Mmorpg.com Advertising Effort

To generate the funds required to circulate a WWII Online an 8 week presence through MMORPG.COM's newsletter advertising campaign.


What we're trying to accomplish

By contributing you are supporting WWII Online's Marketing effort to push knowledge of our game to a mass of gamers currently active at MMORPG.com.

  • We will be in 8 newsletter circulations
  • Each circulation includes 250,000 impressions

How your contribution helps

You will be directly supporting the game by populating the battlefield with new free to play users.

How soon we get started

As soon as we get the required funds to get going, we begin the immediate weekend following.

Why you should contribute

If you're a die hard WWII Online fan who has wondered how you could help press our marketing potential, now is the perfect time!

What is a featured partner?

For the first 50 contributors you will be listed as a "Featured Partner." This is a list of folks who have pledged their support to WWII Online's Marketing Expansion project of August-September 2012 by increasing awareness of the game to the users of mmorpg.com newsletter.

Once we have reached our goal this list will be compiled and sent to our social media outlets, our forums, and front page to show our appreciation for your help.

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