An animated film about consciousness, awakening and reality, featuring Plato, Einstein, and Schrödinger and his cat!


"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one." ~ Albert Einstein

Final few hours - please contribute!!


Mindville is an animated feature film that tells the story of two everyday people who unexpectedly face their final moments on Earth, and how this intense moment of reckoning sets them on an incredible whirlwind journey to a virtual funfair called Mindville in search of knowledge and insight into consciousness and the true nature of reality!

Mindville brings together science, spirituality, storytelling and humor in a way that is engaging, quirky and fun.


Hi, I’m Nick Day and I’m the director of Mindville. I’ve been in independent film and television for around 25 years, and my last feature, Short Cut to Nirvana (2004, Zeitgeist), played in theatres across the US and Europe and won several awards. I also won a screenwriter’s award for The Fallen (2004), which is a WWII drama set in northern Italy. I currently produce a DVD series called the Consciousness Chronicles, which features Deepak Chopra, David Chalmers, Marilyn Schlitz, Rupert Sheldrake and many more top consciousness researchers and theorists.

My co-writer on Mindville is Stuart Hameroff, a pioneering theorist of quantum consciousness in collaboration with renowned physicist Sir Roger Penrose. Also on the team are producers Nicole Ackermann and Sascha Seifert, who are dedicating their days on this planet to creating conscious media.

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Mindville is the story of Shahnna and Klaus, two young people who unexpectedly face their final moments on Earth, and how their last-minute questioning about life and reality causes them to pass through a mysterious portal into a parallel virtual world, where they find they've turned into cartoon versions of themselves! In this world they journey to Mindville, a virtual funfair of the imagination, where our two heroes go exploring in search of answers to their deepest questions.

At Mindville, every ride and attraction is dedicated to some aspect of consciousness and reality, such as Plato's Cave, the Stream of Consciousness, the Cartesian Theatre and the Evil Genius and the brain in a vat. Great figures from history are on hand to help our heroes on their path, such as Plato, Einstein, Schrödinger and his cat, Rene Descartes and the Buddha.

Only when they have acquired enough knowledge and truly awakened to deeper awareness can our two heroes be released from the virtual world and return to the real one. Mindville is not only their story, but also an allegory for our very human search for deeper truth.


Science tells us that at the deepest level we arise from a single underlying quantum field that makes the universe, that we are specific vibrations of energy expressed as what we call matter. Spiritual inquiry and practice reveals that we are like a wave of self awareness arising from an underlying infinite ocean of consciousness. This ocean, this field, is our source. We may appear as individuals but at the deepest level of reality we are an inseparable expression of a single consciousness. Waking up to this is to wake up to life unfolding, pure existence itself. And that’s what Mindville is about!


Our goal is to not only substantially move forward with making the movie, but also to build an irresistible portfolio to present to major investors, agents, and actors. To do this, we need your help!

Making an animated feature film for the big screen usually takes a lot longer than a live action movie or most documentaries. We’re already off to a great start, with a solid screenplay and some great initial sketches, and now it’s time to take it to the next level.


This is a major project that will have a high profile when it's released. Right now we’re looking for $50,000, which is we are well aware is a modest amount for what we hope to achieve in this early stage. Our priority will be to hire specialist artists to develop several key images that fully represent how beautiful and extraordinary this movie will be. We also plan to create storyboards of selected scenes, and, funds permitting, we’ll hire actors and record voice tracks to make animatics (animatics are animated storyboards complete with actors, sound design and music). All this represents a big step forward in the evolution of the film and gives us a much better opportunity of attracting major funding.

• Please know that your contribution - of any amount - will make a difference! We have boundless energy and commitment for the project, and that energy needs to be matched with energy in the form of money so we can create something truly amazing. We’re making Mindville one step at a time, every step counts, however small, and we’re going to keep on going until the theatrical premiere, whenever and wherever that may be!


We have some neuron-tingling perks for all you conscious folks out there! Among the starter levels, you’ll receive signed copies of the Consciousness Chronicles DVD, a credit on our website and regular updates on the project. At the higher levels we offer complimentary registrations for the world renowned Toward a Science of Consciousness conference in Tucson, your name will appear in the end credits of Mindville, you will receive a signed limited edition print of key art, and even have an opportunity to appear in Mindville as an animated version of yourself!


We hope we will reach and even exceed our goal, but if we don’t, your donation will still make a huge difference. In the finest indie filmmaking tradition, we will adapt our strategy to make the most of what we have and move ahead!


Even if you can’t contribute at this time, please help spread the word to your friends and community. Our next angel investor is out there somewhere! You can sign up for our newsletter at http://mindvillemovie.com/

My heartfelt thanks, and please help make this film about reality, a reality!

Namaste, Nick

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