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Hollywood Re-Invented

It’s no secret that the Hollywood system determines whose movies get made and whose movies get watched—the rest never see the light of day…or the dark of the theater.

The fact is: Hollywood is a monopoly.

50,000 films are made every year, but the general public only sees 200 of them. Why? It’s simple: Hollywood restricts filmmaking and movie viewing. For the last 100 years, Hollywood has been a closed-shop that excludes people and maintains price control. Additionally, thousands of talented filmmakers and writers have stories ready to be made, but no resources with which to make them – no financing, equipment or hope for distribution.

That's why we created Movie Cloud™.

Movie Cloud™ will be the online destination for the movie-going and independent filmmaking 99% -- a full working movie studio, a resource center that offers people the tools they need to make their own movies (including screenwriting software, budgeting software, etc.), a movie bank (for people to have access to funds to make their movies), a movie theatre, and a social network for collaborating and creating.

Would you like to see the 49,800 independent features that are made every year that Hollywood says you can’t see? Movie Cloud removes the filters (studios, studio execs, managers, festival selection committees, juries, agents, distributors, marketers, theater programmers and film buyers) that prevent so many great scripts from being made, and so many great films from being seen, by letting the consumer decide which movies get made, and which movies they want to see.

Major studios from Sony to Warner Bros. have met with us about Movie Cloud™, and we've been approached with seven-figure offers to sell Movie Cloud™. We’ve turned them all down. Why? Because this is a revolution. A revolution for the people – for the viewers, for the filmmakers – and we want YOU, not studio executives, to control the movies you see and make.

With your help, the Hollywood monopoly will be over.


What is Movie Cloud™?

Movie Cloud™ is a global, one-stop, open architecture, web-centered movie studio. movie bank and on-demand movie theatre theatre for the 50,000+ comedies, dramas, thrillers, romcoms, documentaries and more that you never get to see. Just as Amazon has become the World's Biggest Bookstore, Movie Cloud will be the World's Biggest Movie Theatre. In addition. we'll have the movie-making tools you'll need to make your own movies (software, tutorials, databases, contacts, directories, checklists, agreements, legal forms, access to financing-funds) all in the cloud.

Movie Cloud has three main components and 15 sub-components (diagram below)...

1. Movie Studio (Millions of virtual production offices and theatres for writers, filmmakers, actors, directors, producers, movie fans and more)

2. Movie Bank ($175 Million in potential production funds)

3. Movie Theater (50,000 independent films/year)

…All of which are seamlessly powered by a social network that enhances how you view, share, make, fund and market movies by yourself or with others.

Movie Cloud Component Breakdown


How It Helps Filmmakers

At Movie Cloud™ you will have access to the same software, resources, contacts and funds as the Hollywood A-Listers who spend $20,000-$30,000/month for big studio offices where they churn out the same old movie franchises. What a waste.

At Movie Cloud™, you’ll also have a similar virtual production office with guaranteed marketing opportunities, worldwide distribution and revenue streams for your films. You can set up your secure office for your crew and team to view (and rewrite) the latest script, post notes on upcoming productions, collaborate, work on budgets, set up call times and more. Plus, you’ll soon have an exclusive right to utilize our Movie Banker™ for financing, with projected millions in crowdsourced funds. The next thing you know, YOU will have created a blockbuster…not Hollywood.

One of the biggest questions we've been asked about the software is, "What makes it so different than the others?" With over 30 years of combined experience in film education and development, we know what people want. An example of the screenwriting software we've been developing: Imagine you're a screenwriter in Chicago or Kiev or Los Angeles, and you're writing a script  where a part calls for a Female, 22-26, Blonde Hair, 140 pounds with a British accent. We'll also have a free database for actors to post their photos, demo reel, resume and location. As the writer, you'll be able to enter the stats you need for a particular role in your script, and Movie Cloud™ will search its actor's database and find people who meets those specs in your area (and within a 10-, 25- or 50-mile radius)...and pop their pictures and contact details up on your screen. So you can discover actors who are available in your area to be in your you write your script.

And let’s not forget the filmmakers who have made their own movies but are now being excluded from Hollywood. Imagine all those great story and character-driven comedies, thrillers, love stories, horror flicks, animated movies, even documentaries, that never make it into the theatre. Now, with Movie Cloud™  you can see them any time, anywhere and on any platform. Watch and share them with friends, network, collaborate socially, share and link.

Whether a fan, a filmmaker, or anyone with an idea, at Movie Cloud™, you’ll have your own real estate (, your own virtual production office and personal theatre (,, and a customized e-mail address ( to collaborate, socialize, network and conduct business. We currently project a Production Office will be only $3/month, but it will be free for our IndieGoGo pledgers. 


How It Helps Moviegoers

Moviegoers want a choice. We’ve talked to thousands of people who said they’re tired of the clichéd, cookie-cutter, high concept/no story visuals that Hollywood keeps churning out. They want fresh, original character, story-driven movies. How many times can you watch the same 200 movies over and over and over?

Movie Cloud vs. Netfllx Comparison

                       Netflix™ ($16/month) 200 Hollywood movies/yr.

              Movie Cloud™ ($4/month) 50,000 Independent Films/yr.


Movie Cloud™ will give you choice.

Your pledge is a vote for choice. We don't want the 200 clichéd movies that Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are all fighting over. At Movie Cloud™, we want to give you the 50,000 new independent films made every year you never get to see.


Why the Pens, Scripts & Courses?

We want to give value for you IndieGoGo supporters (see perks). Thus, with our proprietary software, we’re creating five portable 2-4GB USB Flash Drive Pens (MSRP $129-$229) that are creative toolkits, literal movie studios and film schools in-your-hand, to take and use anywhere in the world, for (A) Filmmakers, (B) Screenwriters, (C) Producers (D) Directors & Actors and (E) Distributors & Festivals.

These toolkits are each loaded for a specific craft with software, tutorials, databases, contracts, forms, agreements and checklists to be retailed at those elite 2-4 year film school bookstores ($129-$229 MSRP), but are also packaged to be perfect gifts.

You can chose 1, 2, 3, 4 or all 5 Pens:

       (1)    FILMMAKER TOOLKIT - “Filmmaking Resources”  ($129 MSRP)

       (2)    SCREENWRITER TOOLKIT - "Screenwriting & Selling"  ($229 MSRP)

       (3)    PRODUCER TOOLKIT - "Financing & Budgeting"  ($229 MSRP)

       (4)    DIRECTOR-ACTOR TOOLKIT - "Shooting & Casting"  ($229 MSRP)

       (5)    DISTRIBUTOR-FESTIVAL TOOLKIT - "Profiting & Selling"  ($229 MSRP)


Plus, you need to read scripts. Everyone in Hollywood reads hundreds of scripts to mature their skills. Thus, we’ve built an amazing PDF script library over 400 screenplays and teleplays in 13 CDs covering all of the major genres. The scripts are for educational purposes only, but when, and if, you can find them sell for at least $10-$15 each...and are free for IndieGoGo supporters who pledge at certain levels.

And for enhanced pledge values, and for perfect gifts for those who can’t or don't want to spend $50,000-$200,000 at those theory-laden film schools, we will include Hollywood’s absolute best, most intensive, professional Writing and Filmmaking courses from: Dov Simens (“2-Day Film School” – $395 Live Class), John Truby (“3-Day Story Master Class” – $495 Live Class) and Syd Field (“Mastering The Craft” – $250/Webinar Series). 

Movie Cloud Teachers

Between these three amazing educators, they’ve sold more than 1.5 million books, taught over 400,000 of today’s top writers, directors, producers and actors, and their former students have earned over $30 billion at the box office.

Finally, for the philanthropic pledger, during our expansion stages you’ll also receive our bi-monthly Financial Newsletter of Movie Cloud™ that will update you on the venture capital, private equity and stock offerings, as needed, as Movie Cloud™ grows, breaks the Hollywood monopoly and democratizes movie viewing and filmmaking.


What’s in it for you?

Freedom…Freedom to create…Freedom to network…Freedom to view!

With social creation, collaboration and exhibition, as well as financing, available to anyone with an internet or high speed connection, Movie Cloud™ will shift the power away from Hollywood’s elite to you, people who not only love freedom, but also love movies – watching them, sharing them and making them.

The Hollywood Monopoly is over! 

The Reel Revolution has begun!


For Investor Relations, please visit us at




Please visit FAQ frequently as new questions will be answered daily. If you have a question, please send it to and it will be answered here within 72 hours.


Q: Can you tell us about the screenwriting software that will be on Movie Cloud?
Movie Cloud's screenwriting software will allow you to format your screenplays to industry standards as you type. You can use it to write Feature Films or TV Scripts, and what you see on screen will be exactly as it prints, adhering to standard pagination rules.
Because the software is in our cloud, you can access your screenplay any time and anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection without having to install software locally. Upgrades to the software will be automatic. Several widely-used technologies have been used to develop our Treatment, Development/Beat Sheet and Formatting Software, including Adobe, Ruby on Rails, PHP and others. Upon launch of the Movie Cloud, all of our softwares will be integrated to allow you to take your film from idea to treatment to script to casting to budgeting to production to marketing to exhibition, and all points in between.
Q: I read your budgeting softare includes "Reverse Budgeting." What is that?
Movie Cloud's budgeting software will offer two types of budgets - Hollywood-style Budgeting and Reverse Budgeting. The Hollywood-style budget will allow you to budget your films according to usual Hollywood standards where you add up all of your costs, expenses and line items to determine what the budget of your film will be. Reverse Budgeting will allow you to budget your film by first determining your total budget (i.e. what you can afford, or what you can raise), and then reversing the process to see what you can afford (how much for cameras, crew, actors, post, etc.). Additionally, if you require assistance, it'll recommend budgeting tricks and options as you go along to best optimize your finances. It's a much more honest and realistic approach, and will take a lot of the guess work out of your shoot. The budgeting software will also include many templates (both Hollywood and Reverse) to help you study and understand the dynamics of how budgets work based on a shoot's budget, number of shooting days, external influences and available resources.
Q: How do I invest in Movie Cloud?
At the moment we're a pure crowd funding project. Meaning that when you contribute to Movie Cloud's IndieGoGo campaign, you'll receive a lot of great perks (software, classes, subscriptions, etc.), but not actual equity ownership. If you're serious about buying Movie Cloud equity ownership in the future, please support our IndieGoGo campaign. The people who support our campaign now will be the first people we go to when equity ownership opportunities become available. For information:
Q: Will Movie Cloud be available in (fill in the country)?
Thank you England, Denmark, Nigeria, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore and Japan for this question. The answer is YES, Movie Cloud will be available worldwide. It will truly be the world's biggest movie theatre, as you'll not only be able to see movies by filmmakers in your country, you'll be able to see what filmmakers around the world are doing. And each country will have its own charts, tracking and trending statistics, so a US filmmaker can see the "Top Canadian Comedies" or the "Top Nigerian Thrillers," a Danish filmmaker can find the top trending movies in Brazil, China, New Zealand, etc., AND you'll be able to share and recommend the movies to others inside and outside of the Movie Cloud's social network (and other social networks).
Q: What is a "Virtual Production Office"?
A VPO is just that - it's a virtual address where you can conduct your business. Whether you're writing a screenplay, budgeting a movie, an actor looking to get hired, a cinematographer looking for his/her next project, etc., you can do it all within your production office. With your office, you'll have access to all of Movie Cloud's software and tools (story development, screenwriting, budgeting, finanacing, etc.).
With your work, what you keep private, what you share with others and what you allow the public to see is entirely up to you. For example, you can write your script at Movie Cloud, but if you wanted to show it to a producer or another writer in another location, you can give them access to your script (readable or readable/rewritable). If you give them access to change it, their changes are saved to the cloud, so next time you access it their changes will be viewable. But don't freak out if you don't like the changes - the previous version will be saved as a precaution. 
You'll also be able to post/review casting notices, call times, analyze and share budgets, market your film, track your film(s), buy scripts, sell scripts, view the actors' database, post your resume, search locations, set up your own private theatre (with what YOU want to watch ready to go with a click) and more.
Q: How does Movie Cloud help actors?
We hope Movie Cloud becomes the largest destination in the world for actors getting hired. Actors will be allowed to post their photos, resumes, demo reel and details at Movie Cloud for free. Our goal is for films to be made anywhere and everywhere in the world, which means whether you're in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Tampere, Lubbock, Melbourne, Colorado Springs, Hilo, etc., there will be films looking for actors. After you post your details, you can search "Film in Production" in your area to submit yourself to, or, you can be included in our database that automatically allows your photo and details to pop up as screenwriters work on scripts in your area that require your "type." In essence, as the writer works on his or her script, they can be casting it at the same time - with your photo in mind.
Q: Will Movie Cloud include Hulu-like video streaming online?
Yes, all of our movies will be streamed online, and viewable on your computer, tablet or smart phone. You'll also be able to create your own library of your favorite films.
Q: Can I offer my film(s) on Movie Cloud, as well as other services like Netflix?
Yes, Movie Cloud will not require filmmakers to be exclusive to Movie Cloud. We firmly believe that with Movie Cloud's social network, resource center, worldwide distribution/exhibition platform, branding and marketing opportunities, your film will reach its largest audience (and biggest success) at Movie Cloud. Our mission is to serve the filmmaker, not prevent them from reaching bigger audiences.
Q: I'm a screenwriter who wants to sell his script. Can Movie Cloud help?
Yes, Movie Cloud will have a Script Market where writers can do a variety of things - post their scripts for sale, for other filmmakers to read (and shoot), for investors (to buy), for moviegoers to read and try to gain support for it to go into production through the Movie Cloud's in-house movie studio, and more. 


Q: How do filmmakers make money at Movie Cloud?

A: Filmmakers will be able to upload their movies free of charge at Movie Cloud. We've created several revenue streams for them to participate in, from sharing in the pool of total subscription fees (the more your film is viewed, the more you will make), to being able to set your own "movie ticket" price for your film. Our advertising and marketing sponsors will also be looking for films to sponsor and participate in revenue sharing. So there will be a lot of great opportunities for filmmakers to make money from day one.


Q: How can I submit my feature film(s) to air at Movie Cloud?

A: The #1 question we get! We will be opening our submission page soon, so keep your eyes open to our IndieGoGo page for details! In short, we'll ask for: Your Movie, the Movie Title, a brief synopsis, the genre, running time and your details.


More Questions? E-Mail Us!


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