Milo's Fund

Milo was surrendered to Grassroots Animal Sanctuary after being hit by a car. This is a campaign to help raise money to cover his ongoing medical expenses.

Short Summary

About Milo:

Milo is young orange tabby (approximately 10-12 weeks) who was hit by a car along with his sister. Milo's sister was left dead on the road but Milo managed to drag himself away where a concerned citizen who had witnessed the accident later went to retrieve him. Unable to pay for the medical care he would need she contacted Grassroots Animal Sanctuary (GrAS). GrAS picked Milo up that night and took him to the emergency vet where he was treated and left with a promising prognosis. Milo, had no broken bones but suffered what vet's call a "degloving" trauma, meaning the skin was ripped from Milo's limb. With treatment, Milo will make a full recovery. How much treatment he will need is still to be determined. Everyone who meets Milo instantly falls in love with his easy-going disposition, beautiful eyes and infectious purr. Milo is a wonderful boy and will be available for adoption once he has completely recovered. He is going to be someone's very loving companion and going to have the comfortable life he deserves.

About Grassroots:

Grassroots Animal Sanctuary is a recently founded no-kill rescue group dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of stray and unwanted animals. We strive to remedy the current problem of pet overpopulation by advocating spaying/neutering and TNR programs. Additionally we ensure all of our adoptable dogs and cats are spayed/neutered (included in adoption fee). We believe that every animal deserves a loving home where they can enjoy the best quality of life possible. We believe that no animal should ever be euthanized due to lack of space. We believe that the public should be educated on current animal welfare issues. In the last two months Grassroots has rescued 29 animals and continues to take in as many animals as it can possibly sustain.

What We Need

Milo's initial medical exam included radiographs to rule out bone breaks, an overnight stay in emergency, IV fluids, wound clipping and an emergency antibiotic injection and cost hundreds of dollars. Milo's daily regimen includes a daily bandage change (at the veterinarian), pain medication and an oral antibiotic for a total cost of around $50.00 per day (ongoing). Moreover, if Milo's wound is unable to heal itself naturally he will require a skin graft to be performed by a specialist, which will likely cost thousands of dollars. 

Milo is a resilient kitten who despite his extensive injuries continues to purr, play and snuggle without any regard for his debilitated limb. Whoever left Milo's sister dead on the side of the road and left Milo without skin on his back paw had no regard for Milo's right to life. This attitude towards animals -especially cats- is shared by many people and unfortunately Milo's situation is not unique. Milo will receive all the medical attention he needs and your generosity can contribute to that. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Any additional funds raised will be used to create "Milo's Fund" which will be used to cover medical care for cats and dogs who, like Milo, have been subject to human cruelty. Together, we can be the solution. 

Other Ways You Can Help

-Telling every like-minded, animal-loving, compassionate person you know about the campaign helps generate the much needed attention for this campaign to reach it's goal.
- Host an event for Milo - whether it be a car wash, barbeque, charity garage sale, any way to generate funds - if asked Milo may be able to participate in the event.
- Donate much needed supplies (Cat litter, KMR, kitten food) to the rescue so that every available dollar can contribute to Milo's vet care.

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