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We want Marina City to be your new favorite band! Help support our new EP!
Marina City
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United States
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What's This All About?

There is nothing like that feeling when you discover a new band and pass your headphones to a friend: “You’ve got to hear these guys!” We’re Marina City and we would like to be that band for you and your friends.

We’re an alternative rock band from Chicago, made up of six guys with wildly different musical tastes who have found a way to create a genre of rock that is both melodic and aggressive. We write all our own stuff, are well-known for our live shows, and have spent the last year touring, playing local gigs and pouring every penny we’ve made into recording our second EP, Chimera. We figured if we truly believe in our music, we should put our own money on the line and we’ve done that. We were thrilled to work with Grammy-nominated producer Zack Jablow and engineer Matt Henessy of VSOP Studios to record, mix, and master something truly spectacular.

And now, we need your help to cover final production/promotion costs to get Chimera into the hands of as many people as possible. We are so confident you will love Chimera that we will give our ENTIRE EP to you for just $1. You deserve it! If you have supported us in the past, this is our thank you to for helping this music become a reality. And if we are new to you, we’re confident that in supporting us here, we will be your favorite new band! We hope you will want to share our music and be a part of our journey. It’s been great so far and we have BIG plans! We hope you will be part of it!

And by supporting us here, you will get our new EP a whole week before its April 22nd release date!

"Keep Your Faith in Me"

Why, you may ask, are we offering our EP for only $1? Isn’t that a bit of a risk?

Possibly, but we don’t care. This fundraiser is really about our faith in you and your passion for supporting – and sharing -- good music. We believe in ourselves and we believe in our fans and supporters. Our real aim in this fundraiser is to build a base of supporters that wants to be a part of moving Marina City to the next level. We are putting everything we have into our dream of Marina City and we want our friends, fans and supporters to feel just as invested in this journey.

Think about it: For a quarter of a cup of coffee, your Facebook friends can get our music! Your Twitter followers can hear us in exchange for the change they can dig out between the couch cushions! And for just a little bit more, we can send you a CD, a T-shirt or some stickers. For those who can be more supportive, we have some incredibly cool perks listed – including a personal lullaby! Who doesn’t want to be sung to sleep?

New T-Shirt (Stars)

New T-Shirt (Monsters)

T-shirt (Dreams)

Left: "Sing You to Sleep" T-shirt, Right: Marina City Crest T-shirt

Bracelets top to bottom: "Nothing", "Faith", and "Find"

Our Story

Two years ago, we were six guys with six different stories about how we couldn’t imagine doing anything other than make music. Lead singing Ryan Argast is a student at Columbia College, drummer Eric Somers-Urrea is a classically trained percussionist from the University of Illinois, keyboard/vocalist Matt Gaudiano picked up a Hammond sponsorship before he got out of high school, guitarist/vocalist Brian Johnson has been a touring musician for almost 10 years, guitarist Johnny Russell played on Warped Tour, and bassist Aaron Heiy was making a name for himself in the local scene.

We know the awesome power of Indiegogo: In March 2012, three weeks before our debut show at the House of Blues in Chicago, our equipment van was broken into and we lost everything. In desperation, we put up an Indiegogo fundraiser. Thanks to the support here, we were fully funded in time to replace all of our equipment and play at our sold-out debut show. That experience made us forever grateful for the faith our supporters have in us.

Today, Marina City’s first CD In the Wake of Dreaming has sold more than 1000 copies. We’ve played all over the Midwest, toured in the Northeast, and even gigged with Amanda Palmer at SXSW last year. We’ve made two music videos (one of which is the first single off Chimera, set to be released March 18th). All of this we have done with no sponsorship or corporate funding, trusting our own instincts and talents. This campaign, however, can push us to the next level. We can’t do it without you.

Other Ways You Can Help

We set our initial buy-in as low as possible because our goal with this campaign is to get our music into the ears of as many people as possible. But even if you don’t have the funds, you are still the key to our success!

1.) Share this fundraiser on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr! We have all the links below.

2.) Anytime we post an update or video, just hit that share link!

3.) Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, check out our YouTube channel!

4.) You can also sign up to be a part of our street team and win free stuff by emailing MarinaCityLostBoys@gmail.com

From Us to You:

Thank you so much for even taking the time to check this out. Your support means the absolute world to us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Marina City is:

Ryan Argast- vocals

Brian Johnson-vocals, guitar

Matt Gaudiano- vocals, keys

Eric Somers-Urrea- Drums

Johnny Russell- Guitar

Aaron Heiy- Bass

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53% funded
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$3,000 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on April 3, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $1USD
    "I Think I've Heard of Them"

    You receive a digital download of the new 5 song EP, Chimera a week before its official release!

    10 claimed
  • $5USD
    "I Liked Them on Facebook"

    You receive the physical copy, as well as a digital download of the new 5 song EP, Chimera

    12 claimed
  • $10USD
    "I Have a Few of Their Songs"

    You receive physical/digital copy of Chimera and a copy of In the Wake of Dreaming (Deluxe Edition) OR You receive physical/digital copy of Chimera and a Wristband

    11 claimed
  • $20USD
    "Their CD is in My Car!"

    You receive a physical/digital copy of the new EP Chimera, a Marina City Crest shirt (choice of red or blue)

    10 claimed
  • $40USD
    "I've seen 'em live 47 times!"

    You receive the physical/digital copy of Chimera, copy of In the Wake of Dreaming (Deluxe Edition), a T-Shirt (Sing You to Sleep or Dreams), Wristband, and Stickers!

    1 claimed
  • $50USD
    "I'm a Marina City Super Fan!"

    You receive the physical/digital copy of Chimera, copy of In the Wake of Dreaming (Deluxe Edition), a BRAND NEW T-Shirt, Wristband, and Stickers! *Tell us which new shirt you want. (Stars) (Monsters). Also tell us the size.

    7 claimed
  • $80USD
    "I Want Marina City Gear!"

    You will receive show used picks and drumsticks as well as a signed and uniquely decorated drumhead with whatever you want on it! Also includes Physical/Digital copy of Chimera, In the Wake of Dreaming (Deluxe Edition), and T-Shirt.

    0 out of 10 claimed
  • $100USD
    "Sing You To Sleep"

    We will personally perform "Sing You to Sleep" live, just for you, on Skype! You also receive a physical/digital copy of the new EP Chimera, a copy of In the Wake of Dreaming (Deluxe Edition), T-Shirt of your choice, Wristband, and Stickers.

    0 out of 10 claimed
  • $150USD
    "Marina City Serenade"

    Half hour acoustic show at your house! Physical/Digital copy of Chimera, In the Wake of Dreaming (Deluxe Edition) T-Shirt, Wristband, and Stickers

    0 claimed
  • $250USD
    "Marina City House Party"

    Full Band 45 Minute Show, Physical/Digital copy of Chimera, In the Wake of Dreaming (Deluxe Edition) T-Shirt, Wristband, and Stickers

    3 claimed
  • $500USD
    "Marina City Under the Covers"

    A 2 hour cover show, Physical/Digital copy of Chimera, In the Wake of Dreaming (Deluxe Edition) T-Shirt, Wristband, and Stickers

    0 claimed
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