Miss Possible: Dolls to Inspire Across Generations

Miss Possible empowers girls with dolls of inspiring women and apps that bring their work to life.
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Our campaign is over, and we reached our initial goal AND our stretch goal of $85,000! Thank you to all of those who supported us! To any who didn't get the chance to back our campaign but are still interested in buying our products...

check out shop.bemisspossible.com to preorder!

Stretch Goal! We are so excited that we made our original goal of $75,000 and we still have some time left! 
Our stretch goal is $85,000. 
The additional funds will go towards developing the Marie Curie app and adding even more fun, hands-on, educational activities! Let's do this!

Hi! My name is Supriya Hobbs and I’m an engineering alumna from the University of Illinois. My co-founder, Janna Eaves, and I were motivated to study engineering because we thought we could change the world. The fact is, a lot of girls want to change the world, and there are LOTS of ways to do it! At Miss Possible, we want to help them get there by giving them strong role models and valuable experiences through play!

Marie Wilson, Founder and President Emeritus of The White House Project, once said that “you can’t be what you can’t see”. We want girls to see more options, so they can be whoever they want to be.

We want to increase the number of people who change the world, and we think there are a lot of girls with the potential to do that. We are going to help them make that jump from potential to reality!


We use dolls to introduce girls to strong role models, and an app to help them build skills and confidence. Each doll comes with content on our app, which includes the story of the woman, hands-on activities, and on-screen games that bring the woman’s work to life!

Our first doll is Marie Curie… I find her story especially inspiring, and I hope other girls will too! Marie had to sneak around to get an education while she was a child because girls weren't allowed to study. Despite all of the challenges of being a woman in those times, she was able to reach Paris to study chemistry and worked her way to becoming one of the greatest chemists of all time. She won two Nobel Prizes in two different fields – one in chemistry, one in physics – and is still the only person to ever achieve that!

Marie will lead kids through hands-on chemistry and physics activities they can do with things around the house. These fun activities feel like play, but girls are learning REAL lessons and seeing that they can be chemists, too!

For this campaign, we’re starting small, but we have BIG plans! We want every girl to see powerful role models who look like her. We are lining up a diverse group of women for our next few dolls and want you to help pick who comes next! Every backer will receive a link to vote for the next Miss Possible doll!

Our Story

My co-founder, Janna, and I met when we lived on the same floor in the dorms at the University of Illinois. We were both engineering students and when we looked around our classes, we thought… Where are all of the women?!  In typical engineer fashion, once we found a problem we cared about, we attempted to solve it! We sat down in my dorm room in Innovation LLC (a community for aspiring entrepreneurs on campus) with a pack of gummy worms (yummy!) one Friday night, and came up with the idea that became Miss Possible! We've talked to a LOT of people about our mission and ideas, and the response has been incredible!

Now we’re well on our way, and Indiegogo is the next step! We need early orders so we can take these products from ideas to reality. We feel so honored by the support we’ve received so far, and always welcome your messages and feedback. After all, this company is not just for us, but for all of you! I hope you’ll join us as we inspire a generation of girls to change the world we live in!

Why This Needs to Exist

We’ve seen the problem

We know that girls are smart, driven, and capable of changing the world. Sadly, research shows that this capability doesn’t always translate to achievement. One day, Janna and I were leading a workshop about invention and one girl – probably about 8 years old – was really excited about explosions! Literally EVERY suggestion she had involved some sort of exploding part. Later on, Janna had the opportunity to speak with her 1:1, and asked her “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The answer? “A fashion designer.” That little girl who was OBSESSED with explosions said she wanted to be a designer, not because she was especially passionate about fashion design or because she genuinely enjoyed it, but because she thought girls were better at fashion design. And why should this be any surprise when so much of what they see around them is focused on fashion? We want to shake up the images they usually see, and show them other alternatives for what they can become!

Role Models Matter

For my whole life, my number one role model has been my mom. She studied Organic Chemistry, then moved into the business world. Here I am, finished with my degree in Chemical Engineering, and starting a business. It’s so clear that my role model had an impact on my career choices, and even research confirms that role models matter!

This is why we take incredible women and show them as kids. We want girls to identify with these characters and see that, before accomplishing such amazing things, these women were once little girls too.

We know parents make incredible role models, and we want to show girls even more opportunities through our dolls. After all, you can’t possibly have too many great role models!

What We Need & What You Get

Where the Money Will Go

We have our finalized designs and we’ve chosen a manufacturer, and now we need to raise money so we can move forward with the full production run! The money from Indiegogo will help us launch manufacturing of Marie Curie dolls, and finish testing and development of the accompanying app.

The Fun Stuff: Perks!

We can’t wait to get our toys in the hands of girls around the world! We have some fun perks for backers at a lot of different levels. Contribute whatever you can – it’s all appreciated – and we’ll send you Miss Possible apparel, toys, and activities. Check out the different perks below!

*Love the idea but don't really want a doll? Buy one and we'll donate it to a charity that will give it to girls who need a little extra inspiration! Look for the "Doll(op) of Charity!" perk on the right*

Risks & Challenges

As with any new project, there are risks to launching Miss Possible. We have worked extremely hard to limit those, but thought it best to be open with you, our supporters, about the possibilities. The main risk we face is delayed doll delivery. We have finalized designs and selected a manufacturer, but any delays in production or shipping to our distribution site could result in delayed product delivery. Our chosen manufacturer has a 99% on-time delivery rating, so we anticipate that this risk is fairly low. We are fully committed to making this project a success, and will do everything we can to avoid delays.

Other ways to lend a hand

Talk about us! We want to reach as many girls as possible, so we need your help! Post on Facebook, Tweet about us, and tell everyone you know about our mission and our story! You can use the Indiegogo sharing tools to make it easier, too. Together, we can get these products in the hands of girls and provide them with the early inspiration, skills, and confidence they need to change the world! Let’s do this!

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  • $10USD
    Message from Miss Possible

    Know someone in need of a little boost in motivation or inspiration? Tell us a little about her, and we'll record a personalized video of the Miss Possible founders cheering her on and encouraging her to go after her dreams!

    12 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2014
  • $15USD
    Kids: Wear Miss Possible!

    We'll send you a children's t-shirt, emblazened with the Miss Possible logo on the front, and a bold statement of "I know I can dream big" on the back! Show the world your kids have big dreams! (Free shipping to US and Canada. International orders, please add $20.)

    54 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2014
  • $20USD
    Add International Shipping

    We're so excited for you to get a doll, and we want to make sure we can ship it to you! If you ordered a Marie doll and are shipping outside of the U.S. & Canada, be sure to add this perk too, to make sure you get your doll.

    9 claimed
  • $25USD
    Adults: Wear Miss Possible!

    Get an adult t-shirt, emblazened with the Miss Possible logo on the front, and a bold statement of "Empowering girls to dream big" on the back! Proudly show the world that you made big contributions! (Free shipping to US and Canada. International orders, please add $20)

    106 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2014

    The First Doll - Early Bird!

    For our earliest supporters, get the Marie doll at a discounted price! Thanks for supporting us from the very beginning :) (Free shipping to US and Canada. International add $20)

    100 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2015
  • $45USD
    A Doll(op) of Charity!

    For this perk, you get the gift of empowering a little girl. Pay for a doll, and we'll give it to a charity that can pass it to a girl in need of some extra inspiration. We'll even let you pick which of our selected charities to send it to!

    80 claimed
  • $80USD
    BFFs: Marie & Bessie

    Get the first TWO dolls, as they are released! Marie Curie will arrive in January 2015 and Bessie Coleman in April 2015! Each will come with access to corresponding activities on the Miss Possible app. With activities in chemistry, physics, and aviation, these are sure to keep your girl entertained for ages! (Currently only available for U.S. and Canada)

    79 claimed
  • $100USD
    The Twin Pack!

    Get two Marie dolls and two children's t-shirts for your two favorite kids! We know it's not always easy to share, so now you don't have to! (Free shipping to US and Canada. International orders, please add $20)

    37 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2015
  • $120USD
    The Whole Crew!

    Get the first THREE dolls, as they are released! Marie Curie will arrive in January 2015, Bessie Coleman in April 2015, and Ada Lovelace in August 2015! Each will come with access to corresponding activities on the Miss Possible app. With activities in chemistry, physics, aviation, and computer programming, these are sure to keep your girl entertained for ages! (Currently only available for U.S. and Canada)

    209 claimed
  • $150USD
    Miss Possible Party!

    Got a birthday party coming up? Party with Miss Possible! We'll send you a doll for the birthday girl and activity instructions, all materials, and goody bags to have a fun science party for a kid and 10 friends! (Free shipping to US and Canada. International orders, please add $20)

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2015
  • $200USD
    The Complete Package!

    All Miss Possible! Get the first three dolls, as they are released (Marie Curie in January 2015, Bessie Coleman in April 2015, and Ada Lovelace in August 2015) along with three children's t-shirts and one adult t-shirt. We'll also throw in some cool Miss Possible stickers! (Currently only available for U.S. and Canada)

    33 claimed
  • $250USD
    The Toy Store Bundle

    Just for retailers, we want to offer an opportunity to be among the first to sell Miss Possible dolls! We'll send you everything you need to start selling Miss Possible, including free shipping, a free doll for display, and ten dolls for resale!

    4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2015
  • $500USD
    Premium Miss Possible Party!

    Want an extra special birthday party? Party with Miss Possible! We'll send you dolls, activity instructions, and all materials to have a fun science party for you and 10 friends! We'll even include a Miss Possible shirt for the birthday boy or girl!

    2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2015
  • $1,000USD
    Custom Miss Possible Doll!

    Want to recognize someone special in your life? Make them an honorary Miss Possible! Send us a picture and career path you want to show, and we will design a custom Miss Possible doll of your special person and send it to you!

    0 out of 15 claimed
  • $5,000USD
    Inspire a Crowd!

    Have a lot of kids to inspire? We'll send you 50 Miss Possible sets including: a Marie doll, a Bessie doll, and a child's t-shirt. These are perfect for schools, summer camps, or toy stores wanting early access to Miss Possible goods!

    1 claimed
  • $10,000USD
    Let's hang out!

    Want some in-person motivation and fun? We'd be happy to come visit! Have one of the Miss Possible co-founders talk to your classroom, Girl Scout Troop, or other group! We'll bring 20 dolls and some fun activities, targeted to your age range and interests!

    0 out of 1 claimed
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