Mentor My Child

A new platform of further education for children whilst providing jobs for university students.


Short Summary

Mentor My Child is a website based business that aims to create jobs or an earning platform for university students whilst further educating and guiding other young people (primary & secondary school) - The mentor will essentially be the possitive big brother or sister figure. It will first target academic tutoring at an affordable price and then develop to more physical such as the arts and sports. Parents will sign up free to view the Mentors' page - essentially where they sell themselves with a profile, introduction video, the degree they are working towards or have and their educational history; the profile will allow the parents to get to know the tutor better and it is something their children can help them pick out. The mentors will sign up for a small monthly fee and will later have the option to sign up for free - this will mean a percentage will be taken from each block of lessons purchased by the parent.


To create a more safe and trust worthy brand I would hope to work with the universities on this project. For example - the Mentor My Child Programme could be something you need to sign up to via your university and the cost of CRB might be covered somehow by this or deducted from student loan. Students will need to be approved by their university as on their profile their university and course will be listed. Contact will be limited to general messages via the site and number, email addresses etc will be removed to ensure both parties safety however once they agree upon terms and prices the mentor will be able to "Propose an Offer" to the interested parent where payment is made and time slots booked in. The website will also feature a timetable functionality for both parents and mentors which will alert them of the approaching lessons -this will soon after become a phone application.


What We Need & What You Get

  • EVERY LITTLE HELPS - If we don't reach our goal the funds will still go towards the website, promotional campaigns like flyers and video adverts to aid pitches to schools and universities and help us spread this - it will eventually be a worldwide scheme!
  • With your help we can get university students into "work" essentially, working hours that suit them and being able to fund their lifestyle supporting their degree. With unemployment shooting up every year and not everbody having the option to start their own business, the work for yourself option still remains.
  • A brighter future for our future world leaders! It's time to invest greater knowledge into them as soon it will all be on their shoulders! A lot of the older generation do not understand the younger generation, this is because we have a large social barrier, a lot of youth do not communicate well and struggle with confidence which one to one mentoring can aid.

The Impact

The aim is to create a new platform of further education for children, to get the best out of their exams or areas they are struggling with whilst keeping them occupied and less inclined to negative peer pressure. Their mentor will be somebody they can trust, look up to and aspire to be like, these kind of programmes are known to develop a child's social skills and confidence and this is something I feel a lot young people struggle with. There are over 4 million primary school students and over 3 million secondary students in England alone, if we want to aid positive growth of our communities and their futures I believe here is where we start.


Other ways you can help us...

- If you are a PARENT please do our survey for further market research!


- If you are a STUDENT please do our survey for market research!


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