Modern Tank

Experience an incredible strategy game incoming for mobile devices! Build your base and command your army the way you want.all in 3d view (testers welcome)
eran segal
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hi guys .. after 2 weeks in to this campaign my game was removed from the "gaming' section of the site .and this is the answer to it ..from indiegogo support .

"Hi Eran,

This best thing for you to do is to share the campaign with your friends and family. The key to a successful campaign is the ability to raise 30% of your goal through your own social network. Once you do this, you will be visible in the gaming section- the browse sections are composed of brand new campaigns as well as campaigns that have a high amount of activity."

i have done all in my knowledge to promote my game ,if i was able to get founded with family and friends .i wont be here .the all idea of this site is "crowd founding",and for backers to view and search the site gaming section and found the games they like .and not to beg family and friends for funds. 



Modern Tank is a new strategy game in development by E.N Games.

We started developing Modern Tank about a year ago to with the goal to create one of the best free 3D multiplayer strategy games.

One of the main features in our game is player base. The game features wide variety of buildings for players to buy and place the way they like. Every building has it's own stats and will impact the player's gameplay in some way (beside decor buildings). Besides your base , you will have to rise an army , an army strong enough to defend yourself from other player raids but also to raid other bases and complete missions.

Game features alot of missions spread across the world of Modern Tank. Missions will have different objectives , from building certain structures to going across the world to complete some objectives. There's a video of how the base works

Mind that alot of material used in the video is not final since we're in the middle of the development process.

And of course the sound track in the game-

The game goal is to build your own base and army. The way you build your base is totally up to you. You can play very offensive and build an army so you can raid other people bases , or you can play more defensive and build defense buildings to defend yourself from other player raids. 

At the very beginning of the game player will be able to chose from few different landscapes where he wants to start his base. After you choose you landscape , your journey begins!

Now as in any strategy game you need some resources to construct a building. In Modern Tank the main resource for building is money. You get certain amount of money at the very beginning of the game , and you can generate more money by constructing so called "Money buildings". 

There's no point in having a base if you can't defend it. To increase your total defense you will have to build so called "Defense buildings". Your army will increase your defense aswell but constructing Defense buildings will significantly increase your total defense.

With your base and economy in order , you will need to make your army. After creating your army , you will want to boost it so it can win in any battle you go into. To boost your army stats you can build so called "Boost buildings".

Now when you have everything set up you would probably want to do something with your army. Well this is where the game gets more interesting. In the game there are alot of missions that needs to be done. Missions can give you wide variety of items,units , experience points and of course money. Every missions has few objectives. For example , some missions will require you to construct certain building , then upgrade the same building few times , and other missions would send you to another side of the world to eliminate your enemies and destroy their headquarters!

Every player will have his own profile , where he can check his statistic, like how much money he generates currently or what is his total attack/defense and what's his current missions status. You will also be able to search for other players , and peek into their base to see what they are building and how their base looks like.

Speaking about game controls , they are fairly simple -  You will be able to move your camera , zoom in/out , rotate the camera and peek into every street in the game and check out any building in your base from every angle. 

Currently we have more then 70 structures implemented in the game for players to buy. Structures are divided in structure groups so you have Money buildings,Defense buildings,Boost buildings,Special buildings and Decor buildings. Once you bought and placed your building you will be able to upgrade that building several times. With each upgrade the stats of the building will rise.

Players will be experiencing realistic weather system which includes day and night shifts , rain and snow and even some snow/sand storms depending where your base is. 


                         Here are some of the 3D models used in our game.

Boost structures


in the game players have more then 200 units to buy.

Here are just some of 3d unit modes.

Through out the game , players will get alot of missions to complete. You could get a missions that will require you to construct a certain building , and then upgrade that same building few times. Or they can send you across the world to eliminate certain targets. First you need to locate them and they can be scattered across the world then eliminate them. 

Here's a preview of one of the missions with certain objectives. Taping once on the building reveals what actions you can take against that building , and clicking it twice would execute that.

Example of a mission war zone (work in progress) :


2$ Reward - As the reward label says , you get your name or nickname in "The Credits" under "Special thanks" section of our forum webpage.(and a hand shake).

5$ Reward - If you pledge 5$ or more you will get the previous reward plus your name or nickname under "Special thanks" section of the game credits.

10$ Reward - If you pledge 10$ or more you will get all previous rewards plus 50 E.N tokens. You can use these tokens to speed up certain processes in the game , regenerate stamina and energy quickly and buy some exclusive units or structures.

20$ Reward - If you pledge 20$ or more you will get all previous rewards plus an indestructible tank unit. Indestructible means that this unit can't be looted or destroyed in battle or in any mission. It will also have an unique model with unique textures available only for indiegogo backers.

50$ Reward - If you pledge 50$ or more you will get all previous rewards plus a special structure. This structure will boost your energy regeneration by 5%. The structure itself will also have an unique model and textures that will only be available to indiegogo backers.

Creator of Modern Tank - Eran segal

I live in Toronto, Canada and i have a wife and 2 girls(not planing for more)! I served in the armory division for 3 years and i loved it.Currently in working on developing game ideas and concept.

3d modeler and level designer - Ilya Bakhtin

Takes care of the game design - Characters, 3D models and terrains (environment,buildings,mission war zones etc...) .

Programming Team - Vukasin Vucenovic and Marko Gardijan

Programming team takes care of all the game mechanics and integration.

If we get successfully founded we plan on expanding the game a lot. First of the stuff we would like to introduce as our stretch goal is trivia pop-up event.

Trivia pop-up event is an event that you get to do every 24 hours in the game. The trivia event will be a random pop-up whenever you are online. Trivia will set you up with a question and 4 different answers. The questions will be related to WW1 and WW2. You have 10 seconds to answer. If you answer correctly you can get rewards such as units,cash and many different prizes.

Next thing we want to introduce if we get successfully founded is our  "Dooms day". Dooms day is pretty much a group event where you need to gather up to 5 players to start a "brigade". During first 5 days of the event you will have a chance to train with your brigade , get unique items for your brigade , go on different brigade missions on unique Dooms day war zones and so on... After 5 days brigade preparation , you will get to fight other brigades and climb up the leader board. 

And final thing (so far) we want to introduce is "Voice recognition" for the game itself! You will be able to control a lot of things with your voice , such as saying "collect" to collect all the money from money buildings , or when you are in a fight you can yell out "FIRE!" and the selected tank will start shooting at the target. This feature will partially be introduced even without stretch founding , but to unlock full potential of it we'll need the extra founding.

Regards, E.N Games. 

What do you need the money for ?

We need money to cover all production expenses. None of the money goes towards creators personal gain. All the money raised will go towards the project. This will cover programming expenses , 3D modeling expenses and will enable us to finish the game faster and introduce refined models and more gameplay into the game.

Will the game be released on time ?

We sure hope so. As for now the game is 50% completed and we don't expect to have any complications when it comes to game coding or delivering 3D models. 

Can i test the game now?

We have a some spots open for testers with iPad or android devices , and you can apply at our webpage or contact me directly at The tests are done using "Test flight" platform.

is this your first game as a creator?

Yes , this is my first game as creator ,and i came out with the idea from the armory division i served in.I also know its hard to gain trust of players as a new developer , but i'm trying hard and spreading the word of my game across the internet in hope i'll make the game playable for everyone.

About me -

my name is Eran and I am the creator of modern tank game 
I live in Toronto Canada,and I love to cook ,,, but this is not why i am here .

I was serving in the armory division for 3 years, 
Tanks maneuvering at a dessert terrain and To see a tank shoot a target in the mountains kilometres/miles away, 
To hear it, to see it, it's a powerful View ! 
Wow that was cool . I will probably never forget this experience. 
Till this day I still have dreams about this period of time . 
I have to admit , I miss it .

Today I am a grown man with a wife and two wonderful kids , 
And I was thinking ,, how can I bring this realty of experience to life? 
So I decided to create "Modern Tank" 
It's under way and we want to make the game as real as it can get ,and give others the experience to play it .

We want to create a game that looks and feel more realistic, with more features and more of what the the players want.

With a good team of programmers,designers,and modellers And myself working day and night to create the best full 3d military game out there.

I hope as a creator that you guys will like the layouts, the 3d models of structures and military units, sound effects, missions, events, goals ,and more .

My main goal is to bring it to life.

Thank you for reading ,good luck and hope to see you all in the game,

Eran Segal

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