Medieval Madness - Real Time Strategy Board Game

An innovative new real time strategy board game with fast paced action for two players.

Medieval Madness

Medieval Madness is a real-time strategy board game for two players where strategy and speed are equally important. The game is set in Medieval Times and it tells the story of two kings who fight out their age-old conflict in a final battle.

The game is in real-time, so there is no taking turns. All the actions and units of the game are displayed on coins. By drawing coins from a pouch the player can make his units take different actions. Units can attack, move, defend and barricade. A player is only allowed to hold one coin at a time, so it must either be used or discarded directly before drawing another. The goal of the game is to defeat all enemy units.

We think Medieval Madness will appeal to the board game fanatic. The game is really easy to learn but is hard to master. Even though the rules are simple, the possibilities are endless. After lots of testing we still encounter different situations and come up with new strategies. The game is therefore very competitive and replayable. The game is short, but intense, because an average game takes 10 minutes. A great game when you have a few minutes to spare.

Our goal

Our goal is to get a total of $13.000. Although this might seem like a lot, it is the minimum amount of money that we need to print and produce the game and ship it to you. To print the game at a professional company we need to order a minimum of 1000 units. Combined with shipping costs to Europe and the rest of the world we need the 13.000 to at least break even. We are not looking for a huge profit, our first and main goal is to get our game on the market, for others to enjoy.

If we exceed the $13.000 mark we can use that profit to further promote and sell our game. We have also started developing a tablet version of the game (IOS/Android), and some extra resources can also help this project. We really believe Medieval Madness is a great game and that it can be a success. The game is fully designed and tested, all we need to do is print and publish the game, something that we cannot do without your donations!

The Game

For a more detailed explanation of the game, you can take a look at the instruction manual.

Manual page 1

Manual page 2

Manual page 3

Manual page 4

About Us

We´re both game designers and just graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts in Game Design & Development. For more information or our work, check our portfolio's: Emiel Bransen and Christiaan Ribbens. Peter Klijn  created the artwork and illustrations for the playfield and box.

Other Ways You Can Help

Every donation is welcome, but you can also help by spreading the word! Share this campaign on social media and tell your friends, if you can get more people interested in this project we have a higher chance of reaching our goal! 

Extra info perks

Print and play

The print and play version of the game features the playfield (A3), the coins (A4, can be best printed on a label), and the instruction manual. You could use something like cardboard to make your own coins.

Shipping costs

The price for the game is $25. The shipping costs are $10 for Europe and $20 for worldwide. The shipping costs are included in the perks. If you want multiple copies please use the multiple copies perk for your region, you will only have to pay the shipping costs once. For example: you would like to buy 3 copies and you live in Europe. You will have to pay: 3 X $25 + $10 = $85.

Be a king / queen

If you claim one of the two 'Be a king / queen' perks, you can choose the name of one of the kings / queens. It does not necessarily have to be your name, you can also choose one. We do have some restrictions on what the name can be. It has to at least sound like a name or a title (something like ‘the conqueror'). It cannot be a nickname like xDoomslayer4000 since it does not sound like an actual name. Of course, no strong language and other dirty words allowed.

The name is used in the premise of the game, you can read it in the instruction manual. The names that are used now are 'Christofer' and 'Emielius'. The premise will also be featured on the back of the box.

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