Minutes to Midnight - A Horror Film

It's New Year's Eve 2015 and there is going to be a slaughter. All bets are off. MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT – it is a countdown to the end.
David Liebel
Los Angeles, California
United States
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Rainstorm Entertainment produced such films as THE BIG EMPTY with Jon Favreau and Sean Bean, TERROR TRACT with John Ritter and Bryan Cranston, SUNSET STRIP documentary with Johnny Depp and many other celebrities,  F*K: A DOCUMENTARY with Bill Maher, Kevin Smith, and many more.  

Rainstorm Entertainment is thrilled to produce the horror film, MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT. This vengeful holiday slasher film revolutionizes terror in a new way. Guaranteed.

$150,000 will cover the initial costs to making this movie happen. Your money will finance production costs. The extra money from your generous support will go towards marketing and promotion costs. Your money empowers our creative team full artistic freedom. Your money and your support are the integral component to making this happen.

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The fast and quick result of your five dollar support is you get a social media shout out from our production team. We will let everyone know how awesome you are for spreading the word about your love and need for new horror flicks like MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT. Once you have contributed and/or referred this project, check out your shoutout here: Minutes To Midnight Facebook page. Use the Indiegogo share tools to help spread the word and we'll guarantee a horror flick that will scare the piss out of you.

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Lending your support is simple and easy.  To thank you, we offer elite, exclusive bonuses and limited perks for you. 

One of our elite, exclusive bonuses is a private dinner at one of Los Angeles' finest restaurants. You will have the opportunity to dine with celebrities, directors and producers. 

Another one of our limited perks is a MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT T-shirt, which also includes a shout out on Facebook, signed film poster by the talent, digital downloads, DVD and blu-ray combo pack, photos signed by talent, personal video shoutout by John Morrison, Wrestling lesson with John Morrison, and countless other perks specialized for you. 


Our director, Eric Forsberg, is more than will to provide screenwriting services such as consulting you on your script or treatment! Check them out! -------->




It's New Year's Eve 2015 and there is going to be a slaughter. All bets are off. MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT – it is a countdown to the end.


What causes a man to snap? To break? To lose control? For two socially rejected boys, Angus and Calypso, who grew into sadistic monstrous men, vengeance shall soon be theirs... 

After an unsuccessful shot at a new life on the West Coast, Michael Banning, 20s, retreats back to his close friends & co-workers at a ski resort -- much to the surprise of his true love and former girlfriend, Sofia Gomez. Sofia, keeping a secret of grave importance from Michael, struggles to reconnect with him. The final culmination - a wild night at the lodge up above the ski resort on New Year's Eve.

With an ominous snowstorm approaching, Sofia, Michael, and their friends are isolated at the lodge. The group's blissful night of drinking, sex, and music is abruptly stopped when they see a bright flare outside in the storm. Hearing desperate yells for help, the group discovers Travis Crenna, a survivalist backpacker trapped in a hunter's pit. Bringing Travis back to the lodge for shelter and relief, he shatters the vivacious New Year's Eve mood with a shocking revelation - the ski resort was once a crime scene for a bloody massacre that left the killers at large. Travis tries to explain that his brother and fiancée had gone missing the week prior. Met with disbelief, Travis is sent back into the storm and abandoned.

On his journey through the storm, Travis meets up with Sheriff Derek Wyatt. Together they follow a series of clues and mysterious occurrences to discover a lonely cabin hidden in the mountains. What lies beneath the cabin is something they could never imagine. The source of evil. Angus and Gimple, a painter that uses human blood, ambush Wyatt and Travis in a climatic battle.

As the clock ticks towards midnight, Sofia, Michael, and their friends are hunted down and obliterated one by one by the deranged hunter known as Angus. All the while, Sheriff Wyatt and Travis fight for survival.

When the clock finally strikes midnight, Sofia and Travis find themselves being held captive in the nearby cabin. Angus, Calypso, and their "father" are revealed to the personal shock and animosity of Sofia. After Michael is left for dead, he has no choice but to gear up with a rifle and machete and go after his true love. With Michael minutes away, Sofia is left a with a chilling ultimatum - finish a whole bottle of whisky within 15 minutes as the sand in an hourglass drains or helplessly watch two women (one of whom tried to seduce Michael) be murdered in front of her eyes.


Cast Breakdown

SOFIA GOMEZ (lead) - Early to Mid-20s - A Hispanic woman with drive, determination, and leadership skills. She’s the assistant manager of the lodge. She’s conflicted when her ex-boyfriend, Michael, comes back into her life.

 MICHAEL BANNING (lead) - Early to Mid-20s - Michael is a real go-getter. He's got a big heart, but is also masculine. He left his hometown, his friends, everyone he's ever known, and the love of his life, Sofia Gomez, to pursue his dreams out in Los Angeles. After some hard times and now being on the verge of poverty, Michael returns to his hometown just in time for New Year's Eve. He gets his job back at the historic ski resort. Most importantly, he returns back to his true love, Sofia. Sofia has been struggling to cope with losing him. She later reveals she's been keeping a dark secret from Michael. As New Year's Eve progresses, Michael tries to reconnect with Sofia when they are soon being hunted down by a group of maniacal killers. With the clock ticking close to midnight, Michael must gear up and show his heroism as he tries to protect and get Sofia back. 

ANGUS [Kane Hodder] (lead) - Late-30s to Early-40s - A beast of a man. He wears camouflage as he hunts and stalks his prey. He was bullied as a child.

MR. WALTERS (lead) - Late-60s to Early-70s - The owner of the lodge. He’s very traditional with hints of uniqueness. He treats his employees with absolute respect and warmth. He maintains a secret that will soon be unraveled.

TRAVIS CRENNA [John Morrison] (lead) - Early 30s - A chiseled hero. He’s a survivalist that grew up in the woods. He searches for his missing brother, Charlie, and Charlie’s fiancée, Emily.

 KYLE - Early to Mid-20s - The macho wild man of the bunch and life of the party. A stud that has jock-like qualities. He never met an alcoholic beverage he didn’t like. He has a short-temper. He’s sexually active with his girlfriend, Vanessa.

VANESSA - Early to Mid-20s - Kyle’s equally wild girlfriend. She is Sofia’s best friend. She is the only person Sofia trusts. She means well and will do what she can to bring people together.

TIFFANI - Early to Mid-20s - An absolute knockout. A bombshell with bleach blonde hair. She uses Richie as a pawn. She tries to seduce Michael and steal him away from Sofia. Amidst her bad tendencies, she ultimately knows when she’s wrong.

 HEATHER - Early to Mid-20s - Shy and nerdy. She wears glasses and tries to drink more than everyone else to fit in. She has a secret crush on Richie.

SHERIFF WYATT - 40s to 50s - An extended cameo. A striking man that commands respect. He’s a married man that has been the sheriff for quite some time. He’s seen a lot happen and will do everything in his power to protect civilians.

TASO [John Kapelos] - 50s to 60s - A law enforcement park ranger. He’s a former Vietnam combat photographer. A hard ass. He’s dedicated to his work and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. He clashes with Travis because he’s overly protective of his town.

CALYPSO - Late-30s to Early-40s - Angus’s eerie accomplice in murder. He’s a contortionist of sorts. Tall and lanky. He wears a gas mask and has a wolverine-like claw.

RICHIE - Early to Mid-20s - The local hipster with a thick beard. He’s kind of geeky. He desperately tries to get into Tiffani’s pants.

CHARLIE CRENNA -  Mid-20s - Handsome and outgoing. He’s the younger brother of Travis. He plans to open up a sporting goods store with Travis. He is devoted and in love with Emily.

EMILY HILL - Mid-20s - Beautiful and reserved. She is the fiancée of Charlie. She is taken captive by the antagonists. She reveals that she is pregnant with Charlie’s child.

CHLOE - Early to Mid-20s - Very pretty. She is Gabe’s girlfriend and never makes it to the party.

GABE - Early to Mid-20s - Very handsome. He is Chloe’s boyfriend and never makes it to the party.


Creative Team

Eric Forsberg—Director/Producer

Eric came to Los Angeles in 1997 from Chicago where he helmed over 60 stage productions many of which he also wrote, including KNAT SCATT PRIVATE EYE, Steve Carell’s first big show there. In LA, Eric has written and sold over a dozen feature films, half of which he directed, including the SyFy original movie MEGA PIRANHA, which drew 2.2 million viewers, the 2nd largest viewership in SyFy history. Other feature films include the stoner comedy SEX POT, the zombie horror NIGHT OF THE DEAD, CLASH OF THE EMPIRES and the mockbuster classic SNAKES ON A TRAIN. Eric is the writer on numerous SyFy original movies including ARACHNOQUAKE, ALMIGHTY THOR, GHOST SHARK, and the upcoming films LA APOCALYPSE, DRAGONS OF CAMELOT, and TROY. Most recently, Eric has been asked to write a chapter for Alain Silver’s upcoming book on low-budget film making.

Christopher Don - Writer/Producer

Christopher M. Don is a graduate of the Film & Screenwriting Program at Keene State College with a Bachelor's Degree in Film Production. He studied and worked with Academy Award winner Martin Landau and George A. Romero.

In addition to his action script, TRACKERS, Christopher M. Don has several other projects on the horizon. Don's Navy Seal epic, RIGGED, is being directed by Daniel Zirilli with Popart Film Factory. And Don’s gritty action screenplay, ARSENAL, is being produced by Infra-Red Pictures.

Steven G. Kaplan - Producer

Steven G. Kaplan is the founder and President of Rainstorm Entertainment, Inc. (www.rainstormentertainment.com) (http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0438378) a privately financed feature film development, production, finance and sales company. Mr. Kaplan is also a founder and partner in Rainstorm Music (www.rainstorm-music.com).

As a film producer and financier, Mr. Kaplan produced the award winning TERROR TRACT starring the late John Ritter and Bryan Cranston in 2000. He was the primary producer of THE BIG EMPTY (2002) starring Jon Favreau, Rachael Leigh Cook, Daryl Hannah, Kelsey Grammer, Joey Lauren Adams, Adam Beach and Sean Bean.  Lionsgate released the film theatrically and on DVD.  Showtime Networks purchased cable rights.  Mr. Kaplan also served as the primary financier and producer for the critically acclaimed documentary F*CK, released theatrically by ThinkFilm as well as  the award winning WWII documentary RED WHITE BLACK & BLUE which appeared on PBS/ITVS in November, 2007 after premiering at the Locarno Film Festival.  Mr. Kaplan’s other producer credits include BIG BAD WOLF (Universal) and THE LOST COLONY (SyFy Channel/ Allumination Filmworks). 

Mr. Kaplan is in post-production on the feature documentary STATE OF CONTROL (www.stateofcontroldoc.com), shot on location in Tibet, Nepal, China, India, Japan, Denmark, Canada and numerous other locations.  He just finishing producing the feature film BILLY BATES  (which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival 2012 and feature documentary SUNSET STRIP (www.sunsetstripthemovie.com) which just premiered at the 2012 SxSW Film Festival and was premiered by Showtime in August 2013.  Mr. Kaplan is attached as a producer to a number of television series, both scripted and non-scripted. 

He is currently writing, producing and financing the feature films, BABY FAT, WHITE DEATH and HEROVILLE.  Mr. Kaplan is currently in pre-production on Alfredo de Villa’s THE LOWLANDS, Darren Mann’s MAGNET, writer/director David Benullo’s FROST BITES, Boris Damast’s ROAD TO CAPRI.  He is currently in production on the documentary based on the best selling autobiography by Guns N’ Rose’s lead bassist Duff McKagan, ITS SO EASY and other lies.  Rainstorm is currently in post-production on Michael Oblowitz’s stirring documentary on the great surfer Sunny Garcia.

Steven was a partner in the Beverly Hills based entertainment law firm, ENTERTAINMENT LAW PARTNERS, LLP. Steve graduated from U.C.L.A. in 1985 with a B.A. in Political Science, attended Oxford University where he studied economic structures and literature and earned his J.D. from Loyola Law School in 1988.  He is an adventurer, a master scuba diver (over 1,000 dives), a collector of American Pop Art and a world traveler. 

Harry Manfredini - Composer

Born in Chicago, Harry has spent most of his life in music. While living in the Midwest, he worked as an arranger and performer. He also earned a Bachelor of Music degree from DePaul University and a Master of Arts degree from Western Illinois University, where he subsequently taught theory, orchestration, and conducting. Harry moved to New York to pursue his doctorate at Columbia University. Upon completion of his doctoral courses, the opportunity arose for him to further his longtime dream of a career in film music.

The years of classical training and the twenty years in the popular music scene (he plays great sax) combined with a good sense of drama to make him a natural in film music.

Harry has scored over one hundred films. His major feature credits include the highly successful FRIDAY THE 13TH series for Paramount Pictures, and now New Line Cinema. SWAMP THING for UA/Embassy, HOUSE, A breakaway hit for New World Pictures, and DEEP STAR SIX and ACES-IRON EAGLE III for Carolco Pictures. These films characterize his style as an action, suspense, and thriller composer but Harry's credits also include SPRING BREAK, a good-time rock and roll summertime success for Columbia Pictures and MY BOYFRIEND'S BACK, a teen comedy for Touchstone Pictures. Harry's dark, jazzy, dramatic scores have been heard in A GUN, A CAR, A BLOND, and HIDDEN AGENDA. Harry's score to WISHMASTER, helped make it the number one independent film of 1998, and he repeated in 1999 with his score to THE OMEGA CODE, the largest grossing independent for 1999. AMORE' and FOLLOW YOUR HEART are examples of his lighthearted love story scores.

Harry is extremely proud of his scores for numerous children's films. While many of them have received various awards, three of them, CORDUROY, ANGUS LOST, and A BOY, A DOG AND A FROG were awarded best children's film at the American Film Festival. His children's feature films include THE STORYBOOK, and DANNY.

Harry also has found time to write and bring to Broadway a country-western musical titled PLAY ME A COUNTRY SONG.

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