MK1881 - Tanatos Dark Elf Fantasy Football miniatu

A new line of elves fantasy football miniatures. We are merging 3D design with classic miniatures.
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About us

MK1881 Miniatures is the new miniature line from Maki Games, featuring high quality miniatures mainly suitable for fantasy football games and more. We offer innovative design and very high quality casts. MK1881 team is composed of many experienced artists all with several years of experience in their fields that range from design, to classic and 3D sculpting and painting.  We work only with high quality casting facilities and use only top quality materials for our creations. All miniatures are made with lead free metal.

MK1881 temporary page can be found here:
MK1881 work progress can be followed on our FB page:

Why crowd funding?

At MK1881 we have done extensive research and tests to deliver only very high quality miniatures. Designing, sculpting and printing these miniatures is quite expensive. We are looking for your contribution to speed up the printing and casting process and cover some of the costs for the design and production of special characters for this fantasy football team.

Want even more MK1881 miniatures.. look at our Honos campaign:

Our models:

After several collaborations and tests we selected a selected group of professional 3D sculpting artists and 3D printing companies. Merging the experience in traditional sculpting techniques of our team with the new technologies of 3D sculpting and rapid prototyping we are able to produce top quality miniatures. Some examples can be seen in the video below.

We already have all the 3D models necessary to print and put in production the team.

A lot of time was spent to make sure models had less separated parts as possible, and where this was not possible we are making sure that the junctions are done at art to ease assembly and increase the strength of them. As a player I hate when my nicely painted models looses his arm during a game, and as a modeler I hate to spend hours trying to figure out where a specific piece goes or attaches.

The basic perks:

Dice perk added: 6.00€ for 3 dice (for supporters) and 9.00€ for 3 dice (for non supporters) 

Special Character Perk, special character to empower and differentiate your existing team.
This perk will give you access to one each of the special that will be unlocked in the campaign. At the end you will choose the ones you want.
9€ perk is for the model only including shipping worldwide, if you have bought any perk before this it will be 6€.

12 model team, enough to play the majority of Fantasy Football games on the market. Bloodbo

16 model team, for the enthusiast gamer and collector who wants them all.

Stretch goals:

The dice are unlocked. These will be available to current pledgers (not for Support Us level) also valid if you pledge on our other camapign.
with a 6.00€ add-on option. Or 9.00€ for non backers including shipping.

The free thematic limited edition ball has been unlocked. Free with every team of 11 or more players. King level gets x5 balls.

The field will be available in hard foam or soft version and will be 38€ each.

Special Character 1 will be a female character. We are running a contest to give her a name on our FB page.

Special character 2 - Hubris 

Special character 3 - Eldrid

Special character 4 - Horken (WIP)

Special character 5 - Irtacka (WIP)

Also you get a special coin. See updates for an example of a real coin.

NEW GOALS. The 3D fields are not tested yet, so will be released later with the Cabiri, so Stretch goals have been updated.

Coach unlocked at 11000

Cheerleaders at 12000

Doctor at 13000

We are working to get more intermediate stretch goals to add to the campaign. Some will be FREE rewards other Add-Ons

The models in detail:

Assassin 1


Assassin 2

Blitzer 1

Blitzer 2

Blitzer 3

Blitzer 4

Line 1

Line 2

Line 3

Line 4

Line 5

Line 6

Runner 1

Runner 2

Witch 1

Witch 2

Size Comparison:

During the creation of the Tanatos team, and W.I.P pics several have questioned the size of the models. Below courtesy by RN estudio there is a picture of the actual models next to some existing well known models for comparison purposes. It was an overall opinion that the selected size is the best to match any current range.

Risk and Challenges:

Not many, all the 3D models are done and visible, the printing facility was chosen and selected for his highest printing standard, test models where done to make sure the materials and size are adequate to obtain the highest standard product. We have already ordered and paid for the metal for this production. Many can testify that any models we have worked in the past have always been top quality casts, and we have produced hundreds of models for other companies in the past. At this stage the only challenge is to ship all the items according to the planned schedule and to unlock enough stretch goals to create the special characters for this team.

Box Art Team:

 RN Estudio will be painting the box art of this team and the painted team will be for sale. If interested please contact me or Rafa at RN for more details. During the campaign we will show more painted models.

Here you can see the first 3 painted models of the box art. If interested this team will be for sale by RN Estudio.


Special Limited Field:

FF Fields will be making a special field for the Tanatos only available during the Indiegogo. After the campaign these fields will not be available anymore. This Indiegogo is your chance to get something unique for your team.

And here it is: When we  reach the stretch goal this field will be available for 38€

A few examples of the two available versions: Hard and Rollable


The prices set in the campaign have a significant discount and shipping included. These prices will be no longer available from us in the future. Our policy is to keep prices stable and avoid crazy holidays or event discount in order to protect our present and future distributors / store sales. So this is your chance to save some cash on our products: don't miss it. 

Additional notes:

- All the models will be made using very high quality lead free metal that matches or exceeds the standards required by law in all the states that these miniatures will be sent. 
- Models will be provided un-assembled and unpainted.
- Models are not intended for kids 14yrs old or younger due to small parts, 
- Each model will come with a matching 25mm round plastic base.

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    Limited FF Field Tanatos

    Selecting this perk you will get the limited edition field. Both versions you choose soft or rigid version (You will be asked at the end of the campaign to select the type)

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    After several requests we are adding this new pledge for 11 players. You will get all 4 Blitzer, the 2 Witches, the 2 Runners, 1 random Assassin, and 2 random Lineman. Includes 11 round plastic bases.

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    You will get a 12 model elf team as pictured. Included are 12 plastic 25mm round bases and shipping cost worldwide. Only 30 available.

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    After several requests we are adding this new pledge for 11 players. You will get all 4 Blitzer, the 2 Witches, the 2 Runners, 1 random Assassin, and 2 random Lineman. Includes 11 round plastic bases.

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    You will get a 12 model elf team as pictured. Included are 12 plastic 25mm round bases and shipping cost worldwide.

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    Fanatic - Early Bird

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    This perk can be used if you already have purchased a Fanatic level team of either Honos (and Cabiri when available). This perk includes 16 miniatures and bases.

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    You will get a 16 model elf team as pictured. Included are 16 plastic 25mm round bases and shipping cost worldwide.

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    You will get 5 Fanatic level - 80 miniatures in total and any free reward associated to it.

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