MME: National Tour

Please support our efforts to fund our 2014 Muti-Regional Tour.

"We are raising up $3,500 to help cover the costs of an early 2014 multi-regional tour."

Greetings Earthlings, MME is the name. 

The odds are... you probably have heard of us or you've seen the haunting cinematic music video “80-D”, or heard of our reputation to SPAZZZ OUT at our live performances with the awesome 2-man band... Franco-Hill.  Heck, even members  Mvstermind & Franco-Hill was nominated by people choice as "River Front Times" Best Hip-Hop Artists.  Or the fact that's AtM's "A Night like This"  Album  was stated as The Best Album by Onstl.com someway or some how you've heard. 

You might have even heard that "there's a SUPER group from Saint Louis, Missouri that actually has their very own TRADING CARDS"!, or the fact that the team... is pretty much all in house, from production, recording, and  down to engineering and mastering.


If you haven't heard of us here’s a little run down. We are a young, independent award winning “Super Hero” music collective, that epitomizes the DIY movement making noise and gaining ground through out the ever growing grass roots music scene. 

MME (Musical Mastermind Entertainment) consists of Mvstermind (Muhammad Austin)<. AtM (Amir Wakil  & Malcolm Chandler), Lyrique (Jermarco Britton), Klassik (Kelly Petty), Ciej (Charles Jacobs), and Sixela Yoccm (Alexis McCoy) + Many more members behind the scenes, saving OUR world from destruction and whack ish, making everything work and coexist.

We've opened for national acts, packed out shows, reached the likes of  MTV, iTunes,  The Source, Pandora, Direct TV "On Demand" and various national networks, now it’s time for us to visit and perform in the cities YOU live in! Our plan is to execute a mutli-regional M.M.E. tour early 2014. We need your help in order to pull this off. 

In fact we decided to test the waters this fall, we set up a Midwestern regional tour starting October with Saint Louis Indie Hip-Hop group "EKleKTRIP" + Special guests in these five cities we are hitting. 


Midwest Regional: 

October 24th: Chicago, IL

October 31st: St.Louis, MO 

November 1st: Columbia, MO

* Tentative dates are to be announced. 

This mini tour shall, promote, spread the word, and help us get in mind what exactly it will take in order for us to pull a tour of national caliber off. 

While we may have a DIY penchant for creative self expression, we still need the community support from the MUSICAL VILLAGE. We've all been busing our ass working at these jobs, and scraping up change to help fund our musical journey. Maneuvering around life to pursue our dreams, any assistance we can get is beyond clutch. 

Therefore we (M.M.E.) are campaigning to help us raise funds for our first multi-regional tour. Starting winter 2014 we plan to go across the country hitting select cities through out the South, and East Coast, and finish back off in the Midwestern region again. This winter tour is currently in the process of being booked, with twelve tentative dates lined up across the nation. 

 All contributions will go towards funding for the following: 

Venue bookings, transportation, hotel stay, and fees. You know...the necessities.

What We Need & What You Get!

The goal of the campaign is to raise $3,500 dollars to fund a Multi-regional 2014 tour. With our project winter tour in the work here the projected expense list.


-Travel (Rental + Gas): $1,700

- Promotional Materials (Flyer, Posters, Etc): $500

- Hotels/Stay(House squatting): $800+

- Booking Fee's: 500+

*Tentatively to change due to increases dates

Indie Go Go: 3,500 

M.M.E. Safe Stash: 2,000

 = $5,500 in total

Our plan/challenge is to come up with $2,000 + dollars ourselves, from our jobs, and the money we've been stashing inside the M.M.E. Safe. Together we combine to two lump sum, and get to work. 

Sounds like a plan? You put up $3,500 and we put $2,000+ and we execute one of the dopest indie funded tours known to mankind it's self. 

In return for your support, we have a handful of awesome perks that you guys can choose from:

- Shout out Package

- Signed Cds

- M.M.E. Deluxe Album Packages. 

- Custom Art work from Saint Louis artists

- Custom designed Cd’s by New Orleans Artist Breanna Thompson.

- Your VERY own MME trading card.

- Sponsorship acknowledgement on liner notes and official publications that associate with the tour.

The Impact

As we take our next step breaking into the industry, touring is essential for Indie Artists like ourselves.

- By hitting YOUR cities we grab our target market and reach the masses one community at a time

- Building a creative environment inspiring young artists and entrepreneurial individuals to keep striving to achieve their dreams

- Brings attention, and exposures for sponsored business.

Other Ways You Can Help

Can't make monetary contributions? Don't worry! That doesn't mean you can’t help.

Here’s the alternate plan:

- Ask folks to get involved! and spread the word about the campaign.

- Make a status showing your support and inviting folks to join the campaign

- Share our music, Videos, links etc

- Tweet:  #80DashDTour #MMEINDIEGOGO

- If you would like M.M.E. to perform in your city or at your College, Tweet us Post an INSTAGRAM pic or make a VINE video! Stating WHO You are and WHERE You Are. Do something COOL your VIDEO or PIC or TWEET and HASHTAG #MMETTMLDOM


Like our FanPage on Facebook and CheckOut our Music on 


Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mmettmldom

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MMETTMLDOM

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mmettmldom

Instagram: http://instagram.com/mmettmldom


WE NEED YOU! Help Us Help the World/Help us put STL on the MAP from the state streets to the ill side/lets spread these vibrations and stamp a flag down in the midwest for the world to see. 


Log Out.

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