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Call it an extremely modernized way to walk and talk at the same time, without losing significant phone battery charge.
Anthony mutua
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Get smart: Charge your phone while walking in this shoe.

We have had smart phones for a while now, but how about we enter the new frontier and have smart shoes to complement the phones. Well, that is exactly what is happening in tech world right now.

Love walking and texting? Still haven't done a face plant on a streetlight? Well, this sneaker from Kenya can power your phone so you'll never have to look up from that screen again.

The crystal chip has revolutionized how we charge our phones. 

This new technology use has been harnessed by inserting the chips sandwiched between the shoe sole

The  crystal chip generates energy from pressure as users walk or run with the crystal in their shoe.

The chip, once installed into a regular shoe, generates electricity when you step on it, and can be harvested in one of two ways. You can either charge a phone while in motion through a thin extension cable running from your shoe to your pocket, or, you can choose to store the electric energy and charge your phone after you have stopped walking or running, after taking your shoes off.ie the crystal has a storage ability

the technology has the ability to charge several devices simultaneously. This is, of course, if you walk enough.The chip can be inserted inside the sole of any shoe, with the exception of bathroom slippers, and you shouldn’t worry too much about deteriorating or wearing out your footwear, as the crystals can always be transferred from an old shoe to a new on.

the charging shoe are also accompanied with charging accessories.this ensures that it has the ability to charge several phones simultaneously.

Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt  acknowledged the  innovation  , describing it as “innovation from the ground up follow the link to see the comment. Google Chairman praises shoe phone-charger

Charge your phone while walking in this shoe innovation has been able to win and change life in many part of the world ,for more innovation on this great technology follow the links below

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This invention will benefit those who live in areas that have poor power or electrical infrastructure. It also promotes healthy living since people are encouraged to stay active and exercise. Also, the dependency to electrical consumption is being minimized. It will empower anyone who is dependent on the use of electronic gadgets. It will also create a better awareness of harnessing clean sources of energy.

I personally think that that innovation has the potential to go really big as it has the ability to provide an alternative and easy to use energy source for cell phones worldwide while encouraging people to do more physical exercise at the same time. So next time your battery is running low, and you are thinking of taking a taxi so as to get home quick, you might think it might be nice to walk for a change.Hands down, this has got to be one of the coolest pieces of innovation we have heard of in a while, and the essence of it is priceless in this continent. considering that there are still vast areas of the continent that lack adequate supply of electricity, and those that do still experience frequent power outages, this crystals will come in handy to a huge number of people if they ever go into mass production. (i do pray the product gets  support)

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    This shoe has a superior mode of charging with a capability of charging in wireless mode.400 pairs are available for delivery across the world.get this pair of shoe at $ 200 and be the first to have you mobile phone always charged.inclusive of shipping cost

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    enjoy extra discount for buying a package of (3) wireless shoe chargers.This shoe has a superior mode of charging with a capability of charging in wireless mode.120 pairs are available for delivery across the world.get this package at $ 500 and be the first to have you mobile phone always charged.inclusive of shipping cost

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