miWallet™ is a retail self-checkout solution that allows the customer to scan and pay for product right from their mobile device!
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miWallet is a self-checkout mobile point-of-sale solution that puts the customer in control of their transaction experience. The application will allow customers to store their credit card information and use that payment method during checkout at multiple retail locations.

By partnering with retail corporations, miWallet will be able to integrate retail specific product information into the mobile application, allowing users to scan product and pay right from their mobile devices.  

What Does miWallet Do?

The core objective of miWallet is to provide the user with a seamless self-checkout experience in which they retain complete control. This product seeks to leverage the rapid adoption of mobile checkout within the retail space along with the convenience of already-proven self-checkout offerings. The primary differentiator with miWallet is in allowing the customer to complete the transaction while using their own smartphone, without the need for store personnel interaction.


After opening the miWallet application you will be able to open the barcode scanner. This allows you to line up the barcode of the item you would like to purchase and scan that item.

Once you've scanned the items you would like to purchase, you may view those items in your shopping cart. Here you can edit the items; either delete them or increase the quantity you would like to purchase. 

After finalizing the items you would like to purchase, the confirmation page will allow you to select the payment method you would like to use. You may select from the payment solutions you have uploaded into the wallet portion of the application. 

Confirm your payment and your receipt will be emailed to the address registered with your account! Your receipt will also be accessable within the application. You are free to leave the store without having to wait for assistance or in line!


Who is miWallet?

The company is comprised of several highly motivated individuals who have spotted an exciting opportunity within a market in which they are well versed. All of miWallet's members work in the retail technology industry and have over 20 years experience specifically in point-of-sale technology.

We are strong advocates of thin client and mPOS computing and it is our goal to create a customer-facing, intuitive application that will prove beneficial to both retailers and its consumers. 


Where Will the Money Go?

The money raised here on Indiegogo will be used to begin development of the miWallet prototype and the required back-end integration. miWallet is in pre-production and needs funding to create a functional application that we can then use to entice future investments from larger fund sources. 

All funds raised up to and beyond the $15,000 requested will be put towards the prototype and functional development of MiWallet. 

To date all 3 partners have invested and will continue to invest their time and money (as well as blood, sweat and tears) into this project and want nothing more than to see it succeed. Right now, at the ground level of miWallet…


You can help us create a new, innovative product that the world has not seen, one that you can physically use in your every day life! You can be a part of the ground floor, where it will all begin.

Any and all donations help. The miWallet team’s passion to see this application through launch is unabated and we will do everything in our power to see miWallet come to fruition! 

Thank you for taking the time to read about our project. If you’re ready to contribute take a look at the perks on the right side of the page.

If you would like to learn more about the application keep scrolling for more information about the solution. If you have ANY questions or comments feel free to reach out to us at info@mtxtechnology.com


Data Process Flow Chart (How the Application Works).

Some of you may wonder how or why this type of application does not already exist. Our research has shown that the investment dollars being made today in mPOS are for retail controlled devices or retail specific apps on customer devices. miWallet™ is combining the benefits of self-checkout with the advantage of using this application at multiple retailers. 

No other application exists in the mobile market that allows the customer to control their entire experience within a retail store without having to speak to an associate, wait for assistance or in line.

Rather than bore you with the details of application processing we have included a high-level data flow chart so that those of you who do wish to understand the technical side of the application can take a peek at how the app will work. 


Consumer Security

The largest concern among consumers using wallet applications on their mobile devices is security. It is an honest concern, but all applications released in certified app stores that inhabit payment services must be PCI compliant. This compliance is necessary for company's to release any product that will hold payment information, i.e. credit cards. This compliance is designed specifically for consumer protection.

miWallet's™ security will be no different. Once implemented into the application, consumer payment information will be turned into tokenized data. What this does is it changes your credit card number into a randomized number (token) that can be stored within the device. When the time comes to pay for an item, the token is sent to a secure server where the genuine credit card information is held and verifies the authorization for payment. This means that miWallet™ will not have access to this credit card number, nor will any outside intruder. All consumer information is safe and secure. 


Retailer Risk

One of the questions we hear time and time and again is, “Awesome app idea, but how do you keep people from just walking out of the store with the product?”.

Well, besides the fact that it would make them shoplifters, which is a problem which exists today, we believe we have come up with several short-term and long-term solutions to address this potential risk.

Low-Tech Risk Mitigation

Similar to how many big-box retailers and wholesale clubs today often staff associates near the point of store exit to monitor customer departure, miWallet will work with the initial set of retail partners to establish business processes to validate purchases made through our app. This can easily be accomplished by displaying your e-receipt, or a verification code, to a retail associate on the way out the door.

Additionally, for shoppers who need a bag to carry their merchandise, miWallet will be partnering with the retailers to offer miWallet shopping bags at unmanned posts in the store. This way, associates monitoring customer departures will know to further focus their time and inspection on those consumers carrying the designated color-coded miWallet bags.

High-Tech Risk Mitigation

Long-term, miWallet has plans to utilize Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips as part of the overall solution. Products within a store will be outfitted with “active RFID” tags which emit a small range signal. In addition, RFID readers will be affixed to existing store security gates.  Products walking through the gate with an active RFID tag will cause the security gate to sound the alarm.  To prevent this from happening, the successful completion of a miWallet transaction will send a message to deactivate the RFID tag on the product.  Note this will mean retailers will also need to address the deactivation of an RFID tag via the traditional product purchase at the checkout counter as well.


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