Medicine Man: The Stan Brock Story A British-born Amazonian cowboy's lifelong quest to bring free access health services to America.
Paul Michael Angell
Knoxville, Tennessee
United States
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A feature-length documentary following a wildlife TV star who has sacrificed both fame and wealth to bring free healthcare to ordinary Americans.


In his early thirties, Stan Brock co-starred on one of America’s most popular television shows, seen by 32,000,000 viewers every week. Today, decades later, he sleeps on a grass mat in the basement of an unheated building.  He has no bank account, no house, no car, no possessions of any value.  And he is living his dream.  He is touching more lives with greater impact than ever before.

In 1985, a mid-life crisis led this wildlife TV star to sell everything he owned and create a medical charity to run relief missions into the developing world. Their motto was - ‘go wherever the need is greatest’. At the time, that meant the developing world, but these days, the challenge has changed. An organization founded to help people in India, Africa and South America, now finds itself throwing America a lifeline.

Since 1992, Stan Brock has provided over $60 million of free healthcare to around 300,000 US patients. His expeditions take the form of vast pop-up health clinics, stocked with donated drugs and run by an army of volunteers. These clinics serve the 13,000,000 Americans who are uninsured or under-insured; those who go years without seeing a doctor. Brock sets them up overnight in vacant lots, warehouses, sports halls; wherever he can find the space.  At the break of dawn, he throws the doors open to the thousands who have queued, accepting all comers with no questions asked - and he has personally opened each and every one of his 730 clinics to date. As if that were not enough, he finds still more time to campaign for citizen healthcare rights on Capitol Hill andserves First Nation Americans on Reservations.

He never imagined he’d be distributing basic medical care to US citizens throughout Appalachia, California, Illinois, and this coming November, in New York. His patients are America’s working poor; people with jobs and families, but without insurance.

Says Stan: “It's very sad that the state of affairs requires us to provide this kind of care in the world's richest country.”

This huge operation is the brainchild of a British man who is something of an errant adventurer. Brock fled his stuffy public school to becomean Amazonian cowboy, and was later discovered by a TV producer who whisked him away to America, to make him an anaconda-wrestling wildlife TV star.

Fame and stardom ensued, as he made a name for himself as the man who could lasso charging wildebeests on the African plains and face down roaring jaguars in the Guyanese jungle. But fame was not what he was looking for. He was searching for something more valuable, more meaningful in life.

Our film asks what fuels this 78 year-old Englishman superman with the stamina of a 25 year-old; a man more accustomed to the savannas of The Amazon and the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, than his homeland of the United Kingdom? And why has he chosen to devote his life to bringing decent free health services to the people of America?

This is an inspiring and challenging story about an unlikely man on an unwavering and improbable mission to confront one of the biggest social issues of our time.


By running this Indiegogo campaign, we aim to fund our next four weeks of shooting (as a two-person crew). After perks and fees, we will raise approximately $20,000. $15,000 will pay for two weeks following Stan on the campaign trail in Washington and Appalachia, and two weeks covering his biggest clinic ever in NYC and subsequent work in East Tennessee. The remaining $5,000 will pay for several hours of archive to be transferred from 16mm and VHS and for other rights clearances. With this footage in the can, we can put together a rough-cut to return to the broadcasters who have shown an interest. We aim to get this important documentary feature-film completed by early 2015.


We think you'll agree that Stan's journey through life has been truly remarkable, and is a great tale that simply must be told. You can join us in the telling of that unique story by making a donation or getting the word out about our campaign. Our rewards allow you to dress like Stan, live like Stan, help out like Stan, be Stan! Become part of The Stan Brock Story.


We are a team of American and British filmmakers (some of whom are directly effected by US healthcare issues) who believe passionately in improving US healthcare for all, and supporting the amazing work that Stan Brock and his charity carry out.

Paul Michael Angell – Director

Paul is a British filmmaker who specialises in portraits of ordinary people with extraordinary lives. Originally from Motherwell, Scotland, he studied a BA in Media at Sussex University and gained an MA in Documentary from Royal Holloway.

Now living in London, his directorial debut CODE SWITCHING was screened at The National Portrait Gallery, and tells the incredible story of a man who speaks with two entirely different accents.

In the last few years, Paul has worked as a Camera Operator and AP on documentary feature films like THE BEAUTIFUL GAME and THE NEGOTIATORS, as well as shooting for PBS America, ITV’s investigative documentary series EXPOSURE and Channel 4's 16 KIDS AND COUNTING in the UK.

Tom Goudsmit - Cinematographer

Tom is an award-winning DOP whose credits include BAFTA-winning documentaries for BBC2, BBC3, Channel 4 and Channel 5. He shot and directed the BBC's THE CLEVELAND CAPTIVES and has filmed in over 15 countries, working on a range of documentaries including golf for NBC, Paralympics for PBS, and the soon to be released documentary feature FROM BEDROOMS TO BILLIONS

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    Pin Badge

    A really cool coin-sized pin badge, decorated with the logo of the medical charity featured in the film.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $20USD
    Signed DVD Of The Film

    A DVD of the completed documentary film, personally signed by Stan Brock.

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    Estimated delivery: March 2015
  • $40USD
    Signed Stan Brock Photo

    A great high-resolution photograph of Stan Brock in action, signed by the man himself.

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    Signed T-Shirt

    A top quality t-shirt, decorated with the logo of the charity featured in the film and signed by Stan Brock.

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  • $80USD
    Baseball Cap

    A replica Stan Brock baseball cap, decorated with the logo of the medical charity featured in the film.

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    2 Tickets To A Rodeo Near You

    Cowboy Up! Chill to the skill and speed of latter-day cowboys. From lariat roping to steer wrestling, Stan himself would be proud.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $150USD
    2 Tickets To A Historic Place

    In tribute to Stan's experiences attending school at Canford Manor in the 50s, we are offering two tickets to a historic site of your choice. Live the Stan Brock experience!

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $150USD
    2 Tickets To A Zoo Near You

    Bring Stan's anaconda-wrestling days back to life with a trip for two to a zoo near you. (We are not responsible for any anaconda-related injury!)

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $200USD

    A badge, a t-shirt and a baseball cap decorated with the logo of the medical charity featured in the film. Plus, a Stan Brock photo and a DVD of the completed film, both signed by the man himself.

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    Estimated delivery: March 2015
  • $400USD
    Movie Day For Two

    Your choice. Either we will arrange for 2 people to spend the day on a bona fide film set OR you can have 2 day-tickets for Universal Studios. You have almost become Stan Brock at this point!

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $1,500USD
    Consulting Producer Credit

    For 1500 bucks, we'll bring you in as a Consulting Producer, listen to your advice and work together to ensure the film's completion and distribution. This perk includes an official credit on IMDB.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014

    Executive Producer Credit

    You can make a major contribution to the production of our film by becoming an Executive Producer. This perk includes an official credit on IMDB.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
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