Michael Shermer Legal Fund

Reasonable Skeptics Unite! Donate to Michael Shermer's Legal Fund!




  • My name is Emery Emery and I am launching this fund raising effort for two reasons.
    1. As a show of public support for Michael Shermer.
    2. To help alleviate the expenses associated with Michael's effort to defend his name.
  • I do not know Michael Shermer personally and he has no idea I am setting up this fund raiser. I will be making sure that all money donated will go directly to his legal team and not to him personally.
  • If any funds are raised beyond Mr. Shermer's legal expenses it will be used to promote skepticism and science.
  • The way that money will be donated will be put to a vote of the donors themselves via email.

If you believe what PZ Myers did was wrong, express your disgust by donating to Michael Shermer's legal fund now.

Why Should I Donate?

  • Don't sit back and do nothing while Michael Shermer is accused of a heinous crime and do not think it will stop here. PZ Myers and the FtB feminists have set their sights on skepticism and atheism in general. They clearly want to do harm to the institutions.
  • A show of support will send the message that we as a community will no longer tolerate illogical attacks on people who do not condone nor support sexual harassment, sexual predation, or rape any more than we support defamation of our community members from anonymous allegations.

I Just Can't Afford Anything!

If you can't afford to contribute, please tweet, email, post and talk about this fund raiser!

  • Click on the  the Indiegogo share links and help get the word out!

Update 1:

Many have asked if Michael Shermer knows about this fundraiser. He had been notified of my intent and today, sent me this statement to post:

"People are asking me about this legal fund set up in my name, if I am aware of it, if it is legit, should they donate?, etc. For the record: I am aware of and completely support this legal fund and deeply appreciate Emery for setting it up and for the people who have donated thus far. I made it clear to Emery when he set it up that the money goes into an account that I have no access to, that my legal bills will be paid out of the fund directly to the law firm representing me, and that if there is any money left over after the case is finished that it be donated by Emery to a nonprofit organization of his choice. If anyone would like to email me directly for confirmation of the above, my email is mshermer@skeptic.com, which is posted on our web page www.skeptic.com. My reputation is all I have. I did nothing wrong--legally or morally--and I intend to defend myself and prosecute Myers until he issues a retraction and apology, as stated by my attorney." 

--Michael Shermer

Update 2:

Well, we've blown past our initial goal of $5,000 and I thank all of you who have stepped up to show your support. You contributors who are baffled by the bizarre behavior and actions of PZ Myers are going to play a key role in holding him accountable for his actions.

I asked Michael Shermer what his lawyers are expecting this process to cost and this is what they estimate:

Since PZ has chosen to ignore the cease & desist altogether, Shermer has no choice but to file a case against him. If this suit goes the full distance and PZ is brought before a civil judge to answer for his actions, they estimate around $50,000.

Think about that! One day, you wake up and someone has decided to publish rumors about you and BAM, you're in a fight to restore your reputation. This is why I launched this fundraiser and it's why I am asking everyone to keep spreading the word. I am hoping to get the current total to at least $10,000 to offset the cost of the initial filing and discovery process.

Thank you for all your donations and show your of support.

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