MOKU - Urushi Wooden Sunglasses

The first hand-crafted wooden-framed sunglasses made out of Urushi.
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The Cycle Company

The Cycle Company

Cycle Co. is more than a company; it is an idea, and a way of viewing and understanding our ever complex and mysterious world. The word ‘Cycle’ is derived from several ideologies.

First, we believe in a closed loop cycle of production where no waste is created through the manufacturing of our products. 

Second, we will reconstitute waste, trash, and debris and convert them into products.

Lastly, we believe that every human being is connected and we are all involved in this cycle of human development. Just as we respond to the cycle of seasons that alter our way of life, we believe we have to respond to the cycle of time. It is time we implement a sustainable cycle in the production and consumption of our products, and we hope to set a primary example of how this can be done through intuitive design.

Today we ask you to help mobilize cycle by investing in our newest invention.





MOKU - Urushi Wooden Framed Sunglasses

With 2 and a half years of research and testing, we have finally produced a pair of wooden framed sunglasses with a new aesthetic, shape, and materiality. The Sunglasses come in 2 varnishes. Black Urushi 黒漆 (Left) and Natural Urushi 生漆 (Right).


The First Urushi covered wooden sunglasses in the World

The product is a dialogue between the past and the present - tradtion and innovation.

Urushi <漆>

Urushi, also known as Japanese Lacquer, is a natural material obtained from the urushi tree. When the trunk of tree is cut, it produces a resin to try to repair the wound. This resin is Urushi. A single tree can only produce a few grams of resin each time it is taped. Because it is so hard to obtain, urushi is considered a very valuable material.


urushi cut

The Sunglasses come in two types of urushi: 生漆 (natural urushi) and 黒漆 (urushi with black pigment).


Each sunglasses comes with a small bag made out of an AIZOME <藍染め> fabric with a WAGARA pattern 和柄 (Japanese Pattern).


Aizome bag discription

AIZOME is the Japanese word for Indigo dye. 

The Rolly Polly Case

The case is designed by combining two existing entities. First, a Kakejiku <掛け軸>, a hanging scroll, and second, a rolly polly. When a rolly polly senses danger, it crawls up into a ball protecting itself from the outer world through its hard shell. The case uses the same idea - the case raps around the glasses, protecting the frames from damage.


The Rolly Polly Case

Biomimicry - We look towards nature when we design.

A Personal Touch

We will engrave a name, word, symbol, or logo on to the ear piece of the frames for the first 200 pairs we create through this fund-raising campaign. We can take any image or font and engrave it into the earpiece of your frames.


engravings into the ear

Maybe for a present, maybe for yourself, or maybe for that special someone.

Lens Option

Our investors have three choices in selecting the color of lens they want. LIGHT - MIDIUM - DARK. Lens are UV cut.


Lens Option



Keep it natural

The lens's are made out of recyclable plastic, and the frames are made 100 percent out of wood. The wood we used is called Tilia Japonica, a light wood that grows locally all over Japan.


Frames are easy on the skin

We really care about our planet.

What We Need & What You Get

What we need is your support, and in return you get a pair of handmade wooden framed sunglasses varnished with Urushi. We hope to be the front runners in this new wave of product design where no waste is produced through the manufacturing and consumption of our products. We use traditional practice in our inventions because the source of that knowledge comes from the relationship between the resources that are prevalent on the land we dwell on and the lifestyle that we choose to live.
Please help us, in mobilizing cycle - so we can start reconstituting waste in making beautiful products.


$ 29 - Natural Urushi Moku Key Holder (comes with metal chain) 
keyholder for the 29 dollar perk

直径40mm 40mm in Diameter

$290 - Natural Urushi Sunglasses + Case 生漆サングラス+ケース
$190 - Natural Urushi Sunglasses 生漆サングラス

Natural Urushi

$290 - Black Urushi Sunglasses + Case 黒漆サングラス+ケース
$190 - Black Urushi Sunglasses 黒漆サングラス

Black Urushi



For the first 200 pairs, I (Sheyen Ikeda) will fix your glasses as long as I am alive. However, shipping and material cost is seperate (Depending on the severity of the damage a maintenance fee may also be added).


Questions and Comments

Please feel free to email us at
Please email us with the details of your glasses (varnishi, lens, engraving) once you made a purchase.
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  • $29USD
    Urushi Key Holder

    40 mm Key Holder made out of Urushi and Wood. For those kindhearted conduits that simply want to support our company.

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    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $29USD


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    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $190USD
    MOKU sunglasses

    1 pair of wooden framed sunglasses of your choice (Black Urushi or Natural Urushi + Choice of Lens Color + Engraving on Ear Piece) + Aizome Bag (Shipping included)

    23 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $190USD

    漆の木造サングラスを一つ+藍染めの袋 漆の種類(生漆/黒漆)、レンズのカラー、刻印はお客様の方で選択できます。(送料込み)

    6 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $290USD
    MOKU Sunglasses + Case

    1 pair of wooden framed sunglasses of your choice (Black Urushi or Natural Urushi + Choice of Lens Color + Engraving on Ear Piece) + Aizome Bag + Urushi Case (Shipping included)

    16 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $290USD

    漆の木造サングラスを一つ+藍染めの袋+漆のケース 漆の種類(生漆/黒漆)、レンズのカラー、刻印はお客様の方で選択できます。(送料込み)

    2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
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