MixerFace: The Mobile Recording Interface for smartphones and tablets

Professional, mobile solution for musicians and broadcasters, for recording audio quickly and easily, anywhere!
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UPDATE - Let's Clear The Goal!

With just about a week left in the campaign, we have a shot at clearing and exceeding the goal! Help us do that by sharing the campaign to your friends!

With its unique features, MixerFace knocks the pants off a regular USB recording interface, but the very attractive price is only available for one more week!

Following your feedback, we've just added a limiter. We got a lot more comments -- thanks to all! Meantime, above is a new video that shows MixerFace recording quality!

Location Recording The Easy Way!

These days you can do a lot with a smartphone -- recording, audio processing, etc., but the main problem remains unsolved. The mic inside the smartphone is best for making cellphone calls, so you cannot use it to make professional quality recordings.

What's missing is a small device, as portable as the phone itself, that connects your favorite mic directly to your smart phone. This way, you could record on the spur of the moment, anywhere inspiration strikes you!

We have developed MixerFace exactly for this purpose: Record On The Go!

Capture music and sound anywhere using your iPhone, iPad, Android or Laptop.

The internal long-lasting battery means you don't need to worry about power. Connect a stereo input and press "record" on the phone. It's that easy! Many great recording apps are available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. MixerFace is compatible with most of them.

Apps Power The Flexibility On-The-Go

Many awesome apps are available for recording on iPhone and iPad. Aside from GarageBand, we like Twisted Wave (above, left) and Auria (above, right).

Spread the Word and WIN!

Indiegogo has some amazing tech that helps us track where our backers come from. We can now give you rewards just for spreading the word! You don't need to contribute to receive these cool rewards!

In order for Indiegogo's tracking technology to work, you have to use the Share button up at the top of our campaign (right under the video) and you have to be logged in. Then, send the link to your friends. If they back our project, you get free stuff!

Tip! You don't have to be a backer to earn rewards! Just be sure to be logged in when you share our campaign, using the share buttons, of course. We will get in touch with you to let you collect your free (and hard earned!) stuff.

Our Track Record

MixerFace is based on our best-selling HiFi-M8, an audiophile D/A converter and headphone amp for the iPhone. HiFi-M8 is very popular. In fact, CNET, a respected gear review site just called it "the best amp ever tested". 

So MixerFace is already building on something great. 

Our Artist-Endorsers

Our other recording products, MicPort Pro and AxePort Pro are favorites of the broadcast, studio musician and voice over communities. Our products are endorsed by such famous artists as Harry Shearer (The Simpsons), Will Lee (David Letterman), Trey Gunn (King Crimson), Richard Fortus (Rihanna, Britney Spears), Bryan Beller (Steve Vai), California Guitar Trio, and many other artists.

Over 100 musicians, vocal artists and recording engineers/producers already endorse CEntrance products. You might recognize some of them.

Our Industry Awards

Here are some of our industry awards and publications that have written about CEntrance.

Features and Specs

MixerFace features:

  • Two custom, discrete, boutique microphone preamps, based on our new, low-noise dbp:re technology.
  • Each input features a Neutrik combo XLR jack with mic / line inputs and a wide-range gain control. Inputs can accommodate keyboards, guitar pedals, as well as and other XLR or 1/4" audio sources.
  • THIS JUST IN: Based on crowd suggestions, we are adding a limiter. Each channel will now features a defeatable limiter, allowing you to prevent clipping due to excessively loud sounds. The community spoke and we responded!
  • A Hi-Z input has been requested. If enough people want it, we will add it in.
  • Two LED level indicators per channel (green for signal present, red for peak)
  • 48V phantom power for professional condenser microphones.
  • 24-bit / 192kHz A/D and D/A converters. We use the same chips found in studio recording interfaces.
  • An innovative monitor mix with pan and dry/wet controls. Especially useful for stereo instruments and voice-over applications.
  • Loud headphone output with digital volume control.
  • Fully portable operation. Straps to the phone and serves as a cradle, forming one device to hold. Goes wherever your phone goes.
  • Works with old 30-pin iPhones/iPads and new lightning connector-based iPhones/iPads. You can also simply use the white charging cable that came with the iPhone. We are planning offer shorter cable options. Android devices also supported.

MixerFace specs:

  • Battery life: 7-8 hours of recording. Long stand-alone recording time.
  • Digital connectivity to smartphones, laptops and tablets. Audio travels in digital domain to the phone or tablet, for lowest noise and highest audio quality.
  • MixerFace replaces the consumer-level audio circuitry in the smartphone with its own professional, studio-grade converters for best sonic fidelity.
  • Compatibility: USB B jack for connectivity with laptops and Android devices, USB A jack for connectivity with iPhone, iPad.
  • Frequency response: 20Hz...40kHz
  • THD and noise: Less than 0.01%.
  • Lowest jitter due to asynchronous USB audio design.

The Impact

Imagine how much new, beautiful music could now be recorded at the beach, while traveling, in places where you wouldn't normally have access to a studio. New exciting music will arrive on the scene. This in turn will enrich everyone's lives.

And the uses aren't limited to musicians. Voice-over artists and broadcast journalists would also benefit from an easy way to make high-quality location recordings. Think of reporters in the field who file news reports on current events and email the audio to a TV or radio station. MixerFace is set to revolutionize portable location recording.

Here are some suggested uses:

  • Capture vocal performance / overdubs
  • Record voice-over narration
  • Make stereo podcasts, right on your iPhone!
  • Make Instrumental recordings (guitar, bass, keys, etc.)
  • Use iPad as an effects processor for your guitar
  • Practice your instrument with accompaniment
  • Capture live feeds from an FOH console
  • "Tape" concerts, digitally
  • Prepare broadcast / news reports
  • Record audio for video / DSLR
  • Independent film making
  • Location and nature recording
  • Capture binaural recordings
  • Make secondary (safety) copy recordings

The list is endless! You get all of that, plus our award-winning 24-bit / 192kHz audio technology and also, totally off the grid, due to the long-lasting internal battery!

What We Need & What You Get

The technology behind MixerFace took us three years to develop. We already have some parts in stock for the MixerFace production build. The next step is purchasing the remaining components in sufficient quantity so that prices are low for mass production. This will allow us to make this device more affordable and we are looking for your help to speed this up.

Your contribution will fund a great product from a respected name in audio. In return you will get a great deal and become one of the first owners of this unique new device. A deal like this will never return once this campaign is over.

MixerFace will retail for $600. But the first 50 people will get this product at an exciting $279, as a means of our appreciation, so act quickly and make sure to tell your friends about us!  Only a few units are available through this campaign.

If we reach the goal, we will deliver the product much faster. But don't worry -- If we don't reach the goal, we will still deliver the product, but with a small delay. We are doing this campaign in order to speed up production. It will happen in either case, but the special price will no longer be available after production starts.

We plan to offer other exciting perks, so you can contribute at any level. For $25, you will get a MixerFace T-shirt and our deepest gratitude.

 Other Ways You Can Help

If you feel that our world would be better place with MixerFace around, but you don't have a need for it, please still help us in one of these ways:

  • Get the word out on twitter and Facebook. You never know if one of your musician or podcasting friends has been dreaming about a device like this. Make some good noise about our campaign.
  •  Use the Indiegogo share tools to promote it -- it's easy!

Thanks again for your contribution and let's work together to bring this exciting product to market.

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