March 2013: Baby Ali-Penny

We know. It's crazy. We're having a baby.

We know.  It's crazy.  We're having a baby. 

We're so excited!

We're excited to bring a new life into the world.  Excited to teach this little person how to play in the dirt, jump in the river, sing songs, and pull practical jokes on all our friends.

We're grateful that so far every step of the way has been easy-breezy (knock on wood).  The baby has a healthy heartbeat, has been growing a lot, and kicks constantly.  The mama has been eating well, feeling inspired, and getting a lot of rest.  The papa has been more lovely and supportive than ever, all the while with a big loving smile on his face.  The family is doing well.

We're especially grateful for the support we've been getting from our family and friends.  As of yet, no one has been surprised or wondered how we're going to pull it off.  A good sign, perhaps?!  Apparently people think we're cut out for this!  It's helped us to believe that we are too!  Thanks, guys.

Since starting this adventure, the number one question we've been asked is "what do you guys need?"

At this point, we have ALL THE BABY STUFF - blankets, hats, socks, strollers, car seats, etc.  We have moms, dads, brothers, sisters, extended family, friends, and a community that supports us.  We have our heads on fairly straight.

The one thing that we need help with is paying for our birthing fees.  So far the plan is to have the baby at home with our amazing midwife in the most natural way possible.   Our hope is to have the warm, gentle, and loving environment that is our home be the first place this little one sees (or hears, you know, they don't see much at first).  And of course - give it lots of love.

We set our pledge goal at $5,500.  This amount will allow us to pay for the midwife's fees and get stocked up on diapers.  

So, if you feel inclined to spend a few bucks, this would be the best way to do it.  But don't feel obligated!  What we'll always need more than material goods or money is the company of the good people we know and love.

Show your support however you see fit.  It could be a donation, or you could simply show up at our house with a smile.  We love you dearly and hope you can all play some part in raising this crazy beautiful baby.  

-  Nicholas, Fanny, and Baby Ali-Penny.

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