quality in your living and working environment. We are using multiple sensors to measure temperature, humidity, air quality, luminosity, noise and even atmospheric pressure. Monolyth can measure all the parameters that matters for your living environment and can also predict weather forecast for your local micro climate.

Then we control. Yes we control your AC unit based on those accurate measurements. We can control almost any AC unit using array of infrared emitters built into the Monolyth that can replicate your infrared remote control. We can also detect your presence based on the state-of-the art location detection technology, specially developed for Monolyth. Based on the presence detection, data from the cloud and advanced algorithms, Monolyth can set optimal parameters for your comfort and energy efficiency.

Monolyth is connected to the internet via your Wi-Fi network. Connection to the internet allows you to monitor and control your environment from anywhere in the world.

The first prototype was built using Arduino development platform, IR receiver and IR emitter. The IR receiver was used to capture IR packets sent from remote control. Packets were later successfully re-transmitted using IR emitter. Second prototype was developed using ARM Cortex M0 platform. Due to additional new sensors (from Freescale, NXP, STM, Murata, etc.) and the complexity of algorithms used for measurement and presence detection, we had to use more powerful core, the ARM Cortex M3 platform. In the latest prototype we also added Wi-Fi module TI CC3000 to the board and enabled Monolyth to become the internet connected device.

Our team has years of experience developing electronics, so we have designed latest prototype with component availability and manufacturing process in mind.

Production Timeline

Monolyth Team

Our vision to make people’s everyday lives more convenient and energy efficient, starting with air conditioning.

Founded by experts and researchers in professional smart home automation, we’re determined to create smart home solutions that are energy efficient, easy to use and available to everyone. We share years of experience on building products for industry and market.

Under the brand name ENTIAliving, we have designed a cloud-based home automation system primarily intended for integration into residential buildings (apartments, houses). For more information please visit: EntiaLiving.

Members of our team were also involved in the successful Kickstarter campaign Lumu.

Mark Umberger, CEO

Mark did extensive research on Cloud based Home Automation Systems for his PhD. Mark’s vision and vast knowledge in home automation market will contribute to a successful product delivery.

Miha Pavlič, Project Manager / Marketing

Miha is a project manager for the Monolyth air conditioning device.With a passion for technology and new product development, he is responsible for Monolyth’s marketing strategy and implementation. Miha believes Monolyth can continue to evolve. Feel free to send him your ideas or suggestions for the Monolyth device.

Luka Mali, Hardware Development

Luka is experienced product development engineer, maker, Internet of Things researcher and prototyping enthusiast. He leads Monolyth’s engineering team and is responsible for product development and manufacturing.

Miha Jelenc, Software Development

Miha is a software specialist with a decade of experience in software development, embedded systems and system architecture. Miha is responsible for architecture design and software development.

Jaro Jelovac, Design

Jaro Jelovac is an all-around designer working mostly in graphic and industrial design. His creativity and extensive industry experience have shaped the Monolyth brand name, logo, visuals and product design. Jaro is part of the Hainz-Jelovac design and architecture studio, doing work for major brands such as Elan ski and snowboards, Fischer ski, Riko houses and many more.

Satja Lumbar, Algorithms Software Development

Satja is experienced researcher working on various algorithms forautomation and robotics for a decade. For his PhD he developed state-of-the-art algorithm for autonomous aircrafts. Satja is responsible for developing Monolyth’s smart learning and presence detection algorithms.

Peter Trinkaus, Firmware Development

Peter is hardware developer with a extensive knowledge about analog and digital electronics. Peter is responsible for Monolyth’s hardware development and conformation testing.

Grega Mulej, Manufacturing

Over the past years, Grega Mulej has co-founded and managed several successful start-up companies. Grega will be responsible for product manufacturing and distribution, ensuring the product will meet its deadline.

Luka Kaše, Video Camera ;Mateja Tomažinčič, Video Postproduction ;

Peter Žerovnik, Video Sound

Everyone else that offered their help and support:
Nick Furness, Tom Furness, Bronwyn Sweeney, Rok Kunej

Risks & challenges

Hardware development risks:
Our hardware developers have years of experience developing electronics and products. We’ve already built working prototypes with component availability, price and manufacturing in mind. However, electronic component availability is always a risk. With the alternative components in BOM during the development phase we’ll minimize this risk. We also develop and test hardware in-house, so any changes in design can be made without additional delay.

Software development risks:
Complete software development is done by our team. We have experience in developing software for embedded systems, web and scalable server applications and also iOS and Android applications. We’re already covering infrared communication codes for over 200 leading brands, but we’re also aware that obtaining additional codes will take a lot of resources.

Manufacturing risks:
We have spent a considerable amount of time working with our suppliers to come up with the best solutions for our product. Anything from the type of plastic materials for casing to gloss varnish finishing have been already defined. PCBs will be produced and assembled at the certified supplier. Every board will be optically and electrically checked.

Supply risks:
We have done all the preliminary sourcing and have already made agreements with several manufacturing companies that will provide plastic shells and distributors to source electronics.
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