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Please help me breakthrough as a solo artist!
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
Los Angeles, California
United States
1 Team Member

Hello Everyone!!!

My name is Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and I am a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, music director, producer, DJ, and educator.  I am raising money to finish recording my first solo album (working title: Les Jardins Mystiques) as well as a string quartet record of cinematic improvisations with my string quartet, Quartetto Fantastico. I am unbelievably excited to share the love in my heart with the world through music! I appreciate your help in bringing this dream and vision to life!

Les Jardins Mystiques Special Guests

Austin Peralta, Bilal, Chris 'Daddy' Dave, Coco (Quadron), Deantoni Parks, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Herbie Hancock, James Gadson, JRocc, Karriem Riggins, Leon Ware, Madlib, Marie Daulne (Zap Mama), Mia Doi Todd, Nai Palm (Hiatus Kaiyote), and Seu Jorge to name a few.

Quartetto Fantastico:

Chris Woods (violin)

Paul Cartwright (violin)

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (viola)

Peter Jacobson (cello)


I grew up in beautiful Topanga Canyon, tucked away in the hills of Los Angeles County, to a diverse and artistic family of musicians and educators. Despite playing music my entire life, performing thousands of concerts and recording on well over 500 records, films/tv shows and commercials, I have not been able to afford the time and money needed to record my own albums. Even though my path as a musician has been an awesome and emotionally fulfilling journey, most of my gigs don’t pay enough for me to make ends meet, let alone build a sustainable foundation to one day raise my own family.

Currently, as a freelance artist between unpaid gigs, I have no money and have not even been able to pay my own rent the last two months… In my experience, in most cases, the gigs that pay the best are often the least creatively fulfilling, and the most fulfilling gigs from a creative and emotional perspective pay either nothing, or an extremely small amount.

This is the most critical time so far in my entire life and with your help, I will be able to seriously break through with the production of my own recorded work!!!

Surviving as a Creative artist:

The one thing I love most in life is creating and performing music that touches people’s souls. As a musician focused on making incredibly well-crafted, soulful, diverse and inspiring music, I’ve given my life towards this cause by working on average 12-20 hrs everyday. I absolutely LOVE what I do, but would like to finally focus on and be able to sustainably create my own music with your help!

As human beings, we all love music so much! But, unfortunately, it is very difficult for many creative musicians like myself to survive in the world. I have done my very best to utilize as much heart and wisdom possible as I continue to grow as a human being and artist, and have now come to a place where I’m humbly looking to the support of you- new and old friends around the world who will join me in launching the next step of my music.

This all is what has led me to being here with you now!

This Indie Gogo campaign will allow me to:

*Finish my first solo album (a double album on the LA-based indie record label Brainfeeder). The working title is ‘Les Jardins Mystiques’ (The Mystical Gardens).

*Finish my first record with my string quartet Quartetto Fantastico (this will also be a double album and will be released independently by us and is 100% comprised of sublime and diverse cinematic improvisations).

*Have living expenses needed to complete these albums.

*Hire a small documentation crew that will document aspects of the making of both of these historic albums. This will be a huge help towards creating more future opportunities for myself and my string quartet.

*Pay for food at my Brainfeeder recording sessions to feed the multitude of musicians that I will be hiring to record with me.

*Purchase/fix gear that is needed to complete these albums and tour around the world.

*Emerge as the solo musician doing the work that I feel I was born to do.

*Be used as an example to other creative musicians that are also struggling to manifest their dreams.

*Donate 10% of my earnings from my solo Brainfeeder album as well as donate 10% of Quartetto Fantastico’s earnings to worthy charities for the rest of our lives.


Some of the charities that we will be donating to initially are:








Follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook for a free digital download of my very first Mixtape (expected release: late summer)!


**** I greatly appreciate you considering donating through Paypal which will allow me to immediately start receiving and applying your generous contributions instead of having to wait 6 weeks from now once all payments are processed through Indie Gogo. ****




Miguel Atwood-Ferguson



Breakdown of Budget:


Living Expenses:

In order to have the free time needed to work on my Mixtape, Brainfeeder + Quartetto albums.



Brainfeeder Double Album:


Brainfeeder Rhythm Section Recordings

Musicians: $16,000

Studio: $4,000



String Orchestra:

Musicians: $7,200

Studio: $900



Woodwind/Brass/Sax/Misc. Overdubs:

Musicians: $3,600

Studio: $1,500



Brainfeeder Album Special Guests:



Session at A Place Called Home:

Kids Performance Fee: $1,250

Food:  $100



Session in Atlanta:

Musicians (Pros): $1,600 

Musicians (Kids): $1,000



Editing/Mixing/Mastering of Brainfeeder Album:



Quartetto Double Album:

Audio Mixing: $2,000

Mastering: $2,000

CD pressing/post cards/posters: $5,000



Food for Musicians/Engineers/Film Crew during the making of both albums:



Film Crew to Document Both Albums:

Shooting: $4,000

Editing: $5,000




Hard Drives: $2,000

Zoom Handheld: $300

Ableton Live 9: $1,000

Multiple Keyboard/Mic Repairs: $3,000

Violin Case for 5-String Yamaha: $2,000



Sub Total:



Projected Cost of Indie Gogo Perk Fulfilments:



Sub Total:


Plus Pay Pal's 0.03% ($4,889)


Sub Total:


plus Indie Gogo's 0.04% ($6,790)



Grand Total:


raised by 137 people in 1 month
5% funded
No time left
$169,729 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on April 29, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $25USD

    Special shout out on Facebook or Twitter (also includes a complimentary digital download of MAF Mixtape)

    46 claimed
  • $50USD

    Signed Limited edition postcard print of Brainfeeder or Quartetto album artwork (also includes Perk #1)

    14 claimed
  • $75USD

    MAF solo album T-Shirt OR Quartetto album T-Shirt (both options include Perks 1-2)

    6 claimed
  • $100USD

    Signed CD ?of MAF Solo album or signed CD of Quartetto Album by all Quartetto members OR Two tickets to see Quartetto Fantastico perform live (does not include any travel related costs) (also includes Perks 1-3)

    27 claimed
  • $350USD

    1 Signed copy of Handwritten Music Manuscript for Brainfeeder album or 1 Signed Vinyl ?of Brainfeeder album and 2 Tickets to see MAF ensemble perform live (does not include any travel related costs) OR Invitation to perform somewhere on the Brainfeeder album (does not include any travel related costs) (group vocals/handclaps/snaps/etc.) and 2 Tickets to see MAF ensemble perform live (does not include any travel related costs) (both options include Perks 1-4)

    3 claimed
  • $500USD

    Invitation to a live recording session ?for either Quartetto Fantastico or Brainfeeder album (does not include any travel related costs) OR 20­minute Solo Viola performance at fundraiser of your choice (does not include any travel related costs) OR Private 90min lesson with Miguel (does not include any travel related costs) (all options also include Perks 1-4)

    1 claimed
  • $2,500USD

    Private 90minute Solo Viola performance (does not include any travel related costs) OR Private 1hr Quartetto Fantastico (String Quartet) or Jazz Quartet performance (does not include any travel related costs) (either option includes Perks 1-6)

    0 claimed
  • $5,000USD

    Custom string quartet arrangement and performance of your favorite song! (I will compose a custom arrangement, send you the signed manuscript and perform it for you live with his string quartet in Los Angeles or have it filmed for you)? (also includes Perks 1-6)

    0 claimed
  • $10,000USD

    Co­-Executive Producer Credit? on Brainfeeder solo album. (also includes Perks 1-7)

    0 claimed
  • $40,000USD

    I will compose and dedicate to you an entire 5 movement String Quartet and perform it for you live with Quartetto Fantastico! (does not include any travel related costs) OR I will compose and dedicate a symphony to you! (both options will include a signed original manuscript of the first page of the score and Perks 1-6)

    0 claimed
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