MEG-CON 2013

MEG-CON is an unparalleled experience of a brand new annual eSports, gaming, and LAN event taking place in the Midwest US.
Chad Brunsvold
Mason City, Iowa
United States
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UPDATE! 2/15/13 - If you purchased a perk with a shirt and lanyard included and are unable to attend the event make sure to fill out your shipping address when donating! Also, send us an email to with your name and shirt size!

UPDATE! 2/24/13 - Pwn noobs with power with this newly added perk! The Official MEG Gaming Mouse Pad. 1/8" Thickness, Size: 10 1/4″ × 15 1/4". (If you are unable to attend the event and would like us to ship it to you, please add 5 dollars more for shipping) Please note – This perk is unique and won’t be included with any other perk.

UPDATE! 3/7/13 - Fresh off the press! It has been confirmed today added to the list tournaments featured at MEG-CON 2013 the Iowa LAN League will be putting on a Counterstrike: Global Offensive tournament for PC! Prepare your teams! Get practicing!

What is MEG-CON?

MEG-CON is a bring-your-own-computer/console (BYOC) gaming event with competitive tournaments to be held every year in Mason City, IA. The event, which is named after the organization “Midwest Electronic Gaming”, is planned to see gamers from all over the midwest attend every year to celebrate the organization’s gaming dynasty. It is planned to be North Iowa’s largest LAN Party, and runs over a period of three days. July 12th-14th 2013Venue will be at the Clarion Inn Events Center - 2101 4th Street SW, Mason City, IA

More than a multiplayer gaming event, MEG-CON is also a venue to showcase the newest games and hardware being developed by companies residing in the Midwest region including booths selling clothing, computer peripherals, and software.

Slated for this year’s competitive tournaments will include games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2(Xbox 360), Halo 4(Xbox 360), StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm(PC), and League of Legends(PC), and CounterStrike:GO (PC) hosted by the Iowa LAN League.

Background and Origin

"MEG makes gaming more than Kong" - Story By Twin Galaxies International Nov 11, 2011

"Born out of LAN parties from the past five to six years, Mason City, IA natives Tony Williams and Chad Brunsvold decided go legit and call it a business, opening up their traveling MEG operations last year. An inclusive environment for both PC and console gamers, it’s common to find a row of hard core League of Legends players sharing an internet connection with a few guys trading tactics in Dark Souls.

“We have tournaments for the PC games like League of Legends and StarCraft II, and for 360 games like Call of Duty and Halo,” says Williams, indicating that tournaments are big draw. Adds Brunsvold, “but we want to make every gamer a hybrid gamer; we want to get the console guys into PC and vice versa.”

But tournaments are only part of MEG, the other being laser focused on the community. “We do everything in excellence as much as possible and it just stuck,” says Williams. “We make sure that everyone has a good time.” The completely portable equipment are the evidence: the MEG team dimly lights rooms and sets up a low-lit aesthetic, and speaker systems with music keep players without headsets alert and attentive to their games. Portable servers and on-site internet connections not only get competitive games running smoothly over the networks, but also allow teams of players to be physically present while they take on all comers over the internet.

“Focus on the gamers, focus on making it fun for the players,” is the mantra of the MEG team, as are two essential tenants: fair rules, cosmetically appealing environment, and an air of inclusion for the PC noob and the console snob alike. Tournaments are the money makers and get people in the door, with entrance fee pots and locally sponsored prizes as incentive to meet new players, try new games, and play them competitively."

What We Need & What You Get

Why we need the funding in greater detail.

  • We need five thousand dollars as a base cost to have the event. Whether we reach this goal or not the event will still take place. The more funds we can obtain the bigger budget we have.
  • Funds will go to venue costs, catering, staff, security, power, internet and equipment.
  • 10% of overall funds rasised will be donated to Frag for Charity, formerly known as Frag For Cancer, which is a non-profit group of volunteers hosting video gaming tournaments for charity! FFC has raised over $65,000 in the past 6 years.

Take a look at the perks available! We've already teamed up with some major sponsors such as Intel, and RedBull just to name a few. Do you have a product or business with this target market? Take advantage of this oppurtunity to have heavy exposure with us today!

MEG isn't the only organization invloved with MEG-CON 2013. We have volunteers from the best gaming organizations around pouring in their time and talent to help the Midwest LAN and eSports scene grow! Organizations such as:

MEG-CON 2013 will have live gaming commentary with in house tournaments. Think you have what it takes to win? You could be on the big screen next with your game casted live at the event and streamed over the internet! Every corner you turn will be something to do at MEG-CON 2013.

Kill Noobs. Combat Cancer.

Help eSports grow in the Midwest! Gamers don't just live on the coast, gamers deserve a heartland located event like MEG-CON! Your donation will go to much more than just another gaming event, it's a investment for a much loved hobby that future generations can enjoy.

Comeptitive gaming deserves a place in the heartland. With your support we can make this happen.

Credit to LC Photography for the production of the video.

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    MEG-CON Supporter

    Your name will appear on our website and you'll get a "shout out" at the event, we will also give you a high five at the event.

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    Official MEG Gaming Mouse Pad

    Own the Official MEG Gaming Mouse Pad! 1/8" Thickness, Size: 10 1/4" x 15 1/4". (If you are unable to attend the event and would like us to ship it to you, please add 5 dollars more for shipping) [This perk is unique and won't be included with any other perk.]

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    Weekend Pass Package

    Includes tickets to MEG-CON for the entire weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 12-14th) plus all previous perks! Get the lowest indiegogo discount price while you can!

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    Premium Gamer Package

    Includes tickets to MEG-CON for the entire weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 12-14th) all previous perks, a MEG-CON t-shirt signed by Tony Williams and Chad Brunsvold with a included gamertag badge lanyard. Plus entry into any one of the event tournaments. (Normal cost of tournament entry is $25.00 to enter)

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    Ultimate "Power" Package

    All the perks of the Premium Gamer Package plus Chad and Tony will ship you the ultimate piece of gaming memorabilia. A Nintendo Powerglove signed by them. We'll also throw in some MEG decals to stick on your gaming rig.

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  • $200USD
    VIP Gamer Dinner

    Includes previous perks (with the exception of the vendor package) plus a exclusive VIP dinner with Tony Williams, Chad Brunsvold and other MEG staff. Dinner will be at the Clarion Inn, and paid for by us. (You are responsible for your own transportation.)

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  • $300USD
    Tournament Title

    We will name one of the four tournaments taking place after you. For example (The John Smith Halo 4 2v2 Tourney), First come first serve for what tournament you want named after you!

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  • $400USD
    2v2 MEG Challenge

    Includes previous perks plus Vs off in a 2v2 Halo 4 match against Tony Williams and Chad Brunsvold at the event. If we win we wipe the tears from your face. If we lose, we pay for your hotel room. (Hotel room will be paid for a two night stay. You will require a partner in this challenge)

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  • $1,000USD
    Sponsorship Title

    Includes previous perks plus every time we announce MEG-CON it will be followed by (sponsored by your business name). A 10 foot banner logo of your business or organization will be displayed main stage or various other places at the event and also on our websites and

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