“Mindscapes” is a full feature film about James Michaels, a telepathic psychic and former CIA agent, who is called back from retirement for one last mission.

Putting a dream into reality

Thanks for checking out our project! We've spent over a year working on this film, but we need your help! Atlantian Films was formed in 2012 by Brian Spectre, to produce high quality, honest, and thought provoking theatrical motion pictures to be experienced by a wide variety of audiences.

The Production Team is made up of extremely talented cancer survivors and supporters who have donated their time and talents. This group clearly demonstrates that people who have, or have had cancer, can and do lead creative, productive, and meaningful lives.

Collectively, they have participated in over 34 films as producers, production management, and production support staff. Atlantian Film’s mission is to produce motion pictures that will entertain, surprise, and refresh in the true spirit of action/adventure filmmaking.

A portion of the profits realized from movies created through Atlantian Films will be donated to cancer research or to someone dealing with cancer that may need help with the exorbitant costs associated with treatment.

Our motto is "Cancer Survivors who CAN!"

We need your help!

We need to raise at least $10,000 to fund the most important part of the production of the film.

The funding of this campaign is essential to enable us to: purchase Sony F5 & f55 Digital Cinema Camera. With this camera we'll be able to shoot scenes where lighting is limited such as in a cave or cavern.

Of course, our goal is the minimum we need to proceed, but more than that will help us to go further in completing the film.Additional funding would allow us to continue production of the film itself. Exceeding our minimum goal would allow us to increase the quality of the production values in the film (animations, recreations, music, title graphics, and more). Every little bit counts, so we really appreciate whatever you can help us with!   

We are in the process of applying for the state and federal 501(c)3.  Once these are approved all donations will be tax deductible.  Individuals will receive a letter from Atlantian Films informing them that their generous donation is now tax deductible.

Our heartfelt thanks for your interest, and please consider supporting us in other ways as well, like posting or passing along links to this Indiegogo  page, our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Atlantianfilms) to everyone and everyplace you can!


Brian Spectre


The Rewards

We are so grateful for all your support and encouragement and have come up with a series of great rewards show our sincere thanks!


Creative Team

Brian Spectre - Writer/Director/Actor

Brian began his professional career in music and spent five years  in a studio in New York City.  However, his musical career was placed on hold when he was diagnosed with cancer. For more than two decades Brian has been successfully battling cancer. The long-term effects of chemotherapy and radiation have begun to take a toll on his body, frequently impairing his mobility; but his passion for film-making has kept his spirits up and helped him  remain strong. This new career affords him the opportunity to be creative on his ‘good days’ and with a competent Production Team, he enjoys a flexible schedule.

Akis Yeracosta - Director of Cinematography

A Collinsville resident, filmmaker, musician and advocate for cancer research, Akis spent his early years working in the film and music industry in the UK.  After coming to the US, he worked on visual arts  projects including photography for ‘Automotive Magazine’.  Akis and Brian have been friends and collaborators for over 20 years.  Akis’s life was changed by early cancer detection.


Risks and Challenges

If  filmmaking wasn't a risky business, more people would be doing it!

The most common challenge we might encounter is that additional funding is needed to complete the film. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as: editing takes longer than anticipated; unforseen events require additional filming; additional recreation filming is needed, etc.

There is still a good amount of filming that needs to be done. It's possible that could take longer than we expect, delaying the completion of the film.  We honestly don't foresee any reason this film won't be completed (and done well!) but nothing in life is a sure thing...except taxes.


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