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Mokaya - professional chocolate making/tempering at home
Gabor Borjan
United Kingdom
1 Team Member

Mokaya - professional chocolate making/tempering at home

If you want professionally designed chocolates, sweets you need some tempered chocolate.

The tempered chocolate is fine, glossy and cracking. If you want some chocolate or chocolate-dipped treats​, it is necessary to temper in order to gain the right consistency and quality, so that you could prepare delicious and beautiful chocolates.

Why do we need tempering?

The cocoa butter in chocolate contains crystals in different sizes / 6  / but for the perfect chocolate only one type/size, known as beta crystals is required. Producing beta crystals means tempering the chocolate.

Not properly tempered chocolate will develop a white layer of cocoa butter on the surface, it ‘flowers '. The newly bought chocolate with shiny surface will snap. If you leave it in a warm place, it melts and then if you cool it down, the surface of the chocolate will be covered with a layer of gray-white matte thing, the separated cocoa butter. The melted and cooled chocolate and cocoa butter ' loses its tempering '.

Try this: untempered chocolate can be prepared by melting then cooling it again. The chocolate cooled at room temperature for a day or so is visibly changed, a gray layer of cocoa butter and a chalky texture is developed /instead of cracking/.

Why we need tempered chocolate?

A variety of different sizes of cocoa butter crystals exist at different melting points. Therefore, tempering is important because it helps to achieve a higher melting point and to form the crystals in the appropriate size . So we temper the chocolate:

1.  to avoid the flourishing of cocoa butter and the dull gray surface

2.  to raise the melting point of chocolate

3.  to increase the shelf life of the chocolate

4. to make the chocolate rapidly solid: within 5 minutes in case of tempered chocolate

5. the tempered chocolate after cooling down will shrink a little so it can be removed easily from the mould

6. to make chocolate shiny with glistening surface and crispy

There are several ways of tempering chocolate. It is common in these methods, that they require some serious knowledge and practice. Furthermore, it’s time-consuming and the success highly depends on the person, who makes tempering.

Tempering with a machine equipped with automatic temperature control eliminates these factors.

The disadvantages: high cost of the equipment and the economically tempered minimum amount which, in most cases makes it unsuitable for such a small amount / 100gr - 900gr / of chocolate.

We've designed the Mokaya chocolate tempering machine as:

- Affordable, household equipment

- Capable to process 100 gr -900 gr of chocolate

- Easy to use, fully automatic device

- Easy to clean, removable pan

- High-quality stainless steel body and pans

- Portable, low-voltage operation

- Long-life semiconductor heating element

How does it work, how to use Mokaya ?

Put the solid chocolate pieces/granules into the melting pot of the machine then choose the type of chocolate / dark chocolate , milk chocolate or white chocolate / .

Start the process by pressing the START button.

The Mokaya first will melt the chocolate and then prompts the user to insert a " seed " ie. tempered chocolate. Adjusting the temperature is automatic, based on the type of chocolate.

When the tempering process is completed, the device will hold the temperature of the chocolate, so you can continue working even after a break.

The melting pot is removable from the device, so cleaning is easy.

The device is powered by a 12 volt power supply /adapter/, can be operated even from a car's cigarette lighter socket.

Why use of Mokaya is preferable over other methods for tempering?

Manual vs. Mokaya tempering

A variety of manual, or ' home ' tempering methods have been published. Their common feature is that high precision is required and it requires a significant amount of time and constant attention. The processing of tempered chocolate must be accomplished quickly before it solidifies, or you should keep the temperature by constantly monitoring it. The Mokaya automatically performs melting. After filling the chocolate and configuring the type of chocolate, it will constantly check the temperature. One of the biggest problems with the manual tempering is overheating which causes the disintegration of the chocolate and the cocoa butter, then you are not working with chocolate. The Mokaya's precise temperature sensors constantly monitor every stage of the tempering process even in the molten chocolate, so that overheating would not occur.

Tempering Machine Vs . Mokaya

For bigger amounts, there are other tempering machines, with a built-in motor, the use of minimum quantities of chocolate is 1-2-3 kgs, which makes it impossible for the average hobbyist use. The Mokaya uses a removable melting pot and a small volume of up to 900 gramms. The price of Mokaya is a comparable price to any other household appliances, but is similar to the professional equipment design, using high-quality stainless steel components .

Mokaya uses the same high quality components as the industrial counterparts and instead of plastic parts, it is entirely constructed from high quality stainless steel.

Some facts from the Wikipedia:

Chocolate Tempering

Uncontrolled crystallization of cocoa butter typically results in crystals of varying size, some or all large enough to be clearly seen with the naked eye. This causes the surface of the chocolate to appear mottled and matte, and causes the chocolate to crumble rather than snap when broken.

The uniform sheen and crisp bite of properly processed chocolate are the result of consistently small cocoa butter crystals produced by the tempering process.

The fats in cocoa butter can crystallize in six different forms (polymorphous crystallization). The primary purpose of tempering is to assure that only the best form is present.

The six different crystal forms have different properties. Making chocolate considered "good" is about forming as many type V crystals as possible. This provides the best appearance and texture and creates the most stable crystals, so the texture and appearance will not degrade over time.

To accomplish this, the temperature is carefully manipulated during the crystallization. 

Why we call it Mokaya?

Researchers and archeologists found evidence of cacao use by the earliest Mesoamerican groups like the Gulf Coast Olmec and Pacific Coast Mokaya of Mexico. They found residues from the preparation of cacao beverages at Mokaya archaeological site of Paso de la Amada on the Pacific Coast of Chiapas, Mexico in one ceramic vessel. Mokaya used this vessel during the Early Formative (1900-900 BC) period. Their analysis showed that chocolate (Theobroma cacao) was consumed by the Mokaya as early as 1900 BC, pushing back the chemical evidence of cacao use by some 700 years. The results of the published study provide direct evidence that the Mokaya people of the Pacific coast were processing and consuming liquid chocolate as early as 1900-1500 BC.

What steps do we need to pack and send a Mokaya machine to our customers?

We completed the design of the chassis and the heating system as well as the electronic circuit. We need your help to start the mass production of the devices.

What will be changed from the prototype phase? The prototype has been made from stainless steel but without a coating or painting on it.

The manufactured product will be made from the same steel, but with a scratch resistant, color coating.

The power cord will be a properly insulated one, with a standard cigarette lighter plug, so you can power it from your existing AC-to-cigarette lighter adapter /from your camping set/, or you can buy other adapter that can provide the 12V power.

a few examples: /all chocolate made with Mokaya/

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