An animated film about consciousness, awakening and reality, featuring Plato, Einstein, and Schrödinger and his cat!
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  • $1USD

    We thank all you photons for helping Mindville shine in a darkened movie theatre!

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  • $10USD

    What you get: Heartfelt gratitude PLUS your name appears on the Mindville supporters webpage. [Added extra: A remarkably positive effect on your own consciousness!]

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  • $25USD

    What you get: All the above perks. PLUS Free snail mail color postcard from Mindville signed by director Nick Day. [Added extra: Warm glowing feelings that you're helping the world become a better place, one movie at a time!]

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  • $50USD

    What you get: All the above perks. PLUS one volume of the Consciousness Chronicles 2-disc DVD featuring 12 in-depth interviews with leading consciousness researchers. Choose from volumes 1, 2 or 3. http://consciousnesschronicles.com [Added extra: Your gift will joyfully ripple across the very fabric of space-time!]

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  • $100USD

    What you get: All the above perks except with TWO volumes of the Consciousness Chronicles. PLUS one Mindville baseball cap featuring Nigel the Brain in vibrant color! [Added extra: Acts of generosity are repaid from the quantum field when you least expect them!]

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  • $500USD

    What you get: All the above perks except with all THREE volumes of the Consciousness Chronicles signed and dedicated by Stuart Hameroff and Nick Day. PLUS a numbered limited edition digital print of Mindville key artwork signed by director Nick Day. [Added extra: Many positive thoughts inexorably leading to moments of boundless joy!]

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  • $1,000USD

    What you get: All the above perks PLUS you will be a special guest at an exclusive two-hour Mindville webcast with the filmmakers to chat about the film and the science of consciousness. PLUS your name will appear in the credits as Associate Producer of the finished movie. [Added extra: Your own consciousness will be raised in ways beyond your current belief!]

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  • $2,500USD

    What you get: All the above perks PLUS one free registration for the next Toward A Science Of Consciousness Conference to be held in Tucson, AZ. PLUS a festival pass for Mindville (travel and hotel not included) [Added extra: The dance of the universe will bust some cool moves just for you!]

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  • $5,000USD

    What you get: All the above perks except with TWO registrations for the next Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference in Tucson, AZ, PLUS four nights at the official hotel. PLUS a special "Conscious Lunch" with us at the TSC Conference. PLUS an invitation to join us on opening night at a city near you (travel and hotel not included) PLUS a signed copy of the final script. [Added extra: The ineffable mystery of existence may be unexpectedly revealed to you in the shower!]

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  • $10,000USD

    What you get: All the above perks PLUS YOU APPEAR IN MINDVILLE! Yes, a "virtual you" will make a cameo in the movie! You'll be seen chatting at the Supreme Bean Coffee Shop or as part of the audience as Rene Descartes gives his famous monologue: "I think, therefore I am". PLUS a one-day tour of the Berlin or Cannes film festival with producer Sascha Seifert (travel & hotel not included). [Added extra: Universal consciousness moves your own consciousness one giant leap closer to nirvana!]

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