Moana A. is making an album

Moana A is making an album and she needs your help


I am very thankful for the time you are spending reading this.

My name is Moana Avvenenti. I am a 23-year old singer and songwriter from Saint-Martin, Caribbean. In 2009, I moved to Boston, Massachusetts to attend Berklee College of Music. In my 7 semesters there, I studied with some of the best faculty in the world, and I worked with the most gifted musicians I had ever met. After graduating, and years of performing in cover bands, I am finally focusing on my career as an original artist.

Throughout the past 4 years, I have confectioned many songs, and I have selected 13 of them that I am now hoping to bring to life. 
Each song reflects the uniqueness of my cultural background from a different light. And in addition to my own experiences, the talented multi-cultural musicians that I'm working with (Berklee faculty, students and alumni from all over the world) are helping to bring even more variety and colors to my music! 
Now, the time has come to record and assemble these pieces of music into an album.

So, let's attack this project from the problematic part. 
Yes, you read that right. 
I know this may seem like a magnanimous sum at first. Trust me, that’s how I felt, too! 
But if you break it down like I did with my production team, you'll come to realize that we actually cut down on a lot of expenses.

Here's where the money will go:

Studio: $1500
Musicians: $3500
Production: $3500 
Manufacturing/Distribution: $1500

As an artist, depending on this much money to create my project is not a comfortable feeling. 
It is scary to think that my art could never be born because of economical reasons.

This is why I need your help.
But not only your financial contribution:
I want to add you and your own colors to the team, too!

Once you are on board, I will send you videos, photos and messages throughout the whole process, to ask you for your advice and feedback.
Your opinion will be considered for every step and every decision, and you will get access to the behind the scenes of how to make an album. 
We will film just about everything, so it will be like you are there with us along the way!

The more people that I get to be involved in this, the more chances I have to record the album, but also to make it a good one, at that!

We can only make this together! 
Then, you can tell your grandchildren how you have taken part into the making of a record.

Thank you so very much. Every bit helps and I am completely and whole-heartdely appreciative of every act of generosity. 

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