Marvin's Cancer Journey

Help me to fight rare colon cancer ( Malignant Melanoma of the colon )


Help:  It's a simple word. It's a complicated action.

Help:  It's also a difficult thing to ask for, and sometimes it seems that because of that, so many people who need it also go without it. It includes any number of services.

Help: Anyone can do it, but sometimes, they need others to join them in providing it. It's an action word. Please take action?


Marvin's Story

My name is Marvin Haak Jr, In October 2010 I was diagonsed with a rare colon cancer, Melanoma of the colon. This is an aggressive fast moving cancer that does not respond to conventional treatment methods well. Primary treatments of Maligant Anoreltal Melanoma is surgery.
  There has been some reported responses to Radiation treatment but also a high failure rate. My doctors and I are giving the radiation a try as there is little known about this cancer. I have had three surgery's so far as they find cancer, Two colon resections and a left side lower Lymph Node removal.
 My doctors are open minded about alternative cancer treatments. But insurance doesn't pay for alternative cancer treatments, they also only cover 70% of my conventional treatments and surgery. This is why I need your Help.

The Impact


The goal of this campaign is to alleviate some of the financial burden off of Marvin. The stress of worrying about money for the costs that insurance does not cover and what they will not cover as far as treatments go is taking my focus away from what should be my main job, healing myself.


 Any money raised will go toward uncovered medical costs and alternative treatments that I have started but am now cutting back on due to my funds running out. I have more faith in the alternative treatments working and cutting back on them due to funds is scary. As I feel they are doing more good at fighting this cancer than anything.



What We Need


 My hope is to raise enought funds to get back on track with the alternative healing methods I have started. I know times are tough but I need your help to fight this. Even if you can only offer a dollar, ( I only need 19.000 of you, Hey you never know.) It will be a great help.


I truly appreciate any donations you may make. Thank You.



Other Ways You Can Help

 Please help spread this campaign by word of mouth, Facebook or Twitter friends, Email contacts. Your friends, colleagues, family members. Any help counts toward making a difference.

 Thank you for all your help.


Follow my story at: www.caringbridge.org/visit/marvinhaakcancerjourney

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