Help us to raise money for the MÖNSKIS and to make them famous

Facts in brief:

MÖNSKIS – if you need to skip the Umlaut O it is MOENSKIS. Mönskis is a web cartoon series with online shop. Mönski = little cute character. Our target group is mainly teenagers and young adults (and of course anybody else too ;-)). A dear friend of Andrea’s from Los Angeles summarized it perfectly:

Wonderfully tacky, yet classy, simplistic retro Japanese style animation from the 60s. Will put a smile on one's face. Typical teenage angst, which can be an all familiar story. Emo and the rest of the Mönskis breathe today's light into a new fresh approach.

We have not met a single person yet that did not love the Mönskis! Let Emo, Bee, Butterfly, Mermaid, Sushi and Vampi put a smile on your face too.

Examples for the perks for you:

  • We put your photo and name on our Wall of Fame
  • Get a set of stickers, or an iPhone cover, or a Mönskis t-shirt or a combo of different things

What else can you do?

Please put the word out about the Mönskis. Even if you cannot contribute money you can still help in telling everybody you know about the Mönskis and our campaign. If you know someone that owns a store and would like to sell our t-shirts let us know. If you know someone who would like to sponsor us beyond our campaign let us know too. If you know someone that knows someone that might be helpful let them know :)

And don’t forget to have fun! We and the Mönskis count on you!

There are lots of tools on Indiegogo to share this campaign. Pleeeeaaase do! Thanks! We appreciate all your support and all your help and cannot thank you enough!

We will start delivering your perks immediately but please allow us some time as we mail everything out of Switzerland. If you like to add some bucks for postage please feel free.

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