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Ménage à Quatre is a series of four accessories focus on the stimulation of the clitoris and other pleasurable areas.
Viviane Yazdani
3 Team Members

Ménage à Quatre

" Wait, do i still need a diamond ? "


Ménage à Quatre is a new accessory for female self-pleasure. A series of four rings focused on the stimulation of the clitoris and other pleasurable areas. 

At Ménage à Quatre we believe that female self pleasure is as natural as any other human function. We also believe that masturbating can make you improve your lifestyle.

When we started our research on masturbation, we understood that its practice is still considered as a taboo subject in most cultures; especially when it refers to female self-pleasure. This is why we decided to approach the matter from a new perspective. 

Sex toy industry is mostly based on the common belief that vaginal penetration will bring women to the ultimate orgasm. In fact, the majority of sex toy is phallus-shaped.

While studying the social and physical dynamics of woman sexuality, we realized that during masturbation, penetration is not the only responsible for the orgasm. It is actually more about the stimulation of the genitals and other pleasurable areas of women bodies, and one above all: the clitoris. 

Given this conclusion we decided to create a product that will have significant impact on the approach to female self pleasure. We developed a product that suggest the use of the hands as a natural and spontaneous activity, primarily focused on the exploration of the body as a way to discover and acknowledge one’s pleasure.

The aim is to help women understand that masturbation is a valuable asset, to be taken into high consideration, for a healty and, why not, glamourous lifestyle.


Ménage à Quatre - Collection

The first Ladies

The four rings have been developed to move forward from masturbation via penetration to encourages the use of the hands: an accessory to rediscover a women's body.

Following a round-the-world survey on 600 women, we decided to bring together the world of jewelry and manual massagers, to create a pioneer product. 

The elegant shape of the ring recalls the beauty and delicacy of the act, while each set of beads has been realized to trigger different sensations, carefully developed to be distinct between each one of them. They have been thought to cover a wide range of sensations, from the softest to the more intense pleasure. An uncommon yet natural experience.

The four rings are :

- La douce, made for the sweetest.

La Douce

- La rêveuse, made for the dreamers. 

La Rêveuse

- La joueuse, made for the more playful. 

La Joueuse

- La non-timide, made for the less shy. 

 La Non-timide

Product Features

- Unique design : Elegant and discreet product to approach a new language in female masturbation.

- Ergonomic : lightweight, intuitive and enjoyable to use.

- Body safe materials : High grade body-safe silicone, phthalate free and Ag925 silver.

- Waterproof : Bath friendly and completely washable.

- Dimension : Unique size

- Weight : 4,92 gr


Health Benefits

Research suggest that masturbation relieves sexual tension and is a valuable tool for self-exploration. It can also aid physical relaxation an mental well-being.

We developed Ménage à Quatre to help women benefit from masturbation and find their own way to orgasm.

We hope that our product will help our consumers understand how their body works, all the way to an intense pleasure. Daily.

Ménage a Quatre has also been thought not only to talk to women alone, but also to couples.
There is a lot more to sexual education to be learnt and spread which will benefit both.


Who are we ? 

We brought together a team to cover all the aspects of production, from product development to prototyping, all the way to communication and pr.

We try to collaborate as much as possible with other professionals to bring the best experience possible to the customers. User experience is the key aspect in the development of our concepts and ideas.  


Why indiegogo ?

Indiegogo is cool, we think we are cool, let's do a cool product together.


Use of funds

If we reach our goal funds, we will bring Ménage à Quatre to you: finalize the prototypes, start production, fulfill the orders and eventually sell Ménage à Quatre worldwide to reach many new customers and let them enjoy the new experience offered by Ménage à Quatre and our team. 

We would like to have the chance to keep on studying the subject because we feel that there's much more to female masturbation that hasn't been said yet!


Production schedule

Upon completion of a successful Indiegogo campaign, we plan to move straight into production with our first products available by late september.

If you want to make enjoy Ménage à Quatre with somebody special, you can always contribute anonymously. We will make sure that your reward will be shipped discreetely!


Support us

Comments, Question, Ideas ?

For the whole story go on




Or have a look at our infographic:

Ménage à Quatee - Infographic 


raised in 2 months
3% funded
No time left
$26,000 USD goal
Fixed Funding This campaign did not meet its $26,000USD funding goal by the deadline.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on July 22, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $3USD
    Winkying thinking

    To spice up the world, winking to strangers could be a good way to start : for each 3$ donation, we'll wink at a stranger and wish good day. Small things make life better !

    4 claimed
  • $25USD
    Cheekey poster

    A glossy finish Ménage à Quatre home made poster with a cheeky quote, to cheer up your day. Free shipping in Europe. Add 15$ for international shipping.

    2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $50USD
    Female self pleasure guide

    A delicious coffee table book, with all the insights revealed by our studies. Take a tour with us into the history of female pleasure. Free shipping in Europe. Add 15$ for international shipping.

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $175USD
    La Douce

    Pre-order the ring La Douce. Free worldwide shipping! Made in Italy. Satisfaction guaranteed.

    0 out of 40 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $175USD
    La Rêveuse

    Pre-order the ring La Rêveuse. Free worldwide shipping! Made in Italy. Satisfaction guaranteed.

    1 out of 40 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $175USD
    La Joueuse

    Pre-order the ring La Joueuse. Free worldwide shipping! Made in Italy. Satisfaction guaranteed.

    1 out of 40 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $175USD
    La Non-timide

    Pre-order the ring La Non-timide. Free worldwide shipping! Made in Italy. Satisfaction guaranteed.

    1 out of 40 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $695USD
    Collector's pack

    The fingers must be educated, the thumb is born knowing. Order the four rings all in one! You will also receive a special thank you note from our team !

    0 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $925USD
    Rouge Passion Limited Edition

    Luxurious pink gold edition with red beads: exclusive and made-to-order. Choose among one of our four Ladies, and we will make her very special for you. Free worldwide shipping! Made in Italy. Satisfaction guaranteed.

    0 out of 3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $1,620USD
    Delightful collector's pack.

    You couldn't get any better with our special collector's pack: the four silver rings and the special pink gold limited edition. Isn't it delightful ? Free worldwide shipping! Made in Italy. Satisfaction guaranteed.

    0 out of 1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
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