Metaldudes Cats Book: Publishing

Support NoKill Shelters! From the West Coast Metal Scene comes a book of Metaldudes with their kitties:Combining brutal masculinity and fluffy fur in portrait!

Metaldudes + Cats Book



FINALLY!  I have come to the stage in my two years of work on the Metaldudes Cats Book where I am ready to publish! 

My name is Alexandra Crockett and I began the project Metaldudes Cats Book back in 2010.  I had just been talking with my roommate at the time about how interesting - and cute - it was that alot of guys in the metal scene seem to have pets, and particularly cats.  I decided to do a little experiment and contact as many of my metaldude friends as I could at that exact moment and ask them what they thought of this concept as a photo project.  Reaction:  EXCITEMENT and DELIGHT!  This reaction made my mind up to go ahead and start the project itself by setting up model release forms and photoshoots.

The metal scene has long been thought of as a culture of people who are into dark, depressing, even disturbing imagery and ideas.  I believe that in alot of ways, these portrayals have spilled over into judgments over people's character as well. In general these judgments are not only negative, but also incorrect most of the time.  This, of course, can also be said of the portrayal of men in our society.

Metaldudes Cats Book challenges stereotypes of masculinity and the metal culture in general.  Now... I think we can all agree that cat photos and videos are a pretty integral part of the internet these days, so it feels a little pointless to describe why you might want to look at more cute cats.  DUH!  However: Metaldudes Cats Book combines three loves that have a global reach:  Kitties, Metal, and Duuuudes.  A love of kitties binds together the entire world together, even tough guys and those who listen to brutal harsh music.

Contributing to this project will, in essence, allow me to publish the book itself.  I am a lone person here, working on a huge project.  Publication means that all of my hard work will finally come to fruition, and that I will be able to give something back to the metal scene which I grew up in!  I've done over 110 photoshoots in person up and down the West Coast (and yes, I drove to all of them myself, usually alone), have collected over 300 submitted photos from all over the world, and have put on metal shows to benefit no-kill cat shelters in my book's name.


What We Need & What You Get

The book will cost, on average, $9000-14000 to publish and produce a short-run of a couple hundred books of the size and length necessary.  My unique perks for contributors include handmade prints of my artwork, handmade custom jewelry, and candles or blankets with prints of photos from the book.  I also have shirts and pins that will go out to contributors of lower amounts, as I am SO SO SO appreciative of anyone who is willing to help this project move forward.

If I do not reach my entire goal, all of the funds raised will still go towards publishing, and I will simply have to find some other way to raise the rest of the money: either through a personal loan or selling my own belongings (I am more than willing to do either!  I'm seriously that much of a crazy cat lady.).

Once the book is published and available for purchase, I will be donating 40% of the proceeds from sales to local no-kill cat shelters ("local" meaning one shelter per city in Seattle, Portland, Oakland and Los Angeles).  Therefore, your help in publishing this book also helps to keep no-kill shelters on the West Coast up and running.


I realized that if everyone on my fanpage and everyone on my facebook contributed $2 each I would surpass my goal.  That's crazy!!  But it shows how people can come together to make a difference.


Other Ways You Can Help

IF you are unable to contribute monetarily, you can still help me get published by sharing This Campaign, as well as my facebook page (www.facebook.com/MetaldudesCatsBook) * !  It's incredibly helpful to get the word out to anyone and everyone you know, whether it's friends or family, metal fans, cat fans, or simply people intrigued by the strangeness and fun of the project.

*To do so you can use the indiegogo SHARE tools.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has contributed and is contributing, and also to everyone supporting my work on the Metaldudes Cats Book project!  The past two years have been an amazing if not crazy ride, and I am so excited to share this final product of an actual published work with everyone.  <3 <3 <3

Team on This Campaign: