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We will launch a satellite into space to grow our network. If too cost prohibitive, we will use the funds to run fiber to homes in San Francisco!
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MonkeyBrains is a local ISP in San Francsico.  North Korea just launched a satellite; we want to as well.

The Cost Breakdown of Launching a Satellite

A quick internet search reveals that this is the cost for getting a satellite into orbit:

  • Satellite manufacture: $150M
  • Satellite launch: $120M
  • Launch insurance: $20M
  • In-orbit insurance: $20M
  • Satellite operations (15 years): $15M

Faster Internet!

Our initial research seems to indicate having a satellite in orbit may not speed up your internet at all. [].  However, if more research doesn't bode well for a geostationary satellite, we will take all of the $325M to fund either:

  • Fiber to the home.
  • A balloon tethered to the Farallon islands.
  • a hovering drone over the Bay.

Trust Us

Some people just can't believe we want to make the Internet Faster and Cheaper (and more Out of Control) than it already is.  Your money will be spent well, and San Francisco (and possibly -- if funds allow) the entire Bay Area will benefit.  We have set this fundraiser as Fixed Funding, so there is no risk of sending MonkeyBrains a little bit of money from your wallet without many other people feeling the same way.

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  • $100USD
    MonkeyBrains T-Shirt

    You will get a brand new MonkeyBrains T-Shirt mailed to you!

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  • $5.000USD
    Coffee and project discussion

    Hang out and have coffee with Alex and Rudy of MonkeyBrains.

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    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: April 2013
  • $1.000.000USD
    Gigabit Mircowave

    Gigabit Mircowave connection to your home and 5 years service!

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    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: Dezember 2013
  • $10.000.000USD
    Gigabit Internet for 10 years

    We will bring a gigabit fiber connection to your home or office and provide service for 10 years.

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    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: September 2013
  • $100.000.000USD
    10 years group Internet

    You and up to 25 neighbors will get gigabit Internet via fiber optics for 10 years. We'll create a local lan terminated in your basement.

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    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: Dezember 2013
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