Mobbed Up

"Mobbed Up" is a micro-budget independent film currently in production.


A beautiful, super incisive, female reporter is determined to prove a Brooklyn born senatorial candidate has ties to the mob... 

To deter her writing a scathing article he invites her to Bath Beach, Brooklyn, where he was born, to explain that his main connection to the mob was when he shined Carlo Gambino's shoes at age seven and eight.  The old man imbued him with many tidbits of old style Sicilian wisdom... "Never go into my business... My daughter is married to a cardiologist.” 

He teaches the reporter that the Mafia started as a cry for justice when 98% of the wealth is controlled by 2% of the population... "The opposite of poverty isn't wealth, it's justice."  

He takes her on a tour of his neighborhood and cooks her a true Sicilian meal spiced with tales of the mafia and his relationship with Gambino as a child.  Is he telling the truth about not being “Mobbed Up?”  Will she see the truth through her own preconceived judgements? 


HARVEY KEITH  Writer/Director

Harvey Nikolai Keith, director of the feature films "Mondo New York" (Grand Finale Film at the Florence film festival in Italy 1988), "Jezebel's Kiss", and "Stand-Ins" has always received impressive reviews.  Variety called his first film "an unforgettable debut".  Film Francais called his second, at the Cannes Film Festival, "A steamy thriller".  Jon Anderson, President of the New York Film Critics Society, said in New York Newsday, "Stand-Ins" is feverish, flamboyant, and a film nut's delight. Keith fills a virtually one set movie with the exhumed ghosts of old Hollywood and makes them dance."  Variety said, "Director Harvey Keith succeeds in creating a credible Hollywood circa 1937 and shows a strong hand with his thesps... Inspired lensing."  It is this magic that Harvey will create once again with “Mobbed Up” which he describes as “My Dinner With Andre” meets the Mob.

COSTAS MANDYLOR  Lead Actor/Co-Producer

Costas Mandylor is perhaps best known for his role as Kenny in Picket Fences, and for portraying Mark Hoffman in the Saw films.

Mandylor's first major role was in the 1989 film Triumph of the Spirit playing a European Jew, which was filmed at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp.  He returned to Los Angeles meeting director Oliver Stone and auditioned and got the role of an Italian count in The Doors (1991).  Mandylor landed a leading role in Mobsters playing a New York gangster, Frank Costello.  He went mentally prepared for the role, telling the Los Angeles Times, "It was interesting that I got that part, because I felt tuned in to gangsters, it was a genre I'd read a lot. When I was 13, I got a job as a dishwasher in a Melbourne nightclub and saw everything there, real gangsters, and had met characters who were dangerous people from an underground world."  In 1992 he had a lead role on the CBS television drama, Picket Fences, playing officer Kenny Lacos until the show ended in 1996.  Mandylor also had a lead role in the Saw films as Detective Mark Hoffman.

Previously Costas has collaborated with Harvey Keith on the movie “Stand-Ins” where he co-starred with Katherine Heigl.  Costas is excited about his role in “Mobbed Up.”

ROBERT LOGGIA Supporting Actor, “Carlo Gambino”

Screen legend Robert Loggia has already competed 90% of his work on “Mobbed Up’ playing the part of Carlo Gambino.  Harvey says about his friend, “With an illustrious 50 plus year career Robert Loggia is nothing short of a screen legend and we are honored to have him as an integral part of this project.”


That's right, we haven't cast our female lead yet.  That's part of the inside process that you'll enjoy in our $75 perk.


Multiple award winning producer for his work on the Miramax released mockumentary “Comic Book: The Movie” and the recently released documentary “Iceberg Slim Portrait of a Pimp” Eric Mittleman is a producer who knows how to give the audience what they want.  “I was excited about Harvey’s script for “Mobbed Up” because of the metaphor he draws between Sicilian politics of 1902 and present day politics of 2013,” says Mittleman, “It’s incredibly relevant and the past has repeated in many ways.  Harvey has managed to be incredibly political while also having his lead character be charming, fun and entertaining.  Costas has a lot of work to do but fortunately he is an incredibly complex and wonderful actor.  This is a challenging film for a director and actors to pull off and I have no doubt that Harvey will lead everyone to do it with excellence.”


Hi, this is Eric.  Let me tell you where we are now.  So far we have shot about a third of the movie and we have two thirds left to shoot.  We have enough cash in the bank to just pull it off, but with more money we can make a better movie.  

The money we raise towards our $32,500.00 goal will be used for better equipment (an Alexa instead of a DSLR, better dolly, jibs, etc.), better sets, more shoot days (including an additional day with Robert Loggia), a contribution to our lead actress’ salary (who is currently being cast) and so on...  In short the money we are asking for will end up directly on screen.  

Our secondary goal would be to raise another $15,000 for our post production and then another $25,000 for marketing, promotion and festival fees.  Harvey’s movies have always been crowd pleasers but he is also an artist and tends to do incredibly well on the festival circuit.  

Everyone on the team has been incredibly resourceful with our limited resources so far, as you can see from our footage, and I have no doubt this film is going to be wonderful and this is your invitation to become a part of it.  Thank you!


We have put a lot of thought into our perks to create valuable keepsakes but also a “Mobbed Up” community.  At the risk of sounding “Mobbed Up”, when you support this movie you become part of a filmmaking family.  Everyone on the team is eager to start blogging, vlogging, tweeting, instagramming and status updating.  Some of this will be exclusive to our supporters and some of this will be public.  So whether or not you financially support us please support us by subscribing and following us on our various social media: 




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