Miserable Lesbians

Our campaign is to raise money to fund our band of misfits on their journey of a lifetime to perform Off Broadway in NY and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Greetings One and ALL!

We are the Miserable Lesbians...A collection or actors, singers, writers and really nice people who need some help getting a dream up and running.

We are raising money to put up our magnificent stage musical production of 'Mis Les' (a loving parody of the delightful Les Miserables' ) in both 'Off Broadway' New York July 27 & 28th and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 17th this summer.

It's not just a parody however, but ALSO a deeper commentary about gay rights and the current treatment of gay people all over the world.

What We Need & What You Get
Each of us at Miserable Lesbians are trying to pay our own way to make this dream happen as well costumes. make up and stage materials. We will raise the $28,750 with your help and many others like you who love helping others fulfill their dreams.
Depending of how much you donate you could be getting something as wonderful as a signed copy of the Miserable Lesbians poster right up to Executive Producer credit and even perform with us on stage in New York or Edinburgh.

The Impact

Miserable Lesbians already has a great history behind it winning a record 8 Toscar Awards recently in Los Angeles for its short film adaptation. It was from that that this dream was born.
As I'm sure you are aware also gay rights is a hot topic in the United States and around the world. Our parody of French Lesbians locked up up in a jail seeks to play on that idea of being treated less than the equals they deserve to be.
Through our stage show we hope to shed a little more light onto this world and bring a bit more joy to people's lives.

Other Ways You Can Help

And even if you're short on cash you can still help us!!!
Yes. Please share this worthy cause with as many people as you can and help us to make it the success that we know it will be in the future.
We have big plans to take it further than New York and Edinburgh and would love you to come along for the ride with us all.
Thank You and Bless you for your donation and help.
Signed ...the now "not so" Miserable Lesbians.

Team on This Campaign: