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What is Mobile United?

Mobile United is the first wholesale club for cell phone service. When you join, you get the same Sprint, Verizon and AT&T networks --- but at much less than you pay today. The more people contribute, the less everyone pays.

Quick Facts

Same networks and coverage

We're rolling out Sprint, Verizon, then AT&T.

Wholesale voice, text and data

$16.99 for unlimited. See below...

You can keep your number

Or get a brand new one.

Members-only phone discounts

Our goal is to beat Best Buy's new unlocked phones by 20%.


No ETFs, "admin" charges, or activation fees.

How is that possible?

We became industry insiders after building cell phones designed for seniors citizens. Folks at the phone companies know that's no small task. That gave us the street cred to negotiate wholesale rates with them.

That chart isn't marketing, that's really what it looks like:

1.  You pay $46 so they can get new customers.
2.  You give them $41 as profit.
3.  And only $8 goes to network expenses. The rest goes to maintaining a giant company.

Mobile United Doesn't Have That Overhead

Instead, we want you to be so happy that you'll tell your friends. And instead of hiring a big ad agency, we'll give you referral bonuses because you're part building the community. Plus, we don't have to run the network: we buy wholesale packages. Carriers like this. Feel free to ask us why.

Membership Has Its Privileges

And it's how we keep the lights on. We have an annual $55 membership fee. And it gives you access to members-only rates, phone discounts, and specially-chosen accessories. But the members-only part is also important for the reasons you'll see right now.

What's the catch?

This catch helps about 9,999 out of 10,000 people because it keeps the community's rates low. And we want to be gracious and generous, but not taken advantage of.

Some folks run call centers and telemarketing services using "unlimited" services. One family bought two unlimited plans from another company and used them as a 24x7 baby monitor. That's not in the spirit of why we offer unlimited and can raise prices for thousands of others.

What we ask is that folks check in on our website for more minutes as they need them. So we'll allocate something like 2,000 minutes (TBD), and if you use them, great. Check in for more as often as you like.

When folks check in, our web portal will let them know if we spot patterns not in the community spirit. If we do, we'll let them know. If they get too many reminders, we'll need them to turn in their virtual membership card. We're trying to be fair, and we think it's fair to ask. You will probably never run into this, we just wanted to mention it upfront.

Telecom 2.0

The old 1.0 carriers have business models that make customers pay for the privilege of acquiring others. You can see that in the chart above. The more customers they get, the higher they can keep your rates.

Mobile United is a membership community.  We appreciate any amount you can back us with. A super-low yearly membership fee of $55 keeps the lights on, and we know your membership will probably pay for itself in two months or less.

So tell a friend. Tell your family. Tell the guy stuck in traffic next to you. Indiegogo backers receive the sweetest deal we offer – always.

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