Meet Boddie - The Smartwatch Evolution

Boddie is a smartwatch that will not only help you in your everyday life, but that also will bring the balance back to your life.
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Meet Boddie – the evolution of a smartwatch and enjoy the true balance.

Boddie in white

Boddie is a smartwatch suitable for your everyday needs. As the most personal assistant ever, it will enable you to get your latest social media and message notifications, as well as answer or reject phone calls. Whenever you feel like training, Boddie will track the number of, steps you take and calories you burn.  And should you need to give that very important presentation at work, Boddie will help you to command it with nothing more than a simple wave of your hand.

Boddie in black

Boddie in black

These days, we are becoming more and more dependent on technology. Life without a cellphone or the Internet is almost unimaginable. Wouldn’t it be nice to occasionally andeasily disconnect from your digital life without having to completely abandon it?

Our guiding philosophy when designing Boddie was to help users regain balance in their lives. That’s why, by turning your Boddie 180 degrees, you’ll be able to cut yourself off from the notifications and phone calls, to fully enjoy a party, a beautiful day or free time with your family.

 Boddie in white

 Boddie in white


Main Features

Boddie will connect to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth, enabling you to excel in three different branches of your life - lifestyle, business and health.

Once you've connected Boddie to your smarphone, it will:

  • display your smartphone's battery level,
  • display notifications from Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms,
  • display text messages,
  • view and accept or reject incoming calls,
  • control your music player,
  • and much more!


As far as the productivity goes, Boddie will enable you to:

  • navigate slide presentations with simple gestures using our dedicated control app for Windows, OS X and Linux platforms,
  • monitor email and calendar alerts,
  • remotely release camera shutter,
  • and much more!


Boddie will also become your own Boddieguard! If you ever lost your phone, you will be able to:

  • locate your smartphone if misplaced,
  • remotely lock it if it’s lost or stolen,
  • and much more!


With Boddie you will not only be able to cut yourself off from the constant notificationns. To help you regain a true balance in your life it will also:

  • monitor and record your workout statistics using the dedicated fitness app,
  • count calories,
  • enjoy a more balanced life,
  • and much more!



Technical Specification

Boddie is designed with the following specifications:

  • 1.44” display,
  • enough battery for 7 days of usage on a single charge,
  • 2x MSP430 microcontrollers,
  • 2x 16 KB of RAM,
  • BT 4.0/BLE for connection,
  • dedicated OS,
  • microUSB port,
  • accelerometer, gyroscope, 2 thermometers and digital compass.

All of these are hidden inside a high-end, aluminum unibody enclosure.

What is more, the CPU used in Boddie consumes over 16 times less power than the one in Pebble, which wiill enable you to stay off the charger for as long as you want to!


Our Plans

We have done an extensive amount of work since last August when the idea of Boddie was initially conceived. We are currently in the process of finishing our prototype, but there is still a great deal of work ahead! We have to make sure that everything is perfect, whether it’s hardware, UX or our apps. This will not be possible without your help.  As Princess Leia would say: "you’re our only hope!" Our only hope to make our dreams come true and to deliver a smartwatch that will truly bring balance to its users’ lives!

Our dev board.


This is how we worked on the concept.


And in the case you've wondered about our plans for the closest couple of plans, here they are!

Our plans 





We are offering a wide range of backer options to suit anyone who wants to join us in our mission:

$1 – subscription to the latest Boddie news

$5 – subscription + become part of our Hall of Fame

$39 – all of the above + a special Boddie tee shirt

$99 – early bird Boddie! (white, limited to 100)

$129 – Boddie in choice of either black or white

$159 – “Extra Backer” pack – Boddie + everything from the $39 tier

$189 – Boddie in the (R)evolutionary Limited Edition (limited to 300 pieces) + the tee

$990 - MINI Distribution Pack

$8900 - MAXI Distribution Pack


 As for the T-shirt, here is the design:



Join the (r)evolution

In addition to backing the development of Boddie financially, we’re also enlisting our backers to help decide on limited edition colors. Stay tuned for updates on the voting process that will begin soon…





About us

Boddie is brought to you straight from the middle of Europe by Rearden Technology, a start-up based in Lodz, Poland. Our team consists of 13 people – skilled technicians, great designers and the core Rearden team with more than 15 years of combined experience in various entrepreneurial endeavors. To learn more about Boddie or Rearden’s leadership team, feel free to visit If you want to contact us, we are available any time at Make sure you also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

For press inquiries inside please contact John Snedigar at or 408 705 7518. 



Our Team

The most important part for every project is obviously the team, without which nothing would happen! Read up to learn a bit about who stands behind Boddie!

Paweł Tomczyk - CEO - the father of Boddie, who always is full of enthusiasm. Having succeeded in a couple of smaller projects, he now is the boss at Rearden Technology! If you want to, follow Paweł at FacebookTwitter or Instagram!

Tomek Rygalik - Chief of Design  - one of the most recognized Polish designers. Having a lot of experience in industrial design, he decided to go all out for Boddie! He also is the owner at Studio Rygalik and a lecturer at The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. To follow Tomek on Facebook, click here!

Bartek Świercz Ph. D. - CTO - specializing in microelectronics and embedded systems, Bartek has worked for such companies as Nokia, Cisco and Proximetry. Currently, he's a co-founder of Open-RnD and a lecturer of Lodz University of Technology. Oh, and he also supports Boddie, being the mastermind behind the tech! Should you want to get in touch with him, click here!

Maciek Stanasiuk - Marketing Ninja - having worked in a couple of advertising agencies and ran his own business, he is now involved in Boddie from its very beginning. He also is the one that came up with the name and, yes, he is the person currently writing our story. Feel free to follow him on  FacebookTwitter or Google+!



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